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Ways To Recover A Website From Google Core Update

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Right now, we all know that Google is the biggest of all the search engines. It is the king today and every online business, the website wants to rank on the top search of Google. Hence, it is not that simple, because every year the giant search engine rolls new updates. These updates include better than before SEO services guidance to provide better search results. These Google search updates are meant to give users better results as well as for the good websites to stay on top. In a year it throws its updates multiple times, and after each update, many websites lose their position and ranking.

But how they lose their ranking? Is it possible to fall after getting on top ranking once? We know there are so many questions juggling in your mind, so here are we. In this blog, you will get to know about the new Google update, why websites lose their ranking after the update, and how to recover the website after it. However, first, you need to know why Google changes its algorithm multiple times each year.

Why Google Throw Updates Multiple Times?

Every year Google processes 1.2 trillion searched which means 40,000 searched per second. It indicates how much today people globally, are dependent on Google to search for everything. Therefore, each visitor gets the best service and chooses Google first for their search and not any other search engine, this is the reason why Google gives value to visitors’ comfort. Visitors’ comfort, great user-friendliness and so on things force Google to come up with the new update. Then these updates force websites to work accordingly, and if they ignore this, their website cannot reach on the top.

Google wants you to work for your users first, and then for search engine. Gone those days when people do keyword stuffing and use black hat SEO to get on the top. Nowadays, the websites using black hat SEO and not following Google instructions, the giant search engine put a penalty on them. And the Google penalty is dreadful for the websites because it also decreases the online reputation.

Now you must be thinking that how to get over the updates, how to pull the website back to the previous or above position after the update, how to make your website update-proof so that it can survive each update, and so on. Don’t worry keep on reading, you will get all the answers here.

So let us start our guide on the new Google May core update 2020.

Recover Your Website From Core Update

Search Engine Optimization is quite dynamic, and you need to stay prepared for all the regular changes. Whenever a new Google core update arrives you can perform certain activities to recover the disrupted ranking and the position of your website using reliable SEO services. Below we have listed some strategy after reviewing the Google second core update of 2020. The following are some strategies explained in the new update by Google, these strategies can help you in reinstating the position and ranking in SERPs if the update has hit you.

1. Take Advantage of Real Expertise:

According to a professional SEO agency, there is a lot of discussion about E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) and how they work to enhance the declining performance of the website. There are so many recommendations for improving E-A-T, and one of them is to make sure that websites should have the Author bio section on their blog page so that all the authors have their bios. This will help the readers to know whom content they are reading, as it brings transparency about who your authors are and help to ensure that real experts write content. Auditing content can also help in improving the ranking of the site, it is also suggested in the Google May core update 2020. Check the existing contents, audit them, and ensure their accuracy. The more your content is accurate and trustworthy more it is useful and helps in improving ranking.

2. Quality Content

If you still not believe it then now you have to- “Content is the King”. If you read about the latest Google core update it is completely about the content. Those who survive the Google core updates and maintain their same position or move above, maintain the high quality of content on their website. Whatever content you publish it should be well-researched, according to niche, well-edited, unbiased, and should include citation of trusted publications. Further, you should make sure that these external links are used for SEO purposes. Since Google makes connections between your content and the sources from where you obtained the information. So if the algorithm has hit you hard, maintain the quality of your content to restore the position.

3. Add Trust Signals

SEO agency showing customers their certifications, awards, and recognitions makes people trust the brand. One of the critical elements in E-A-T is trustworthiness, so to win the clear trust of your customers show them information, talk about your previous projects or deals, include real testimonials. This will help you in boosting the credibility of your site as well as ensure visitors that you are doing great. This might help you in recovering your website from Google’s core update effects.

4. Create Powerful Backlinks

Many people think that backlinks are of no use, but when it comes to Google, links are very crucial in determining the ranking of the sites. Hence, it becomes necessary to check your backlink profile or the websites that are linking to yours. Backlinking is a give and takes the game, when a website includes the link of another site on its page, you also have to give them something back. Some websites do this for money while some do it for linking back to the same site. These links serve a trust symbol for Google when a reputed website has your link, then Google believes that your content is relevant and you are a trustworthy source for the audience.

5. Avoid Using Salesy Language

The page that is dedicated to providing some information or advice, it would be best for you site if you don’t mix information and transactional languages. For example; a page on a website that is dedicated to providing useful information such as- ‘How to’ blogs, shouldn’t contain promotional details. Making your content too salesy can cause distrust among the audience about the information on the website that you provide. Thus, you should avoid using any salesy language when it comes to providing informational content.

6. Limited Ads With Clear Policies

Never devastate visitors with too many ads on your site, as visitors don’t like to see so many sites and eventually they leave the site. Further, transparency is also essential to win the trust of your visitors, and this is only possible when you make the purpose of your website very clear in front of your audience. You can do this by maintaining explicit advertising and editorial policies. Through this, your visitors would know who writes for you, how your content is edited and what ads they will going to see. By displaying the clear policy build trust in visitors’ heart and this helps in getting a positive impact on your site’s ranking.

All the above-mentioned points are what Google May core update 2020 is about, and what you should do to defend your website from the update. By following the above SEO services strategies, you can regain your position back.

However, this is not enough, you can recover your website from this new update what about future. When again another new update will come you will fall again and your site loses its ranking. So you also have to make your website tough enough that it can survive.

Here we will also tell you- how to stay prepared for the update each time.

How SEO Agency Can Help You In Recovering From Google Core Update?

As you know that Google core updates come regularly and multiple times in a year. So the best way to avoid any worst situation before it can happen is to make the right preparations. If you are creating a new site start by ensuring a robust web design that is completely SEO friendly. You can also take the help of SEO services professionals to prepare your business in advance for the updates. Because professionals have the right skills and expertise to assist you in recovering.

A professional SEO agency can also help you in recovering your website when Google core update hits you as well as when you get a penalty. Below are the following through which agency can save your website:

  • Conduct a complete analysis to know about the weaknesses and strengths of your website.
  • SEO firm has multiple resources that can resolve your issues more effectively.
  • Agency has a separate department to spectate different areas of the website. This saves time and everyone does their best.
  • Professionals know about some tools that they can use to access your site’s trajectory and implement necessary improvement.
  • They have SEO and content experts who understand Google algorithm and they have experience in proving relevant solutions for each issue.

To take your website back on the track you need to make strategies, analyze your website, audit the content, and decide which plan works best for you. Understand each Google core update and work accordingly, and remember that “Content is the King” so only employ quality content.