Cosmetic surgery is something that people need but takes time to make up their minds. It is imperative that every time they search for something related to plastic surgery, your profile comes up. This is the only way your business is going to leave an impression. So, we want your business listing on top every time a potential customer has a question related to the surgery or the procedure. This can be achieved only with a strong SEO on your website.

Plastic surgeons provide consultations to their potential customers and organize webinars from time to time to spread awareness. However, in those sessions, only a few percentages of people mark their presence because the rest of the potential customers are unaware of it. SEO helps plastic surgeons in reaching out to their prospects. It helps in bridging the gap between customers, plastic surgeons, and awareness about surgeries.

When patients start showing their interest in cosmetic surgery procedures that you provide—whether it is breast augmentation, facelift, hair transplantation, rhinoplasty, SEO for plastic surgeons ensure that they find you like the best.


Search Engine Optimization is the fastest way of bringing traffic on your website without splurging huge bucks. It involves various organic strategies that will enhance your website’s visibility on the web. A good SEO campaign ensures a higher ranking in Google SERPs. Following factors will be directly impacted by SEO and improves business:

Local SEO

Local SEO is a surefire technique to kickstart a plastic surgery business among local potential customers.

  • This ensure that your business shines in the local market and the Google business listing appears every time your brand’s name is searched.
  • You can report and provide feedback on your competitors who are not providing services up to the mark.
  • Our SEO team make sure that your business appears on the map and becomes easily reachable for your potential customers

On-site SEO optimization

This SEO strategy optimizes your website in such a way that it works best for the customers and the search engines. The key parameters are:

  • The fast loading speed of the website on every device- mobile or desktop
  • Technical audit of your website to check why it is not getting enough link clicks or increase in bounce rates
  • Check each and every webpage Google is indexing

Link building

Links are the best way to bring more visitors on the website and add credibility to it. We incorporate various link building strategies to benefit the website. This complete strategy includes-

  • Removal of broken or empty links.
  • Links showing 404 error and are not properly redirected.
  • Guest blogging: Submitting web blogs on third party websites with our link on them to get more authentic visitors.

Content Optimization

Creation of quality content that satisfies the visitor’s needs. Provide valuable information to ease their buyer’s journey.

  • Establishing brand authority with Guest blogging
  • Profile creation
  • Post classifieds and forums
  • Email campaigns for new visitors and subscribers on your website
  • Social Media monthly content planner
  • Landing pages for your campaigns

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