You might be a beginner or a pro at SEO but when it comes to digital marketing, you will know how important it is to write seo friendly content. As one of the top digital marketing companies in Chicago, we would like to tell you that ‘why’ is it so important and what the fuzz is all about.

Digital marketing company in Chicago |Importance of writing seo friendly content!

  • When it comes to seo writing, the writer has to be very careful. Their focus must be on ranking but at the same time, their content must be aimed towards the readers.
  • You might have the same product as your competitor and even a similar name but what will set you aside in the digital world is seo friendly content.
  • SEO will draw traffic to your website but content is what will make them stay and invest their time on your web page. Therefore make sure whatever you write is sensible and your audience actually has something to gain from it in the end.
  • You might not know how important seo writing is but you will know that Google is the God when it comes to the digital world. Google has an update which will make you understand how important it is to generate seo friendly content. It is called Google Panda Update.

What is Google Panda update?

It is an update which was rolled out to acknowledge the high quality websites and take the low quality website in its radar and destroy it. By destroy, I don’t mean to literally wipe it from the SERP; it means to lower the ranking where the user doesn’t stumble upon it. Means the same though, right?

Google panda update was actually named after their employee Navneet Panda.

The websites with quality content had nothing to worry about when the websites who did not match the standards of this algorithm were taken aback.

Following are the points which could trigger Panda and get you penalized

Plagiarized Content

As one of the professional digital marketing companies in Chicago, we know that it is no less than a crime to post plagiarized content on the website. It is duplicate or copied content which is already present on the internet and you will definitely trigger panda if your content is not unique. You might be surprised to know that duplicity is not just external; it could be internal as well. Let’s say you have a number of webpages with the title ‘ Best digital marketing company in Chicago’, ‘Best Digital marketing company in New York’, ‘Top SEO Services in Miami’ but you have the same content under these different headings then it will result in plagiarism too so make sure you post original content.

Thin Content

This means having limited content on your website which is practically of no use. If you have a number of heading but just 1 line under them making it difficult for the users to understand then your website is not a reliable source and Panda will catch you.

Lack of authority

If you want to avoid Panda then make sure your website is authorized and trust worthy. The users must feel safe on your website and there should be no sort of data breach. One way to establish trust is by getting SSL certificate.

Content Farming

This was a term which came with panda update itself. It means a great number of low quality pages which is aggregated from other websites. For instance, a website employees writers in bulk at a low pay to create short articles covering various search engine queries just to obtain ranking and disregard authority. It provides no value to the reader which is enough to get you under Panda’s radar.

High ad to content ratio

If you blog looks like a page straight out of some shopping site then Panda won’t like it. There should be a balance when it comes to having paid advertisements on page and original content. Don’t make your user feel like they are on some ad page rather than your blog.

Low Quality user generated content

If you publish guest blogs which looks like a 5th grade kid practicing their writing skills then you are in trouble. Low value user generated content is when the guest blog post is short, irrelevant, filled with spelling errors and lacks in quality information. Keep a close eye on such content and make sure you filter it from time to time.

No connection between content and query

Always deliver what you promise. If you fail to give what you vouched for, it will lead to disappointment. Let’s say someone searches for ‘pizza discount coupons’ and you have the same title but when someone clicks on it, they find no coupons and ads instead. Always make sure that you are able to connect your content with the specific query.

Affiliate links with trash content

If you are a part of affiliate program but don’t post useful content which blends it in your post then you will attract a hit for sure. Make sure that the content around links directing towards affiliate program is not trash.

As one of the experienced digital marketing companies in Chicago, we tried to cover all the major points when it comes to why seo writing is important. Feel free to get in touch with us for any assistance.