Your ultimate guide to road to success via SEO for Plumbers!


If you have ever thought of getting seo for plumbers done and dusted off the thought then let me tell you what you are missing on. You know what will happen if someone searches for a plumber near them and you have no online presence? Well, you wouldn’t know as they won’t be able to get in touch with you.

This is where seo for plumbers gets into play. It helps to put you on the map and let people know that they can connect with you if they require plumbing services.


This is why you need SEO For Plumbers

If this question has ever crossed your mind that how is seo going to benefit me then you are at the right place. Below are the points why you need seo for your plumbing business:


Be where your potential clients are

Let’s say Joe requires a plumber to fix the tap and he has no clue who to connect with. He might ask his neighbor for a referral but if they are unavailable then Joe will surely Google for a plumber near him. Apart from Joe and plumbing services, everyone refers to Google these days no matter what their requirement is. That is why you must be present where your potential clients are so that they know that you exist.


Keep up with the trend

Let’s say you and your competitor, Laurel the plumber offers the same services at the same price but he has a website to display them then it is a no brainer that he is going to get more clients than you. It is very important to keep up with the latest seo trends and use technology in the best way possible in your favor. If you have a website and Google my business listing as then people are automatically going to have faith in you and contact you if they require your services.


Offline directories, what’s that?

SEO focuses on keywords that your customers are widely using on Google to find your business and add those keywords in your website content to increase its visibility in front of its customers. It makes sure that people find you exactly when they are looking for the services offered by you.


Improved ROI

If you have an online presence then you are definitely going to get more calls and needless to say, it is going to have a positive impact on your ROI that too without investing a large chunk from your earnings. That is the beauty of seo; it gets business without putting in big bucks. Get in touch with us to know more about expanding your business and maximizing ROI.

What does seo for plumbers include?

If you are thinking of availing seo services then you have all the right to know what is covered in it and how will we help you with a boost in the demand amongst prospects. SEO can be further categorized into 3 parts , i.e. On page seo, off-page seo, and technical seo.

On-page SEO

To put in simple terms, everything that is done on your website comes under on page seo. On page seo has changed over the years and it is very important to keep up with the trend if you want to see positive results. It includes:

• Keyword optimization

Keywords are like the foundation of any seo strategy and if one doesn’t get that right then no matter how accurate the rest of the strategy is, it will go in vain. Therefore, it is very important to use the right keywords because that is what a user uses to get to results and if you want to rank on the search page then you must use them efficiently too. When it comes to keywords, we can classify them into 2 categories. They are:

  • Keywords that aim to ‘hiring intent’

People usually search using keywords that point towards ‘hiring intent’ when they want to take an action instantly. When people use these types of keywords, a search can be followed by a visit to your website and then a phone call to hire you in no time. The result is a sales cycle that has the ability to convert in less than 5 minutes. An example of a keyword search that has the potential to convert quickly is “plumber in Los Angeles” because if someone is searching for a plumber in their particular city or town then they are most likely in the process of hiring a plumber. These keywords should be a part of the content on your homepage as well as the descriptions on your “Services” pages.

  • Keywords that are pointed towards ‘research intent’

Keywords that signal research intent are used by people who are trying to learn about a specific subject. These keywords generally don’t help you with an instant action from the client but then might come in handy in the future. Let’s say someone searches for ‘how to fix a leaking tap’ might be on the way to try it by themselves but if they fail then they might contact the company on whose page they read it on.

Research intent keywords can be used as topics for blogs or for the frequently asked questions section of your website. For instance, helpful blog posts like “How to keep your taps clean” and “10 Things that you should avoid disposing of in the garbage” may not result in immediate sales, but they can aware the people about your existence who may become customers when they need plumbing services in the future.

• Title tag optimization

SEO strengthens the technical background of the website and makes it user-friendly. It also tracks the activities your visitors perform on the website; helping in better understanding of your user’s actions and requirements.

