If your website is not ranking on Google then there could be a number of reasons behind it that you can work on to make it rank again.

Know The Reason Why Your Website Is Not Ranking On Google! 

There is no point in having a website if it doesn’t rank. You might be thinking that you are doing everything right but still, your website is not ranking on Google.The thing is, what you think is correct might not be correct in the eyes of Google. That is where your ranking is getting compromised. You might not even know what you are doing wrong if you are not well informed. We are here to share some common factors with you that could be the reason behind the website not ranking on Google.


Top Reasons Why Your Website Won’t Rank 

We are here to share some common factors with you that could be the reason behind the website not ranking on Google.


You Have Duplicate Content 

If there are several pages on the internet with the same content then it is surely going to be a problem when it comes to ranking. Google won’t make all the Pages Rank. It is going to use the algorithms to make sure that it only ranks the page with unique content.

If you wish to rectify this then make sure that you run the content through the plagiarism checker before you publish it. Even if you have written it from the scratch, plagiarism could still be detected.

Google also won’t rank your website if you use too many keywords in a blog that appear to be out of the blue. This practice is often referred to as ‘keyword stuffing’ where you try to rank so hard that you end up inculcating irrelevant keywords.


The Page Has Not Been Allowed To Index 

There is a command that you can give which won’t show your page in the search engines. You can do it with a ‘no-index’ Meta tag which is a part of the HTML code.

Pages with that code won’t be indexed even if you make a sitemap and submit it in Google Search Console. You might have added it and forgotten about it but then end up wondering why your website is not ranking on Google.

For instance, WordPress will add it to every page if you check the incorrect box while you are setting up your website.

It is also something that some web developers use to avert Google from indexing a site during the development process and forget to remove it before they publish it.


You Don’t Have A Google My Business Profile

Having a Google my business profile is like telling Google that you care about your ranking. The best part is that it is absolutely free yet people don’t create it due to a lack of knowledge.

Other websites that have a GMB profile will surely get an edge over you in terms of ranking which is going to push your ranking down. If you are facing a website not ranking on Google issue then try to create a GMB profile if you haven’t already. You will see the results for yourself and will understand how important it is for your website.


Lack Of High Quality Backlinks

If you think that it is all about the number of backlinks then you couldn’t be more wrong. If you have 500 backlinks but they are irrelevant then they are going to fetch no good to you. On the other hand, if you have 100 backlinks that are in the relevant and apt places then you will see the difference for yourself. Try to generate quality backlinks over the quality and you will realize how they will step up the game of your website.


Absence Of Search Intent

It is very important to have content on the website that aligns with the search intent. You must be familiar with the fact that Google loves the users and it is only going to show up websites that go with their search.

It makes it evident that your website will not appear for the query if you don’t have the apt content for it on your website. Therefore, when you post content, you must consider the viewpoint of the user and see if it is going to be beneficial for them or not.


You Have A Google Penalty

If you have a strike from Google then you are not going to rank on the search engine result page.

A Google penalty means that your site is either not listed on search results anymore or that the ranking for your targeted keywords has fallen drastically. When you get a Google penalty on the website then your target audience won’t be able to discover you. When you are invisible to your target audience then your traffic and revenue take a fall ultimately.

We all know how important it is for a business to appear in the search results. However, one should also follow the correct SEO practice rather than cribbing about a Website not ranking on Google.

Foul SEO practices are surely not that as it messes with the search engine algorithms rather than being useful for the users.

Search engine algorithms have advanced over time which is why you should avoid black hat SEO no matter what. It includes cloaking, keyword stuffing, duplicate content, etc.


The Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly

You might have the best design and unique content but if it is not mobile-friendly then it will have an impact on your ranking for sure. It is very important to have a mobile-friendly website because no one has the time to open the laptop or the desktop to visit a particular site. Therefore, make sure that you test your website as per different mobile phones and get rid of the glitches.


Lack Of Consistency

If you don’t post consistently then no matter how good your product is, it will surely have a negative effect on your ranking. You must post on a regular basis but make sure that whatever you post is relevant and not just doing it for the sake of it. When you will become consistent, you will see a growth in the traffic as well.

We hope that you are clear as to why your website was not ranking on Google. You can refer to the one that fits the best and then make the changes accordingly. If there is anything else that you would like to know then do connect with us and our team of experts will help you out.