SEO Consultancy in Minnesota

SEO is always accompanied with various assumptions which seem to be too convincing to be false. However, all that glitters is not always gold.

The best Minnesota SEO Consultant wants you to be aware about these common myths and not fall for them!

High keyword density= High ranking

This is one of the most common myths and at a point of time; you must have thought it’s true as well. However, don’t mistake salt for sugar. There is a bleak difference between apt keyword density and keyword stuffing which we know as an experienced Minnesota SEO Consultant.

Google does not want you to clutter the content with keywords. It makes it look highly unprofessional and weird. Always make sure that you are using keywords where they make sense and don’t just appear out of the blue.

Also, Google understands synonyms so don’t try to play with words and think that you can fool Google. Therefore, if you stock up specific keywords to a level that’s rare for a topic, or start obsessing about your density of adverbs, Google perceives your site as a manipulative link and not a relevant resource.

Links don’t have any importance

Another sugar like salt situation on our plate is that links don’t matter. Google rolls out in their guidelines as well that links were, are and will always be vital no matter what. It is a ranking factor as well. It doesn’t matter how many updates come in the market, the links are always going to stay up.

We, as a leading Minnesota SEO Consultant make it a point to have quality backlinks as it has a direct impact on deriving organic traffic.

Humans fundamentally associate links as a signal of authority and trust.

Search engines consider links as endorsements from one website to another, and use links as a signal of authority, and relevance.

Links are valuable not only for SEO but for relationship building, audience development and marketing as well.

Content is everything

It is true that content matters a lot but it is not everything when it comes to SEO. There are various other factors which are important as well like quality back linking, keyword research, etc. People often go overboard with content on their websites and then wonder why it is not ranking. It is simply because other factors must be kept in mind as well.

It is very important to not have content, but relevant content on the website. The users must find it useful if you want Google to notice it. As the best SEO consultant in Minnesota, we put the relevant in relevant content. We make sure it’s relatable or informative and the user’s attention is caught. Content tells Google which page to rank and links tell how high to keep them therefore the process must go hand in hand.

If you just pay attention to back linking then you are ignoring user experience which should be your priority. Always remember; Google doesn’t want you to think about Googlebot, it wants you to think about the users.

If you have users’ attention then the crawlers will follow automatically.

SEO doesn’t require attention

Not everyone is a professional SEO consultant in Minnesota and just to catch your attention and take advantage of your lack of knowledge, you might come across some imposters who will try to tell you that seo is a one-time thing. They just care about the money, not about the ranking of your website. They will cut their ties after doing the initial steps and make you believe that this is it. It is very important for you to know that SEO is an ongoing process. The website requires changes every now and then and the content needs to be updated as well.

It takes hard work, research and patience for SEO to work. Just like the search engine keeps on updating their algorithms for a seamless user experience, likewise seo requires constant monitoring and attention too to keep up with the trend.

Social Signal= SEO factor

Social signals and SEO’s relationship has always been the subject of discussion.

There have been lots of controversies when it comes to the relationship between social signals and SEO. But does it affect ranking?

According to Google, Facebook likes or Twitter, ‘tweets’ don’t count as a ranking factor for a website. The fact that search engines don’t count Facebook shares, tweets and followers as a search ranking factor directly is true.

Social media activity can influence your SEO indirectly.

Social signals help in:

  • Search engine indexing: Social signals mean the collective likes, shares and overall social media presence of the webpage as observed by search engines. These activities help the page’s organic search ranking and are similar to backlinks except their purpose is to get traffic and not ranking.
  • Distribution of content visibility which helps in improving user engagements and results to links and shares which is linked back to your own website.

Page loading speed can be neglected

Search engines care a lot about their users. Page loading speed does matter to the users and so does to the search engine. If your page takes a lot of time to load and take ages to open then it will have a significant negative impact on your ranking. Search engine will not prefer to show your site if it bothers their users negatively in any way. As the best SEO consultant in Minnesota, we make it a point to optimise your page’s speed by taking all the possible measures. We also make sure that it compatible with different devices and loads correctly as per the layout.

You can connect with the best SEO consultant in Minnesota and leave all your worries to us. We will provide the best seo services which will definitely take you a step ahead in this digital world.