• Meta description optimization

A Meta description is like a summary of your content. It gives an idea to the readers what to expect from the blog. It should be no more than 160 characters so that it is fully displayed on the search page. If it is long then it will get cropped out.

• H1 heading optimization

This is the first heading that appears on the web page when someone opens it. It should be crisp and clear and must have the main keyword or the key phrase so that people get an idea that what are they going to read.

• Content optimization

You might have the most amazing design but if the content on your website is not up to the mark then it is not going to keep people hooked to your website for a long time. It is very important to have content that is easy to understand and makes sense.

The body copy on each page should be more than 400 words and should explain the topic thoroughly. The homepage copy should provide ample background details about your business including the services offered, location, and end it will a call to action button so that the audience won’t have to navigate a lot to get in touch with you.

• Image optimization

If you will just have content on your website and no images then it will get boring. Therefore it is very important to have images as a part of what you right because a pictorial representation creates a better visual impact. Apart from this, images happen to be a quality signal for search engines therefore each page should contain at least one image. The alternative text attribute of an image is displayed in the HTML of the page and briefly describes the content of the image.

Off-page SEO

Everything that is done outside of the website comes under off-page seo. Off-site SEO assists in increasing your website’s credibility and visibility to prospects.

It requires focusing on link building, branding and appearance. You can optimize your site all you want, but if it isn’t perceived as a go-to site for people then you won’t do well.

The core components of off-page seo include:

• Creating quality backlinks

Backlinks are considered as votes by the search engines and it is very important to form the quality ones. Make it a point to create backlinks with authoritative and trusted websites as they can positively impact your ranking by passing on the authority to your website. You can increase your website’s authority by getting more backlinks from relevant websites.

Use the following ways to obtain backlinks:

  • Inspect your competitor’s backlinks with the help of seo tools and try replicating them
  • Write about your industry specific events, people and businesses and inform them about the same because they might want to share it on their profile
  • Try guest blogging on industry specific websites
  • Make a profile or submit your details to specific online directories but remember it’s the quality that matters, not quantity so proper research is required to chalk out the specific directories

• Optimizing Google my business listing

What yellow pages book was to earlier years, Google my business is to the current era. It is very important to have Google my business listing if you want people to know that you exist.

When you search for something be it ‘plumber near me’ or ‘coffee shop near me’, the first 3 listings that come up are on the basis of Google my business profile. It is also how Google maps display a result along with the location. If you want to get on the map when people search for a plumber in their area, your primary objective must be to optimize Google my business page. Below are the ways to optimize your Google my business listing:

  • Claim the listing and complete the verification process

First of all, you are required to claim your profile and then verify it. If you have been in the plumbing business for quite some time but you still have to claim your page then simply enter your business name, city, state, and “Google plus” into Google’s search box.

Google will show you a template for your Google My Business page with basic details including your business name, address, and an option that reads “Manage this page”. After clicking on it, you’ll be asked to verify your business.If your Google My Business template is not available then you can go to “Google+ for Business” and start building it from the scratch. You will have to optimize it after creating or claiming the listing.

  • Mention official details

Always use the official business name, address, and phone number (NAP) on your listing as well as the website and any other social media profile that you have. You might include additional web pages like online listing, Facebook business page, or the online version of yellow pages. When you are consistent with the details, your customers will find you easily and your location will be accurate. If the number that you have mentioned is local then it shows your prospects and Google that you are a local business.

  • Description Of Your Business

Use this section to tell people what you do in a short and simple way. It should include the services offered by you, since when you are in this profession and what why should people hire you along with a call to action. Make sure you make the best use of keywords with a hiring intent. Don’t keep it too long otherwise it might come across as pushy.

  • Hours and images

Don’t forget to mention your working hours so that people know when you are operational. Also check that the timings are consistent on your website, Google my business listing as well as social media profiles.Use images to attract your clients and increase engagement as photos give out a human element and a personal touch. Start with uploading your logo and other pictures that can show you on the job or the exterior of your business or maybe your employees.

