Understanding Voice Search Evolution And Its Impactfulness

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It was common to see in the 80s movies that humans can have a conversation with computers. Though it was a far-flung science fiction idea at that time, it has become true in the current time – courtesy voice search.

You must have noticed people saying certain words on the watches and mobile phones to find information about something. One of the best aspects about it is that it allows you to search for something and you can carry out the other work at the same time. It’s a faster, hands-free, and hassle-free technology.


What are the statistics and Impact of Voice Search on SEO?


Voice search statistics

The growth of voice searchers has been incredibly fast. Certain research studies indicate that 55% of the users use it to ask questions on smartphones and many of them use voice assistant to carry out their daily tasks.

Voice search statistics


It has also evolved from a normal search to voice recognition. SEO trends for 2017 and beyond suggest that voice search has risen to the third spot and will continue to climb up in the coming years. With the rapid evolution of voice search, it has become very necessary for various organizations to have a look at it from creating business leads through it.

This can be done through implementing SEO services, strategies, and optimization techniques within voice search.



Impact of voice on SEO

With voice technology evolving rapidly, due to the advancement of high-end technologies and algorithms, it is going to have a significant impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Impact of voice on SEO

The reason being, users like to give commands in the form of natural language that they use in everyday life. With conversational language used as voice search, it becomes difficult for the search engine algorithms to sift through all the words in a sentence and make sense of it. Based on how the search engine has deciphered the question, search engine results will be provided accordingly.

In other words, voice searches may contain 20 to 30 words and SEO strategists will have to come out with ideas so that long-tail keywords can be tackled, and accordingly, they may be able to get the best search results for their clients.



How local SEO services can circumvent the conversation language barrier?


Question-based search:

Searches made using voice include questions beginning from words like how who, when, which, etc. Here the SEO optimization has to be smartly carried out by the SEO experts in such a way that words like which, who, how are omitted in the written search.

Question-based search

This would allow the search engine to display the content relevant to the context. Certain research studies indicate that voice searches are answered based on 25 keywords. In the question form and based on commonly used verbs, nouns, and adjectives.

These conditions can be utilized by the SEO experts who could ensure that relevant content is shown by the search engine when an individual searches for the information in the search box.



Contextual search:

The algorithm within the search engine is highly tuned to understand. The intended meaning by using the context of the terms used in the search words. Using search history, global search history, and spelling, the search engine can decipher what the searchers are trying to find. Hence SEO strategy service can be accordingly fine-tuned on contextual search results.

This way search result pages can become more relevant based on the context and intent. This in turn may help to get the companies displayed higher in the search engine ranking.



Local search:

local search

Voice technology puts a high emphasis on local area search. In other words, search results based on local location will be given more preference compared to other results. Hence SEO marketing strategy should account for this while optimizing the search engine result queries.



Featured snippets:

An idea about the webpage in the form of a featured snippet is something the search engine looks out for and accordingly provides results to the searchers.

Featured snippets


It has been found that 30% of the queries are featured snippets, extracted from any website on the first page. Just focusing on feature snippets of the first page is very critical and should be part of SEO voice-based strategies.




Voice search has massively impacted the way we find out what we want in search engines. Hence it is essential that your organization Voice search optimization results based on criteria such as question-based search, contextual search, local search, and featured snippets.

One should always remember that search engine voice prioritizes websites that are capable of loading files and images quickly. You have to optimized and compressed forms Also. In addition to working on the above features with the help of SEO strategies. It is also important to ensure that the response time of the website is swift and less.

Importantly, the content should be optimized with long-tail keywords and natural language that is popular in voice search. Last but not least you should have to create your website by the factors of voice search optimization parameters.