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What Do You Need to Know About
SEO For Real Estate Agents?

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Statistics show that around 5.64 million existing homes were sold in 2020, and 51% of them are through the internet according to data from the National Association of REALTORS®. Around 80% of people use search engines first to buy or sell real estate property. These facts are self speaking that every real estate business has an SEO optimized website. The website should rank on the keyword words or phrases that users search while buying a home. It becomes mandatory to rank on Google on the first page so your potential client never crosses the first page while searching for a real estate property.

Here are some statistics related to the search engines that are self-sufficient to tell the importance of ranking in any search engine or Google.

  • 68% Of online queries start with search engines without any specific name in mind, especially Google.
  • 53.3% Of the total web traffic of any website comes from search searches.
  • 14.6% Is the close rate of leads coming from SEO efforts.
  • 49% Of the time, online traffic comes to top-ranked websites.
  • 39% Of consumers are influenced by a relevant search.
  • 52.2% Of the total website traffic around the globe comes from mobile devices.

However, you must have clear the significance of SEO strategy for your website. And how SEO strategies will show the drastic acceleration of your prospective customers? Now, you should look for an expert who will plan a complete strategy according to your business requirements and give you the results that you actually want.

Now, it’s time to choose the best Search Engine Optimization service for you, who don’t let your house fall apart. So, let’s collaborate with us and let our experts handle your website and traffic! We will provide you with a dedicated real estate SEO expert, who knows well how to improve your ranking in Google. Contact us now, and see how our experts work to increase your prospective customers.

Real Estate SEO Services

Why are Real Estate SEO Services Essential?

Continuous updating of all your web pages are essential to maintain your ranking on the search engine. So, one time SEO implementation or optimization can be the prominent cause that your site suffers and loses growth opportunities. Here are some incredible benefits for you if you will opt for an ongoing Search Engine Optimization strategy:

Top Ranked in Search Engine

If you hire an agency and an expert will work for your real estate company then you will be at the top of the search engine. You will leave your competitors behind by strengthening your rank on the top of the search and the traffic to your site. We will Provide SEO for real estate websites which include all the web pages. Our on-page optimization service includes competitive keyword phrases to boost your search rankings. updating your web pages’ title tags, meta description, image alt tags, snippets and meta tags.

Drive More and More Traffic

If you come up with a strong and genuine SEO strategy for your website then it will drive more and more traffic for your real Estate Company. YOu can ask for local SEO strategies and can get benefits. If someone searches for a real estate company near me then they can easily find you and map through your agency’s doors. We will also provide the service to optimize your Google My Business page. It will be very helpful for the local searches. We also do business listing on websites such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.

Convert Your Traffic To Clients

When you start raking over the search engine, it’s obvious that your traffic and target audience will increase. The more traffic you have the higher chance of converting the traffic into your clients! So the higher you rank, your credibility will also increase in the user’s as they trust Google and become your prospects customers. Working with our real estate SEO experts will maintain the position at the top and increase your number of clients.

Focus on Long Term Goals

If you run ads on Google then definitely you will be ranked above your competitors, and the conversion rate will also be high but till then you spend money on the same. However, if you invert on SEO then it will work as a long-term ranking strategy for you. It will help you to beat your competitors in the long term. We will work on the long term and the short term keywords, it will maintain your position on the search engine and you will get the organic traffic without paying extra on the ads.

Get The Key of Long Term Goals With High Rank and More Traffic

Our real estate SEO experts are specialized in creating strategies that offer you the key to long term sales goals, that keeps you above your competitors. We will optimize your website to get more and more traffic that converts to prospective clients.



Whatever that appears first on the internet gets more visitors. So, the first thing we are going to do with our strong SEO practices is to bring your business frontmost. Our customized SEO for real estate agents package is designed according to your business needs. These surefire SEO techniques will distinguish your business with others in the crowd and adds credibility to your business profile, creating word-of-mouth. We’ve expanded on these techniques below, and have put together this list of important SEO features that we consider while creating a fully functional real estate website. Let’s check them out one by one.

