SEO For Accountants


Small businesses need accounts like you to keep a check on their financial health. Similarly, you need an SEO agency to keep your law firm business healthy. SEO for accountants ensures that your website appears on top whenever someone is in the need for an accountant. An effective SEO campaign gives you a competitive edge over other competitors on the web.

Accounting is a profession that calls for maximum credibility as its prime factor. SEO gives you access to that credibility. It calls for search engines to go through every section of your website, understand your profession, and proves your relevance on the web. If the Search engine authenticates your website completely, your website will rank on top and get maximum clicks.

First Rank SEO Service


SEO is a surefire advertising technique for an accountant that increases your website visibility and credibility. It usually takes a week or less for Google to crawl through your website and index every webpage. However, if done correctly, your website might start ranking from day 1. Below are the practices we follow to make SEO for accountants a great success.

Analysis of Focus Keywords

This is the basic and essential step to start with. A keyword can be as small as a single word or as long as a short sentence. However, it must be relevant to your business. Keywords are related words that are entered by your potential customers in the search query while searching for accountants or tax advisors like you.

You can identify these keywords and their traffic using a Keyword planner provided by Google Adwords. We will add these relevant keywords in your website content to make your website authentic and relevant for its visitors.

Citations and Links Building

You need traffic from as many places as you can get links and citations help in getting that traffic and visibility.

Citation: Traditionally, just like we had directories with listing of various businesses and their contact numbers. Today, we have online directories like, Business listing where you have to provide Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) of your business so that interested customers could reach you. These websites usually have a fixed position in Google top rankings because of their authenticity and more clicks by the users. So, it will be beneficial for us, if our business name is in these directories.

Links: There are certain 3rd party websites which promote other business. We post Guest blogs on these websites with links to our website. If someone reads those posts, blogs on a 3rd party website, they can easily redirect and reach our website by clicking on the link given. This is the best way to get qualified leads on your website.

First Rank SEO Service

Build Credibility

88% of consumers trust reviews as much as recommendations from a friend. Google My Business page gives your users a chance to post their reviews on your services on the web. By getting more good reviews on Google, you get twice the benefit. First, good reviews help in converting your potential customers more easily. Secondly, it proves to Google that your business is legitimate and deserves a better ranking on Google.

Monitoring of Traffic

Every strategy goes in vain if you do not monitor the performance of your SEO Campaign. Google Analytics is a free tool to monitor the performance of your SEO campaigns. It checks the traffic coming on your website, from where the traffic is coming, which platform is working fine, and which needs improvement. Thus, helping in Quality analysis and reporting.

Tools like Google Analytics and Pixel help in maintaining transparency.

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