SEO FOR Doctors | Complete Guide For Medical SEO For Doctors

SEO For Doctors:
Best Strategy To Get Your Website on Top

Nowadays, SEO is important for all professions as it has become a necessity of the time. When it comes to doctors, all the potential patients can find you easily over the internet if your practice ranks on the top of the search engines. Now people don’t take the phone book out or flip the yellow pages to find a healthcare provider near them. Rather, they are turning to search engines to find doctors.

The fact is that the patients don’t turn up to your website or visit your pages from the paid ads, social media, or referrals. Believe it or not, 80% of internet users–that is approximately 93 million Americans use search engines for health information. Approximately Sixty-four per cent of your potential patients search online and come through organic search, which means that they open the search bar on the search engine, type their query and open the website that is ranked on the Search engine.

SEO will work as a number one driver for the new patients for healthcare practices. It proves that SEO stands in the first place to improve when it comes to the potential patient for any healthcare provider.

Why is SEO for Doctors Vital?

SEO for doctors is an ongoing process and it lasts for a long time. If you feel like dithering while investing the time or money in SEO services, then here we are going to share 4 reasons that you will acknowledge, and make SEO essential for planning a marketing strategy:

A Radical Change in Patient Trends

Nowadays major patients are searching for the best medical practitioner online. If patients are searching for an oncologist surgeon in Florida then they will write a query like “oncologist surgeon Florida”. They prefer to call the one who is listed at the top of their search. Here SEO for doctors comes to the place. Medical practitioners want their website ranked on the first page of the relevant search results. So, if you want to be known and famous in the modern era of healthcare, then you have to think about the way that your website needs to be ranked on the top position of the search engine result for relevant keywords, such as “your speciality + your city”.

SEO can increase your private pay patients

Private pay patients are not limited to Managed Care Organization (MCO). They are free and they can choose a doctor according to their choice. So, instead of spending time on MCOs website to choose a doctor, they prefer search engines. Doctors who appear at the top of search engines are more likely to attract new patients. In other words, if you want to be a successful medical practitioner then your practice’s website should be at the top of Google, Bing, or yahoo.

We help You to get patients who Need You the most

All patients are not the same and as a doctor, you must be aware of this fact. There are some patients whom you can say that they need you the most. Due to some medical reasons, healthcare insurance, or reimbursement, and many more. Every doctor has some speciality depending on their choice. What if all the patients will find you who need you the most? These are the list of patients that you love to treat due to their health condition, or the insurances you accept, or simply the procedures with the highest reimbursement. We will take care of all those conditions while choosing the list of keywords for you.

How does SEO for doctors work?

The crawlers of the Search engines are constantly crawling the website for new and updated content.

When someone searches for a related topic like orthopaedic, it finds all the results and ranks pages accordingly. These searches are common and show a big number of results, but the specific ones are in the few thousand only.

The search engine shows these results in the highest to lowest rank format considering various factors.

The related keywords and phrases should be included in the tags and copy on your site. It is brief about the substance of the content and its relevance to the search. Domain authority of any website represents its reputation, and sites who are having better domain authority rank higher in search results. Some other factors also matter for the ranking of your site, like backlinks you have from other sites.

If your website is ranking on the second or third page of the search engine, still it might not be able to attract users. Your website should rank on the first page of results, it would be better if you rank among the top three. It will not only generate more clicks but will provide you with some other benefits of an effective SEO strategy.


Out of numerous SEO techniques, we have shortlisted a few SEO tips for Doctors that work brilliantly and give maximum results.

1Local Search Engine Optimization

People search for a doctor either on the basis of their specialization or on the basis of their location. Here Local SEO is used. Local SEO organizes your website according to these searches and makes sure your websites come on top for searchers in your location. Local SEO optimization requests you to add location in the content of your page, address, title tags, etc. Also, adding your complete address on the footer of your every web page, business listing on Google, Google maps and other onlines directories helps in finding your location on Google with ease.

2Quality & Informative Content

Presence of relevant content on the website helpful for your users is a must. Even Google, while crawling through the website, looks for quality content that adds some value to its users. The website content must be unique and well placed so that your potential customers could benefit from that. You can plan a number of techniques to promote your content in the market. It can be in the form of social media campaigns, ad campaigns on Google, webpage content or blogs and articles. All you have to make sure is your content is well-written and unique.

3Link Building

This is the best way to get more traffic. Link building is a technique to attract the traffic coming on other websites by promoting your website and your content on them. This generally includes guest posting, classifieds, profile creation etc. according to your business requirements.

Why SEO is Important for Medical Practices?

If you apply the relevant, compelling, and required SEO strategy then you will get qualified leads and patients for your medical practice. Traditional methods are old school now, as it gives lesser ROI. Therefore, the latest SEO techniques provide a higher ROI, increased credibility, traffic, visibility, reputation, and branding. By implementing a strong SEO for doctors can help you get an online reputation and increased visibility.

Online Visibility

Today, it is all about the top ranking and listing on search engines. Your potential patients will trust you more when it appears high in search engine rankings.

Reliable and Credible

Wherever the keyword is entered through the potential customer and they lend to those websites that have a higher ranking then the credibility of the customer will automatically increase. The confidence of a patient towards a doctor will be directly linked to the search engine rankings.

Spend Less On Acquiring New Patients

With the help of SEO for doctors, you will be able to gain new patients while reducing the overall marketing expenditure. You will be able to do it, because SEO or Digital marketing is less expensive than the other marketing strategy. SEO strategy will help you to streamline your goals while being flexible to reach your goal.

Increased Online Traffic

Frankly speaking, online traffic will not generate money for you. However, more marketing will increase your chances of attracting more potential patients. So, your online traffic must be the qualified leads as they have searched the related queries to avail services at your practice or at a similar one.

Increased ROI

A better SEO strategy focuses on qualified leads related to your services or something similar. If you follow these strategies then you can expect higher ROI than other kinds of marketing strategies. SEO is just to show your services to potential patients, it is not even necessary to convince your target visitors to try your services.


SEO for doctors is the most cost-effective strategy to target potential patients. There are some other offline strategies for generating leads that you can try and it is proven to be like cold calling. However, these strategies are 61% more expensive compared to SEO techniques. Also, SEO leads are more qualified than other marketing techniques as it has been searched by the potential patients on their own.

What are the Various Best Medical SEO Practices for Doctors?

Effective SEO strategies are the game-changer not only for the doctor but the complete healthcare industry. Good SEO for doctors focuses on patients expectations along with the google algorithms. It will not only help improve your ranking but also be helpful to fulfil the expectations of the potential patients. Here is the list of five essential and best practices that can help improve your SEO strategy for the Doctors:

1. Choose Relevant Keywords for Medical SEO

If you choose the relevant keywords for the SEO then you will expect a better chance of getting qualified leads. It’s not as simple as that. You have to think the way of your potential patients. You can begin your SEO medical practice by choosing most relevant keyword that a potential patient may search while looking a doctor near them.

2. Make Your Website Load Quickly

The loading time of your website should be less. It should be decreased to just a few seconds. If you are having a quick load website then it will make your SEO efforts successful.

3. Title Tags with Accurate Keyword

Your title tag is the shortest description of your webpage, as it plays a crucial role in SEO. It shows on the search engines which forces the potential patient to click on your website. Every web page should have an accurate meta tag and meta description along with the keyword in the beginning. Search engines display only the first 60 to 70 characters of the Meta tag.

4. Website Optimization

Your website should be optimized for both desktops and mobile. It should adhere to basic quality standards.