For a very long time, Search engine optimization is constantly buzzing in the area of web-based business for increasing the ranking of the websites in the search engine result. SEO is one of the well-known terms for those belongs to the digital marketing world. An optimization process is largely based on the link building nowadays. There is no doubt about it that link building helps websites to get the top ranking and recognize among the particular audience. But it is also true that link building is not the future of SEO.

See why this statement about SEO is making sense and how it would not be fruitful for you to be in the race of the top-ranking site for the long term.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others want to make their users satisfied with their results. They want to provide the best user experience to be on the top in their game. For that, they focus on various things on your website, not only on the links. See in future what would be the best to get the ranking on search engines other than link building and what things on your website should be given preference by search engines.

High-Quality Content: –

It is not that in the future there would be no role of link building in SEO but it should be combined with the other things so that your website ranks higher. For that first and foremost thing will be that your site should have relevant and high-quality content. Search engine like Google gives the preference to better-quality content which would make the query of the user.

Best Product/Service: –

If your services and products would be of the best quality, then it would surely rank high on Google. When products/services will be good, then customers will love to buy them. So, it would surely elevate the ranking of your site on search engines.

User-Friendly Platform: –

For the better user experience on your site should be that your platform should be customer-friendly. With this kind of platform, it would be easy and convenient for the customers to shop/explore your site and get to know properly about your product/services. These activities are recognized by the search engine and it updates your ranking in the search result.

Factors Which Affect The Ranking Other Than Link Building : –

  • Bounce rate
  • User time on your site
  • Click-through-rate 

Bounce Rate: –

First, for understanding the bounce rate concept, see this example. If a user visit a site but within a few seconds, he/she gets back to the search result page. When it will happen, in the case when you would not find the page relevant to you on which you log in. You would click on some other link in the search result list to find the webpage which meets your query. This is called the bounce rate of the site and it is a very important factor for the ranking of your site. This factor is measured by the search engine. You should ensure that your website should have content, products/services which would fulfil your customer’s requirements.

To get the top rank, you would make sure to provide a good user experience on your site. And, it is possible when they would get things that they are looking for on your website. In the coming time, it is expected that the search engine would give more preference to this factor rather than link building. There should be a link in your site but you can completely rely on links just to get a higher ranking of your site on the search result. Also, in the future, the value of the link-building is surely going to decrease because search engines are planning to jump to other factors that will provide better customer experience.

User Time On Your Site: –

In the upcoming time due to high competition in the world of digital marketing, it is necessary to make sure that your website has exactly what a customer is looking for. Whether you are offering products or services, your website should provide the best quality of products and commendable service that even with well-written content details. This is the best way to attract users’ attention and make them able to spend time on your website. The more time the user will spend on your site more it is the chance that he/she would buy something from you because it shows his/her interest.

When we are interested in something, there we would like to explore things. If you make your site rank on the basis of the links. And, a user visits your site by seeing it on the top but doesn’t get the product/service and content relevant. In that case, it is a high possibility that user will switch to the other site that lower in ranking from your site. But have the content, product or service which a customer is looking for. It would be recognized by search engine and it is a possibility that the site would rank higher. Because search engines will priority to the customer-friendly websites and those where the customer will spend more time. To continue in the race of the top sites, don’t depend on link-building. You have to look for other factors because link-building is not the future of search engine optimization.

Click-Through-Rate: –

It is the factor that tells the search engine about the relevancy of the link. Let’s understand it with an example. If some customers are inputting some query in SERP and then, in the search result page for that particular query. People are clicking on the second link more than the first one. It represents that the second link is more relevant than the first one. It is the possibility that next time the second link comes on the top by replacing the first one.

Conclusion: –

Now it is clear that link-building can’t be the future of the SEO. If you want to optimize the ranking of your site, then you have to focus on the quality & relevancy of your content along with some useful links. Also, you have to enhance the quality of products/services, response time of your site and other factors. By following these factors, you will be able to stand tall in the highly competitive digital world.