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After investing so much time in pursuing your passion for photography, you prepared an inspiring collection of pictures to showcase to your clients. Search engine optimization helps you bring a maximum number of prospective clients to your website. This technique will distinct your website from other photographer’s websites and attract more traffic. All you have to do is let us create an engaging website for you that engages your audience with SEO for photographers and do justice to your iconic pictures.


SEO is a very vast concept to learn and practice. So, if you are bored with photography and want to pursue SEO or Digital Marketing as a career, you can get millions of guidelines for SEO on the internet.

However, we are here to help you expand your photography business with some pro tips that always work for a photographer. We understand that photographers have a creative way to display their power; they exhibit it with the pictures they click, the moments they capture. They are not people who love to spend their time writing contextual content and coding. To empower your photography business with SEO, image SEO is the best technique to go through.

Without wasting any time, let’s dive further to check out how SEO for photographers work.

  • Brainstorming
  • Analysis of focus keywords
  • Create titles and descriptions
  • Beautify your URL
  • Responsive website
  • Image optimization
  • Content Management
  • Link Building
  • Local SEO


An initial brainstorming session with your team helps SEO experts in understanding your business, your target audience, business niche, etc. Agencies usually skip this important step, thinking that it procrastinates the process. But it helps in understanding the business better and therefore in strategic planning.

During, the brainstorming session, our professional team also monitors your competitors and their marketing strategies to bring out the best marketing plan for you.

Analysis of focus keywords

SEO revolves around keywords and their placement. Before enriching your website with valuable content, we search for terms your customers are searching on Google to look for your type of business. We add those highly searched terms in the content of your website, making it more relevant for the users and friendly for the Google search engine.

Some of the commonly searched terms like ‘Wedding photographers near me’ or ‘Photography services’ are also targeted with the content of your website. This will bring your website up in the Google SERPs and it will get more clicks from the visitors.

Create titles and descriptions

Title and descriptions are the shortest and the most catching phrases that appeal to chatbots and humans both. It clearly states what your website is about in minimum words. The length of the Title must not exceed 60 characters, whereas, the length of the description must not exceed 160 characters, else google will truncate the content making it less appealing to the human eye.

Beautify your URL

The URL of your website must be short, modern, relatable as well as easy-to-remember. It is the first thing that reflects your business and its services. Also, it always recommended that you keep your website secure for browsing by adding Secure socket layer (SSL). Thereafter, your site will open with ‘https://’ only.

Responsive Website

48% of searchers use mobile phones while accessing any website. It becomes important that your fully-functional website loads fast and perfectly in mobile devices. Getting an operational website on mobile makes it easier for your visitors to reach you.

Image optimization

Images don’t speak for themselves. We ‘humans’ comprehend an image the way we want using our visual ability which Google does not have. Google understanding all the images on its own, well, this could take a while. Till then, we have to work hard to promote the images on the web.

We can help search engines like Google and Bing to understand an image by adding ‘Alt text’. It is a short description that explains the image to Google and helps it in its listing and promotion.

Content Management

The content of your website should add value to its visitors. The images placed on the first page of your photography website should depict your passion for photography, your expertise, and your niche so that, your visitors could relate to your work of art.

You can also create some interesting blogs for your audience and for Google to show the authenticity and relevance of your website.

Adding case studies, previous works, and testimonial content to your website is a great way to add credibility to your business. Make sure yo7u never miss to highlight these on your photography website as it could yield better results while opting SEO for photographers.


Link Building

Now that we have covered most of the on-page SEO to give a push to your website on Google. It’s time to get visitors from external sources. Yes! A website is not the only place where visitors search for photographers. There are also third-party websites present on Google which promotes a photographers’ business. These websites are highly credible and get a good number of visitors.

With guest posting and other activities on these websites, we can divert the traffic coming on these websites to our photography website. The visitors on these websites are interested in your business and easy to convert into clients.

Local SEO

For any business to boost exponentially, it must have its strong roots in the local market first. With Local SEO technique, you can create a business profile that is highlighted on Google and easy to search for clients near your area.

Local business listing helps potential customers to reach out to the photographers staying locally. They can even get your number and address on the front page, which makes it easier for them to connect with your business.

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