What Is Microblogging? How Does It Work?

Published by Aliza Decruz ,

What Is Microblogging?

Microblogging is the new form of blogging which also allows the user to respond on the same. Microblogging is done on various social media platforms, Twitter has taken over fans for this new type of blogging, chiefly on the mobile web. People can engage and interact easily on blog posts using their smartphones.

A short message containing information for users can be in a variety of formats such as text, images, video, audio or hyperlinks. After the end of the Web 2.0 era, social media was started booming and its reachability increased. This new change has impacted the way a user interacts with online media traditional blogs got merged during this evolution of social media. Now it’s much easier and faster to engage in the blog posts online. Users can read, interact and, engaged on blog posts and grasp the information easily. Microblogging is the one part of SEO services by that you can raise your website traffic.


How Does Microblogging Work?


To begin with, the microblogging you need to go to your audience, various social media platforms will allow you to reach your audience and provide them with quality content. The content is the key, the better the quality of the content is, the better the engagements will be.


Here Are Some Platform on Which You Can Start Microblogging


These platforms will allow you to post the blog and interact with its users.




Twitter is the number one social media platform, besides being a popular microblogging social media site, twitter is also a popular user-oriented social media platform.




Tumblr is stock of blogs it has the greatest number of the microblogs; here you can create blogs and reblog other people blog posts. The interface of Tumblr is unique and engaging, the type of content is also very unique.




Unlike other microblogging sites, Pinterest is a visual microblogging site. The author curates the collection of pictures which depicts a specific topic. The user when he visits the Pinterest microblogging site he engages with the content by pinning it.




Like Pinterest, Instagram is also a visually engaging microblogging social media platform. However, Instagram allows 2200 characters long caption in a single post. Instagram has the greatest number of user and the array of microblog post is great there.




Facebook is the giant microblogging site, an only social media platform which has multiple features. Microblogging on Facebook is engaging, it allows you to share media in multiple formats, you can use creative ways to engage with the audience.

Keep it Short and Crisp

Microblogging is all about keeping it simple and crisp, if you want to start with any of these platforms, you must understand that every social media platform has a different type of user.  Also, each social media platform has certain norms which should be considered before posting. An internet marketer can use this as an opportunity as people keep scrolling their social media feed, you can keep things simple and short, easy to digest and interesting. The scrolling only stops when there is something, you need to add something even it is short and simple.

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