What is HTTPS? Everything You Need to Know

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HTTPS protocol

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS refers to the hypertext transfer protocol secure. This is nothing but the encrypted version of the famous HTTP protocol that is known to transfer data over the WWW.

The need for this protocol arises to make the transfer of the data more secure over the World Wide Web. Its objectives are to protect communication between server and browser by unauthorized users or attackers. Https make data transfer or communication between server and browser from being tampered and intercepted by unauthorized third parties.

WWW has huge traffic and most of the website transfer data over it prefer this protocol because it provides integrity, authentication, and confidentiality of the data. S in HTTP stands for ‘Secure’ that means all the communication between your site and browser will be encrypted. This amazing protocol is widely used for online transactions. Ecommerce websites, online banking, and other websites it is great protocol.

How Would You Recognize HTTPs?

A website whose URL is processed by the lock icon in the address bar is using the HTTPS. Yes, a lock icon is shown in the address bar that shows the users they can visit that particular website because it secure.

How HTTPS Is Helpful For SEO

Yes, it is a very interesting fact that it helps SEO that is another reason why people are converting their website from HTTP to HTTPS. Almost every benefit of HTTPS related to SEO. Have a glance at the advantages of it that work well for improving SEO.

1. Great Security And Privacy

We have talked about so much that it is a secure protocol. Now you understand how it is helpful for search engine optimization. Let’s know it with an example-

If you visit any website and see the un-secure is written on the URL. That means your first impression with the site will be bad and accept or not first impression count. Now it will be difficult for you to trust that website. In SEO, trust is the big ranking factor because it drives customers to the website again and again. This is why HTTPS site trust is built and users understand it secure from the data privacy point.

2. Reserves Referral Data

Do you know that no data is passed from HTTPS to HTTP pages? That means no referral data. But with it you can save your best referral sources with the help of wonderful software. Referral sources are the best to attract traffic and lead. Your link building opportunity will not be wasted. You can easily use referral resources on your secure website for boosting your rank with great conversion rates.

3. Lightweight Ranking Signal

This can be the skyrocket for the ranking of your website. It is a lightweight ranking factor and gets a high preference by Google. It supports the fast loading of web pages.

4. Helpful To Boost Site Speed And Security

This is a prerequisite to all the other security and web performance technology. It is has a slow speed than HTTP due to extra security features. To speed up the web page loading, you can use the other protocols along with HTTPS. It enables you to add other protocols to boost the loading speed of your site. And, remember the high speed of a website is a ranking factor in Google.

Know The Importance Of HTTPS

It has high importance in the internet world. It is not only good from the point of the site owners but it is great for both users and search engines. Do you know that Google has made HTTPS a ranking factor in 2014? Those websites that use the HTTPS protocol is getting priority in the ranking of the search engine result pages from the ones who are HTTP based websites.

It makes data secure with its high level of encryption. Also noted that encryption is of 2 types which are mainly famous or you may be heard about them. These are 64 bit encrypt HTTPS and 128 bit encrypt HTTPS. Most of the financial institutions and other websites which deal with the money using 128 bit encrypt HTTPS because it is most secure and very difficult to decrypt by attackers.

In this kind of HTTPS encryption, a third party can know that data is flowing but they are not able to decrypt it or guess which data is transferring. So, now you can say that HTTPS is vital for the SEO services agency, users, search engines, and others.

Prime Difference Between HTTP And HTTPS

HTTP is an unsecured protocol that sends data over port 80. It is operated on the application layer and has no SSL certificate. On the other hand-

HTTPS is a secure protocol that is completely perfect for communication between Brower and the site. It uses port 443 and operates at the transport layer. HTTPS is the best and requires the special certificate SSL. Now you know about HTTP port and HTTPS ports which are a big factor from the security purpose.

Curious To Know How HTTPS Works

HTTPS works in the same manner as the HTTP but the only difference is it deals securely. It works with encrypts and decrypts which are requests and responses. There is an SSL connection in this kind of protocol that works to connect the client and server by a handshake method. In the HTTPS protocol, SSL layer is added for two prime purposes-

  • It verifies that you are communicated to the server of your choice.
  • The only server will be able to read what you send and only you will be able to understand what the server sends back.

Comprehensive Guide How To Set Up HTTPS

There are 2 prime cases when you need to set up HTTPS. Let’s know in detail-

Case 1: For A New Website

If you are launching your website and want to be it secure, then HTTPS is the great option to go with. It is great and beneficial for your business that you are using it from the beginning.

For it, you need to contact the good hosting provider. The experienced hosting company will guide and encourage you to set up HTTPS and TLS protocols.

Note: For sealing the security, after running the website with HTTPS implement HSTS.

Case 2: A Website Running On HTTP

If you are already running a website but it uses HTTP protocol, then you have to keep patience. It may take time but will convert in it. There are certain factors which decide the complexity of migration.

These factors are such as your hosting provider, technical abilities, type of CMS you are using, size of the site, and others.

Migration of HTTP to HTTPS may be a little technical, if in case you are not a technical expert, then it is advised to you that hire a professional company for it. An experienced company, in this case, will surely save your precious time and ensure the best yet future proof implementation.