• Getting citations

Use this section to tell people what you do in a short and simple way. It should include the services offered by you, since when you are in this profession and what why should people hire you along with a call to action. Make sure you make the best use of keywords with a hiring intent. Don’t keep it too long otherwise it might come across as pushy.

After checking that the citation is the same on your website and other profiles, you can start by submitting it to other directories like:

  • National and general business directories
  • Local directories
  • Plumbing specific directories

Technical SEO

Technical seo is when we optimize website and server in such a way that it helps the spiders to crawl and index the site in a better way that it improves the organic ranking. Some of the factors that come under technical seo are:

• Mobile friendly website

The majority of people access a website via mobile phone and if it takes more than 5 seconds to load then people exit it the very next second. Google has also come up with a ‘mobile-first’ index which means that a website will be ranked on the basis of the mobile version. Therefore make sure that your web pages are mobile friendly.

• Structured data

Structured Data is also called “machine friendly” data. It is added to the HTML of a webpage which helps Google and other search engines in understanding the content in a better way. Structured data, such as Schema markup, help search engines understand components like webpage’s content, phone numbers, addresses, events, and reviews.

If you have a business with different locations then each location’s landing page should consist of Local Business Schema markup in the HTML to mark up content elements like the business name, address, and phone number. This will help the webpage rank better in the Local Search results for location-specific searches.

• Add XML sitemap

Include an XML sitemap for your website so that all the pages are visited by the crawlers. An XML sitemap is a map laid out for search engines to search for all of the site’s most significant pages by listing them out in XML (Extensible Markup Language) which is understandable by crawlers. If you find that certain pages are not being crawled on your site, you can resubmit your XML sitemap in Google Search Console to fix the problem.

• Eliminate crawl errors

If you want to improve the search engine visibility of a website then start by removing crawl errors. Crawl errors can be seen in Google Search Console by navigating to the Crawl tab and then to Crawl Errors. If web pages have been taken down or a website redesign has been implemented without first redirecting old URLs then it will result in 404 errors. 301 redirecting old URLs that are resulting in 404 errors to their most significant URL counterparts will ensure that the ‘link juice’ that the old URL had will be passed on to the new URL.

Inspect 404 error pages in Google Search Console and implement 301 redirects to their most suitable URL counterparts which are functioning. If you have a Wordpress website then 301 redirects can be done by using the ‘Redirection’ plugin.

First Rank SEO Service

SEO Strategy for successful results

Now that we know what all is covered in seo for plumbers, it is very important to strategies it so that we get positive results. SEO strategy is like a binding agent of all the elements so that everything is in order and aligned to a single objective, i.e. successful outcome of the efforts.

We have put the strategy in the below mentioned simple steps:

• Step 1: Create a website with essential pages

Start by building your website with all the important pages like the homepage, about us, services offered and contact us. You can add a different webpage for the different services that you offer along with city modifiers so that you get listed for both individuals as well as a combination of keywords.

Let’s say you provide Bathroom remodeling services in Miami and Los Angeles then you can probably have 2 separate pages for bathroom remodeling services in Miami and bathroom remodeling services in Los Angeles.

• Step 2: Webpage optimization

Once your webpages are ready, they are required to get optimized from the seo perspective so that when crawlers visit your website, they are able to understand what your website is about and where they should rank you.

To sum it up, make sure your webpage has the following:

  • Meta tags
  • H1 heading with the primary keyword
  • ALT tag image
  • Structured URL with the key phrase
  • Anchor text on every page
  • XML sitemap

• Step 3: Get backlinks and work on local seo

Once you are done with on-page seo, divert your attention to getting quality backlinks because no matter how good your website is, if it doesn’t have backlinks then it is not going to be of much help. You will be surprised to know that 30% is on page seo whereas 70% is link building.

