Here Is How An SEO Specialist Can Help You!

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If you just had a thought of taking your business online or you are unable to rank then an SEO Specialist is going to be a savior for you. They are known to improve the website rankings by indulging in a number of activities that we will be discussing.

They make sure on-page optimization generates particular search results and a positive user experience, lead volume, and grow the site traffic. The most important goal of an SEO Specialist is to create more sales for the firm.

The SEO Specialist can increase the visibility of the website with the help of a number of tactics like internal linking, clean URLs and keyword tagging to name a few.

Skills Required For An SEO Specialist

SEO Specialists need to be proficient in a number of aspects and not just on page optimization. The key skills are:

  •       Capability to find high-volume and low-competition keywords
  •       Elementary understanding of HTML
  •       How and where to add keywords
  •       Intermediate to advanced copywriting abilities
  •       Ability in visual content, like video and infographics
  •       Ability to stimulate and build links to key pages
  •       Understanding of how technical SEO has an effect on the rankings
  •      Information of evolving SEO trends and changes in the Google algorithm

Tasks Of An SEO Specialist

There is a lot to SEO than just keywords when we talk about a proper strategy. Think about all of the altered components that are part of a successful SEO strategy and it will become obvious that it has a lot of variety. You will be required to do tasks like:

Keyword Research

Google is continually making changes to the algorithms that regulate how websites work, but that has not removed keywords from the process. Keywords are still the starting point for most of the searches. As an SEO specialist, you will do keyword research to control popularity, effectiveness, and significance, so you can create the best possible list of keywords to lay emphasis on.

Keyword Research


There is more to SEO than just keywords, and optimization is a part of the role of an SEO specialist. This contains both on-page optimization, to guarantee you’re serving up quality content, good metadata, internal links, and pages that load quickly. It also includes testing different essentials to govern how to improve your conversion rates on any specific webpage.

Link Building

Google is not just concerned about your website and the content; it also cares about what others have to say about you. When we say ‘say’, we mean a link to your website.

When other websites link to yours, it’s like a vote of confidence in your content. Google takes into account when it comes to ranking your website. Part of your job as an SEO specialist will be looking for chances to get other websites to rightfully link to yours. 


URL Building

As an SEO specialist, chances are your organization or client will have numerous types of campaigns running at once that will drive traffic to your web pages. You’ll want to know which traffic is coming from which source.

URL Building

Let’s say someone might click on a link in a newsletter or in a Facebook post. They might get to your website from a tweet or from an ad. You will ‘build’ unique URLs for these sources so you can determine exactly where the traffic comes from.


The only way to know what’s working in your favor is to look at analytics. As an SEO specialist, you will be required to regularly check the analytics to see how websites, landing pages, and keywords are acting as well as to see where traffic is coming from. 

If it is not working in your desired way then you can certainly make some tweaks on the basis of the results from Analytics

Mobile Optimization

We all know how mobile matters more than ever, now that Google says it will start using the mobile-first index in 2018. It probably won’t be an ongoing task for you, but firstly, you’ll need to make sure all web content is optimized for mobile devices. This is so because not everyone uses their laptop to conduct a search and it mostly takes place on a mobile device. Therefore, you need to be prepared for it.

Staying Up-To-Date

We all know how Google makes changes actively so a part of your job as an SEO specialist will include reading articles, blogs and forums so that you can keep up with the changes and developments in SEO. Google is continuously tweaking, and you need to know what it’s up to so you can take an action accordingly.

Staying Attentive

In today’s fast-paced world with emails and texts and chat messages constantly competing for our attention, lots of things will prove to be a distraction for you. Given the diversity of tasks, you’ll already be managing a lot so you really need to keep your calm and work efficiently.

Coordination With The Team

Although you’ll have a number of things to manage as an SEO specialist, you’ll possibly be spending a substantial amount of time working with other teams that are part of the digital marketing effort, including: 

  • The Social Media Marketing Team: Social media marketing and SEO play a good game when they are combined. As an SEO specialist, you will work with the social media team to help boost brand awareness and therefore authority which is a ranking factor.
  • The Paid Search Marketing Team: The pay-per-click (PPC) team will be focused on paid search and ads, but you will probably coordinate with them to find out about the potential keywords.  
  • The PR And Content Marketing Team: Press releases and other advertising materials are content and content is mandatory for SEO. You will need to be in terms with the PR team to ensure any content they create is optimized for SEO. 
  • The Web Development Team: SEO doesn’t happen without a good structure at the backstage. You’ll work with the team that forms the websites and landing pages to make sure pages are clean and have a fast loading time and when you need to do testing.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need To Hire An SEO Specialist Right Away!

If you have not yet hired an SEO Specialist for your company then you are missing out on a lot when it comes to expanding the business. We will be sharing some reasons with you as to why you must have an SEO Specialist:

Content Is Important But It Isn’t Everything

We all are familiar with the line that ‘Content is king’ but turns out, it isn’t everything. You might have the best content marketing team but if that content has not been optimized and doesn’t include keywords then it is of no use. It will not help you with the ranking and if it doesn’t rank then people will not be able to read it.

A good SEO specialist is capable of developing a blog strategy, come up with the topics of blog posts that will rank in Google and find the most important keywords that should be a part of the text.

The Relation Between SEO And UX

We don’t all realize that there is a connection between SEO and UX. For inexpert marketers, it seems that SEO is all about searching for keywords and link building. Well, that’s not all.

Relation between SEO and UX

RankBrain is a Google algorithm that was introduced in 2015. This algorithm doesn’t concentrate on content or links to the website. It analyses the website for user interaction and measures their gratification. RainBrain is just an example showing that SEO and UX go hand in hand and have somewhat the same goals.


Requirement Of Analytical Skills

We all will agree with the fact that a marketing strategy should always be planned for the long term. After all, your website will not make a huge success in just one or two weeks. Many people expect quick results, which in the case of SEO is practically impossible. That’s a situation where you will definitely benefit from a good SEO expert who is able to plan a long-term strategy. In this case, patience really pays off!

Once you seek the assistance of an SEO Specialist, you are going to see the difference for yourself when it comes to the ranking of your website. If there is anything else that you would like to know then you can connect with us.