What is the role of Google search console?

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What is the role of Google search console

If you have tried many possible efforts to contact Google directly for an answer to a question about an issue, you will know exactly that is extremely difficult, even impossible to accomplish. When it comes to understand the problems, you may face the issues with the ranking a website, Google keeps a close eye on its feedback. Google also provides a powerful tool, Google search console. Another tool Google Analytics helps users to provide a lot of information about the website. Let us learn a few things about Google search console or Google webmaster tool. How can it be beneficial for SEO services?  Let us discuss in the detail.

  • The amazing features of the Google Search Console
  • How to use it with your website?
  • Why you must use it?

What is The Google Search Console or Google webmaster tool?

The Google search console is also known as, “Google Webmaster Tool”.  It still provides useful tools and information. After logging in with Google account, you can add any websites that you can operate. A code should add to your website, it is necessary that you are the real website owner. By doing so, first and important data will appear about your site.  It includes some interesting statistics and insights, analysis and other important information. We are going to share some important tips that you should remember in your Google webmaster tool to improve your website.

1- Index Status

When you launch a fresh website, it will permit you to observe if your website has indexed and if so, how many pages have listed. With the help of the advanced button, you can observe the number of pages completely blocked by robots.txt and fully removed from the Google index. You can check out this report card monthly to observe how your website is doing, if fresh pages are being indexed, and if any pages are by the mistake blocking Google bot.


index status


2-Crawl Stats

Do you have some pages that are certainly important to your site? Are they close to the home page? Unless, crawl stats can display you how many pages Google visits on average, while they visit your site. Suppose that you post 5 fresh articles every day, your crawling rate will be higher than if you publish once per month. You can check out your crawl stats to observe how often and how deep Google is crawling your website. If they are not observing deeply, you must look at your website structure and rate of content updating.


crawl status


3- HTMP Improvements

This part provides fundamental improvements, which have done on your website. It involves listing Meta descriptions, duplicate titles, and non-index able content on your website. When your fresh website has completely indexed or you’re improving an existing website, you can find a list of issues, which needs to resolve.

4-Structured Data

Structured data permits Google to understand well the content on your site. The content of your website will decide which structured data items that you will need to include. You can set up structured data with the help of Google Structured Data Markup Helper.


structured data


5-Links to Your Website

Each link of your website will not pick up by Google, they can display in third-party tools. Using this part will assist you to observe your link profile as Google observes it. It is very important for evaluating anchor text ratios, and identifying harmful links, so you can understand that your website is obtaining new links. You should check out your website links monthly, therefore you can find out and remove any harmful links indicating to your website.

Thus, Google search console can help us to do these things above explained, so local SEO services can perform smartly. Google webmaster tool is very useful for measuring the performance of any website.


links to your website



All five functions explained are pretty easy to use, they can make a big effect on the whole rankings of your website when used to make necessary corrections and improve the quality and performance of your website.