It is also important to work on local seo by claiming your Google my business listing so that people can find you when they require what you offer. Always keep it in mind that you have to update the website with fresh and relevant content because if you won’t work on it then Google is not going to consider it either.

Keep These Tips In Mind For SEO For Plumbers


If you want seo strategy to not only work just fine but exceptionally well then it is always a better idea to couple it up with a few extra elements to give it a little oomph.

Think of the seo strategy like a cake and these below-mentioned tips like a cherry on the top and a little extra frosting and garnishing hurts no one.

• Utilize social media

Having a website is good but having a profile on social media is just better. You can use YouTube to inculcate videos into every aspect of your business. From tutorials to product reviews, your unique YouTube channel can be just as effective as using SEO plumbing techniques which can be linked to your website and help you gain an audience.

You can also create a Facebook business page and an Instagram profile to let people know how modern you are and how effectively you work. If you keep an updated social media profile, you will experience a query inflow from this medium as well.

• Get registered with platforms like Yelp

It is a must to have Google my business profile if you want organic leads and there is no harm in signing up on different networking sites like Yelp. Apart from Yelp, you can set up free accounts on other platforms like yellow pages, Porch, Angie’s List, and Home advisor to get more eyeballs. Even if you don’t get business through them, at least people will get to know about you and it might work in your favor sometime in the future.

• Put in a little effort in getting reviews

You might have just fixed someone’s kitchen and the people are very happy with your service. It is very important to ask them to leave a review on your website there and then because no one remembers to do it later. It might just take a few minutes for them to rate and review you but it is going to be so positive for your image as people do refer to reviews before hiring someone. If they even read an anonymous positive response, it will still affect their decision to a great extent.

• Add a blog page

It could be time taking but this little effort goes a long way. If you become a source of information for the people then they are going to remember you and connect with you when they require plumbing services. Adding a blog page to your website will make sure that the search engines are paying attention to your site.

Not only this but also blogging lets you add more pages to your site which will eventually increase the number of keywords and phrases that you are able to rank for. Make sure that the content is non-plagiarized, high quality, and helpful to your audience.

Your posts should aim at solving common problems with your audience or at least provide actual value to them. Try to think from their point of view and list down the problems that they might face and create content around it.

tips for seo for plumbers

Why choose us?


If you want seo services for plumbers then you are most likely going to consider other companies as well and for a matter of fact, you should because this is how you can make a well-informed decision Just to make it easier for you to decide, we would like to share some reasons why you should choose us:

  • A full audit of the current website

We start our strategy with a complete audit of your current website and see how it can be improved for better results. There a number of things that we check and evaluate before formulating a customized strategy for you. In this audit, we check the site’s architecture, the effectiveness of keywords, and the coding structure. We will jot down the strength and weaknesses of your company and start with our work accordingly.

  • Target audience

We are not going to shoot in the dark. At Firstrank seo services, we critically draw out your target audience and the objective and work accordingly on the website. We will be in touch with you and ask you questions so that the scope of errors is minimized.

  • Customized seo for plumbers

When no 2 industries are similar in nature then how can their strategies be, right? We make a customized plan for all our clients as per their requirements and give them complete attention as well. We will also suggest to you what can be done best in order to gain visibility and attract traffic. When we will work together, you will think that you are our only client, that is how dedicated we are.

  • Local seo management

As an experienced seo company, we understand how important local seo is especially for plumbing services. We want people to connect with you at the right time therefore we optimize your Google my business profile with all the relevant details and create the backlinks as well.

Frequently Asked Question

When a person requires a service, they search on Google, and if you don’t have an online presence then they will never come to know about you. You will lose a lot of business like this but with the help of seo services, people will get aware of you and the services that you offer.

Of course, you can. Social media is a great way to interact with the audience and upload some tutorials and blogs and increase your reach.

5How will Google listing help my business?

This is a part of local seo and Google my business listing comes up when someone searches for a service near them (plumber near me) and it is often followed by an instant decision. That is why Google my business listing is so important because it will result in a quick conversion.