What is PPC? Know Its Working & Benefits For Your Business

Published by Aliza Decruz ,

What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click. As the name suggested, it is a paid alternative on which you have to pay every time when someone will click on your ads. PPC is an online advertising model that generates inorganic traffic to your website. It is in trends due to so many reasons. PPC is great for small, medium and large businesses.

Let’s dig into the deep and know what is PPC and how does it work or know what benefits it would provide to your business.

How Does PPC Work?

For the PPC campaign, marketers create ads and bid on a particular keyword or phrase at an online auction. It allows them to bring their ads on SERP. When a user sees this ad and clicks on it, it would visit a website or landing page. If you are running any Pay-Per-Click Ad and a visitor visit your site through it, you have to pay a small fee for his/her visit on your site. PPC campaign & ads are run for buying the website visitors so that the conversion rate can be increased.

First, see where PPC Ads run-

Pay-per-click ads run on various platforms such as

  1. Webpages
  2. Mobile apps
  3. Social media platforms

Although, Pay-Per-Click Ads run on social media looks similar to the organic posts. The only difference between organic and PPC ads is that they are marked as “Promoted/Sponsored”.

Benefits Of The Pay-Per-Click –

Enhance The Sales

The main benefit of the PPC ads is that it would increase the overall sales by bringing the inorganic traffic. When a customer will visit your site via this ad campaign and find your product/service the one he/she is looking for, then it is a greater chance that he/she would avail the product/service. This is the biggest advantage of PPC that it increases sales. In addition to this, Pay-Per-Click Ads attract potential customers.

Increase Traffic To Your Website

The other advantage of using PPC ads is that the traffic on your site would increase and the chance of the conversion also increases. These ads bring in-organic traffic to your website. When the traffic would be more on your site, then ranking of your site on SERP would also increase and it would impact the overall sale as well.

Boost Brand Awareness

Pay-Per-Click ads an effective way to boost brand awareness in no time. For example, when you see something multiple times, then you want to know more about it or also the name of that thing remains in your mind for a longer time. When the customers would see your ads and find your ad relevant, then they would click on it. If they find your product/service best, then they would buy and also recommend it to the other people as well. Like this, your brand will be promoted. So, this is one of the great benefits of the PPC ads that in no time your brand will become popular.

Simple To Run PPC Campaign & Ads

PPC Ads running process is simple. If you want to run this campaign, then you need to take the aid of any ads running platform and have to pay the amount for your ads, then rest is the responsibility of the ads running platform. Google AdWords is one of the biggest names in today’s time that run PPC Ads.

Control The Ad Cost 

One thing that makes Pay-Per-Click Ads different from the other digital marketing campaign is that you can run Pay-Per-Click Ads according to your budget. And, you can stop the ad campaign whenever you would find it underperformance.

Only Pay For The Clicks

The best part of PPC Ads is that you have to pay only for the clicks. If the user would not click on your ad, then you would not pay anything. It is the best part of the PPC campaign.

Channels You Can Select For PPC 

Although, there are several channels on which you can run your PPC Ads. The most channels are-

These 3 are the prime channels for the advertisement of the Pay-per-click. Google is the most known and reliable Pay-Per-Click Ad across the world and people generally prefer this channel for the PPC advisement. On google ads, it is a feature to customize your ads and make it more attractive by adding videos and text to add it more appealing to the specific customers. On the other hand, Facebook ads are also a great way to enhance brand awareness and increasing clicks. Facebook after Google is another big channel where you can run the PPC ads and increase your sales. There is one other famous Pay-Per-Click Ad channel that you can use i.e. Twitter ads. This is also a trustworthy PPC Ad channel that you can use for optimizing the overall rank of your website and increase the sale.

PPC gives your better understanding of your business. Let’s see how Pay-Per-Click help you to understand your business in detail and what are its advantages-

  • Pay-per-click is trackable. You can easily calculate the clicks, conversions, and impressions. You can easily find out whether the traffic that is coming to your website is converting into the conversion or not. It is the big benefit of PPC is that it is measurable. If you don’t find any Pay-Per-Click Ads beneficial for you, you can stop that easily.
  • PPC ads can run on both mobile and desktop devices.
  • It helps you to analyze the search patterns as well as the behaviour of the customer.
  • You can set up your budget according to your choice. How much you want to spend on PPC ads completely depends on you. If you get the positive result via these PPC ads, then you can scale up it. It is an amazing facility for Pay-Per-Click ads.
  • This allows you to quickly create ads as well as a campaign that would make your recognizable brand in no time.

Optimize Google AdWords

After reading this whole blog, you now understand what is PPC is all about. Also, if you are planning for PPC ads and campaigns, then you would surely be thinking to choose Google Ads. If yes is your answer, then you need to give attention to the important below mentioned points that will help to optimize Google ads. Let’s first know how optimizing Google ads would be beneficial for you.

After optimizing Google ads, you would be able to generate more traffic to your site and which in terms brings more business to you.

  • You should focus on the long-tail keywords.
  • Use the updated keyword research tool for finding high-performing keywords.
  • Your ad and campaign should be well-structured.
  • You should use the conversion tracking for finding out how successful PPC campaign is for you.
  • For increasing the conversion rate, you need to check constantly the landing page of your site and ads.

If you would focus on these suggested points, then it would surely make your PPC ads and campaign successful. Also, it would bring the inorganic traffic to your site that would lead your business to the next level.

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