YouTube New Update: Search Insights Feature To Show Creators What Their Audience Really Need

Published by Sofia ,

Youtube Search Insights

For YouTube content creators, defining their target customers and planning how their content can meet the needs of their audience base is crucial. Well, it seems like their task is about to get simpler.

The video-sharing platform is building a new ‘Insights’ functionality for YouTube Studio. It aims to provide creators with useful information regarding what their viewers are looking for in the app. 

Alina Verbenchuk, YouTube product lead, says that this new feature, the Search Insights, will provide “creators the opportunity to see parts of what’s been searched in the last 28 days.” Ultimately, YouTubers will find this feature in the Research tab. It will come with two individual tabs for researching queries. 

The first tab will list what your audience base is looking for, while the second one, namely, Searches Across YouTube, will help you gain insights into highly popular search queries based on a single keyword. 

The underlying idea behind this new functionality is to allow creators to provide meaningful content that aligns well with the searches. With the first tab, creators will be able to glean insights into the topics that are popular among their viewers. You’ll get the total search volume of every such topic and the traffic your channel has been able to get according to each query. 

Not only this, but search insights is also rolling what is called Content Gaps.’ A content gap arises when viewers cannot get the information they want. Verbenchuk explains it further, saying that ‘If viewers can’t find any results for a particular search inquiry, or they can’t find an exact match for the topics they search for or content found is low-quality, there is no high-quality content.’

Put simply, YouTube’s introducing the ability to filter listings according to search queries that don’t yield a greater volume of matches. 

Coming back to the second tab, you can get valuable information about the most frequent search queries according to a specific keyword. For instance, if you desire to know the most prevalent ‘How to’ searches, all you need to do is input ‘how to’ as your search term on this tab. Then you can refine the listing to ‘Content Gaps only’, and you will get a list of the most searched ‘how to’ search phrases and words that aren’t being catered by videos that are directly oriented with it. 

The feature is undoubtedly a great step in the direction of streamlining the YouTube keyword research. As Verbenchuk puts it, “We know how search is important for creators and how its important for content planning.” She’s confident that the search insights will make it easy for creators to create videos entirely relevant to their niche. 

The feature is developed along the lines of Google Trends and Google’s Search Console. Its geared toward giving more insight to YouTubers regarding the channel content resonating the most with their audience. Along with it, you can also use it to optimize your content to serve your audience better.

However, the feature hasn’t become live at present. It’s yet to be known if it will turn into a permanent one in the near future.