1Strengthening Local Business

It is seen that 90% of the home buyers look for realtors from their area because they seem more credible, or they search for realtors who have expertise in a particular area like ‘Realtors in San Diego’ or ‘Realtors near me’. While drafting the content of your real estate website, we will make sure to add these local search terms in the content to appear on top of the Google searches and win over the local business.

2Images Appeal The Most

Images of houses, commercial spaces or vacation homes speak for your business. It clearly shows the type and range of properties and locations, you deal in. Thus, leaving a good impression on your potential customers. We use latest SEO techniques to promote those images on the web, adding tags to them related to the searches like ‘a lake house for vacation’ etc. and will bring more prospects to your website.

3Analysis Of Target Keywords

The best and the traditional way to bring more visitors to your website is by adding relevant keywords and phrases in the website content that is mostly searched by your potential customers. These keywords or phrases should be placed, maintaining the keyword proximity and density to the website to yield the best results.

4SEO Friendly Blogging

Your expertise in the real estate business is what appeals to your potential customers. We make sure that with our engaging blogs, we showcase your knowledge in front of your customers. Blogs are a source to attract maximum visitors. We create blogs that bind your audience and helps them to connect with them.

5Enhance Mobile Searches

Everything on the fingertips is the need of the hour today. Most of the searches for the household is performed on mobile devices. Thus, it’s important that your website is also accessible on mobile phones and that is only possible when your have a responsive website design. While developing a website, we make sure that your real estate website is fully-functional and fully-responsive.

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Website Correction To Prevent Google Penalties

There are lots of algorithms that Google uses to check the content, and these are smart enough to find out the mistakes and penalties of your website. These algorithms are of different names such as Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, Possum, Pigeon, Zebra and many more. Here is the list of mistakes that we check to prevent your website from Google penalties:

SEO Services for Real Estate

What do We include in Our SEO Services for Real Estate Companies?

We are not limited to on-page SEO, we provide the complete package that would be helpful to build your brand awareness and increase inbound leads for real estate agents. We offer a complete suite of SEO packages that fulfil all your SEO requirements:

SEO Content

It includes all types of content that you need to improve your ranking on the search engine or Google. It focused on commonly used keywords and it should be on the top-level pages of your website. In other words, we can say that all content we need for the SEO or rank your page or website comes under is SEO content, and we provide such content.

Keyword Research

What are the common key phrases people use to search for a sale or purchase any house? Are you already ranked in any of those keywords?

Quality Content

How much content is required for the blog content strategy? Or Is your content enough to improve your search ranking? Or the quality of content you are using for SEO?

Your Website

What type of website are you using like WordPress or Wix or Squarespace? Is your website free from errors? Is your user friendly, where all information is clearly visible like a phone number or contact information?

Link building

What kind of link building are you using on your website? What is the current situation of your backlink profile? What is the authority of the website which you are using for backlink?

Digital PR

We do SEO for your agency then we are aware of your audience and we have a content strategy for the same. Knowing your audience is the key to digital PR and we are the master of it. So, we will provide you with digital PR to boost your brand awareness.

Local SEO

For real estate companies, Local SEO plays an important role and becomes a powerful tool. It works in specific geographical areas so it helps to promote your services within a specific location by ranking higher on popular search engines.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is essential as it improves all the technical aspects of your website which plays a vital role to improve the rank of the website. It makes your website faster and easier for crawlers to crawl and understand.

Monthly Reporting

We provide a complete monthly report to all our clients so that they can see the outcomes of our efforts. Our monthly reports include Traffic from specific sources or mediums, conversion rate, page speed insights, time on site & bounce rate.

How Long Does SEO Take for a Real Estate Agent?

SEO is not an overnight activity and it takes time. According to Google, it takes something between four to twelve months to show their results.