Do you know, 83% Patients search for doctors online before making an appointment and 40% of them trust online reviews just like a referral from a friend. This stats clearly depicts that your chances to get more new patients for your practice are more online than offline. You can get the attention of all your potential patients by simply ranking on top in the Google SERPs and this is what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is for.

SEO differentiates your website from other doctors on the basis of your uniqueness, your clientele and your customer reviews. It is the best way to add the desired credibility to your business. It brings your expertise and experience into limelight. Some of the major ways in which SEO for Doctors benefits their business are given below-

More Targeted Leads

When users make a search on their web browser, Millions of results backing their search just pop up on the window. This gives them a large scale of options to choose from. However, visibility in top 2-3 searches means that the listing is reliable. So, most of the time the users make a decision by clicking on top 3 results. Effective SEO ensures that your website ranks on top and works on searches made by your potential users to give them the results exactly what they were looking for. Ultimately, giving you qualified leads.

Cost Effective Advertising

Online advertising gives better results and is way more cheaper than traditional forms of advertising. If done correctly, if requires a small investment in the start and long term results. Most of the online advertising techniques reap great results and less or zero investments.

Builds Trust & Credibility

People usually show their disagreement with the website content or services by bouncing back from the website to the search results within a few seconds or the second way is harsh feedback. If a website ranks on top, it must have very less bounce rate, which shows the information provided on the website is authentic and relevant for its users. Thus, helping in building credibility and trustworthiness.


Out of numerous SEO techniques, we have shortlisted a few SEO tips for Doctors that work brilliantly and give maximum results.

Local Search Engine Optimization

People search for a doctor either on the basis of their specialization or on the basis of their location. Here Local SEO is used. Local SEO organizes your website according to these searches and makes sure your websites come on top for searchers in your location.

Local SEO optimization requests you to add location in the content of your page, address, title tags, etc. Also, adding your complete address on the footer of your every web page, business listing on Google, Google maps and other onlines directories helps in finding your location on Google with ease.

Quality & Informative content

Presence of relevant content on the website helpful for your users is a must. Even Google, while crawling through the website, looks for quality content that adds some value to its users. The website content must be unique and well placed so that your potential customers could benefit from that.

You can plan a number of techniques to promote your content in the market. It can be in the form of social media campaigns, ad campaigns on Google, webpage content or blogs and articles. All you have to make sure is your content is well-written and unique.

Link Building

This is the best way to get more traffic. Link building is a technique to attract the traffic coming on other websites by promoting your website and your content on them. This generally includes guest posting, classifieds, profile creation etc. according to your business requirements.

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