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Your SEO guide to blog optimization!

Everyone understands how important it is to publish blogs on regular basis but what most people neglect is optimizing it for SEO. You might have written the best blog ever but if you have not weaved your words using the thread of SEO then it is going to be good for nothing.

Blog posting is like that one master key that opens many doors for you. It keeps your website updated which builds the trust factor. Just imagine visiting a website and finding the last blog posted in 2015, I am sure you are not going to be interested in navigating your way through the website and go for the exit button.

It is no brainer to guess that it shows how disinterested the person is in keeping their website updated and if they are not maintaining it then why will you spend your time there, right?

A blog is not only a way to impart knowledge but it is also a way to interact with the audience. When people find relatable content on your website, their first instinct is to share it with their family and friends who will share it with more people.

It is rightly said that do good with someone offline and they might tell 5 people but do something good online and they will share it with 500 people which means more reach for you. There is no denying the fact that the concept of memes has been thriving simply because people find the content relatable and want others to see it too.

By now, you must have understood why it is important to optimize your blog but the question is, how? There is nothing to worry about as we are that enthusiastic kid of the class who asks the question and has the correct answer to it as well. Don’t worry; you are not going to hate us. In fact, you are going to love us for sharing some great ways to optimize the blog and score a better ranking.

Top 10 tips to optimize your blog for SEO

Once you realize the power of blog optimization and SEO marketing USA, there will be no stopping you from getting a better ranking and great traffic. Some ways in which you can optimize your blog post for SEO are:

Invest time in keyword research

It is very important to have relevant keywords and then to construct a blog using them. The best part about blogs is that you can inculcate high competition keywords which are going to fetch you traffic that too without spending money on paid advertising. Keyword research is one of the most important elements of seo services USA because the right keywords have the ability to make you rank higher.

You should also focus on long tail keywords because no one searches for just one word, the query can have multiple keywords in it and you have to utilize that.

ALWAYS make it a point to use keywords at the beginning of the paragraph because if people don’t see what they are looking for, they won’t be interested in reading the rest.

Optimize Meta Tags

It is very important to optimize the Meta title, Meta description as well as H1 heading by adding the keywords. If you don’t have a catchy title with the keyword then it is going to get very tough for you to get clicks.

Meta description works as a summary of your blog and if it is not appealing enough then people are just going to pass by it without blinking an eye. Make it a point to optimize Meta tags so that the audience gets a glimpse of what they are going to get out of the blog.

Optimize images

There are times when people completely ignore the importance of using alt texts in the images. Alt text is a way of telling the search engine that what an image is about because they don’t perceive the image like your audience.

Optimizing images also helps to provide a better user experience as the description helps the people with poor vision to understand what the image denotes with the help of screen readers.

Therefore, whenever you add an image to the blog, make it a point to inculcate keywords in the file’s name and add a description as well.

Keep it simple

No one likes to read a blog where they have to refer to the dictionary every now and then. People often try too hard to sound smart but end up sounding confusing. When you keep your blog simple and easy to read, you attract more people and keep them interested for a longer period of time.

If it will appeal to people, it will surely impress Google as well and have a direct impact on your ranking.

Try to educate or aware your audience through your blog by using simple language rather than sounding like Shakespeare and using way too many fancy words.

Don’t depend on just text

One practice that you need to stop right now is posting a text-only blog. It gets very boring when all you have is words and no visuals. It is a common fact that images have a better lasting effect than text therefore use images or infographics to keep it interesting.

Make sure that the image you are inserting is relevant. Don’t use a plumber’s image while you are writing with the purpose of SEO for photographers as it is not going to make sense.

There are a number of places where you can get license-free images and make the most of it.

Structure your blog

If you just write anything without structuring it in a strategic manner then all your efforts will go in vain. When you write a blog, make sure that it is easy going and there is a connection between the two points. Don’t make it look out of the blue because if there is no structure then your audience will have a hard time forming a connection and they won’t be able to pay attention to it.

Writing is not like making a smoothie where you can randomly put anything in any order; it is like choreographing a dance where you have to go step by step to demonstrate a clean performance.

Create internal links

Internal linking is a way to tell Google how important a page is on your website. They have an impact on your search engine authority. If you have written on something that has been mentioned in your post on another web page then make it a point to create a link.

Use social media

You should never underestimate the power of social media because everything has the potential of getting viral overnight. If we consider a smaller picture, it is a great way to promote your blog on various social media platforms and it lets people share instantly as well.

You can use different tools to schedule posts or to post the same thing on different platforms without having to do it manually.

Make it a point to post consistently and to create relatable content because more shares it gets more audience you attract.

Make sure that it is mobile-friendly

Most the people use their mobile phones to search for something and if your blog is not mobile-friendly and takes forever to load then it is going to put off the audience and will result in an increased bounce rate.

When you have a responsive and mobile-friendly design, it lets you have 1 URL for the desktop and one for mobile. This helps with SEO because any internal link that navigates back to your website won’t be broken down into different URLs.

It means that you will be able to channel the power of SEO you get from these links and it will in turn help Google to understand your post’s value and rank it respectively.

Keep on updating

I would like to close this last tip by using a quote that is, change is the only constant. It is very important to update any old blog posts by adding some new details to it or by posting new content on regular basis.

When you update an old post, you are able to enjoy the authority that is already there. However, when you post something new, it takes time to get noticed and make its way to the top.

If you have posted something in the past which is no longer relevant then make it a point to take it down because there is no use in getting traffic and then realizing that the blog is of no significance to them.

Keeping these tips in mind for SEO blog optimization will surely help you get better and get noticed.

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