Video SEO: 7 Effective Ways To Improve Rank On Search Result

Published by Aliza Decruz ,

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You have heard and tried different kinds of SEO strategies for bringing your website on the top of the search engine result page. But still not able to bring your site on higher ranking. Don’t worry, let’s try the video SEO tricks for optimizing the rank of your site.

In today’s time, when almost everybody has its own smartphones and recording high-quality videos is not a big task. Even a non-professional person can record the best quality video from his/her phone, then, you can understand that how much a video will be in trend. In today’s time, you would get thousands of videos on any particular topic. People love to see videos when they want to get information in detail regarding something. That’s the main reason, videos can also play a big role in getting your site a higher rank on the search engine result page.

Let’s make your website/webpage on the top position on the search engine result page with the aids of the effective videos. If you already have hundreds of videos on your site and still not getting the desired results, then you need to revise your strategies. Let’s have a look at the important methods of the video SEO which would surely make your one of the top-ranked sites. But before moving ahead, let’s first know-

What is Video SEO Optimization?

Video SEO optimization is a process for improving the ranking of your video on SERP when a user searches the videos by placing the relevant keyword. SEO of the video is quite different from regular SEO. With the trend and use of smartphones, video SEO has become more prominent than ever in the market.

7 Effective Methods For  SEO Optimization Of Video

1. Selection Of Best Video Hosting Platform 

There are so many video hosting platforms are available such as Vimeo, Wistia, Brightcove, YouTube, and others. But among all, YouTube is one of the most popular video hosting platforms. So, when it’s about to update your videos, then choose the best and famous hosting platform of videos. If you will upload your video on YouTube, then it will be searched by so many people. YouTube is the second biggest search engine, so it is the possibility that your video on YouTube will get more audience than on other video hosting platforms. So, it will be more beneficial for you to choose YouTube for hosting your videos and increase the chance to come in a higher position on the search engine result. It is one of the effective video SEO optimization methods.

2. Research Top Video Keywords

It is necessary to work hard and deeply research the top-ranked video keywords. So, explore so many sites including the competitors’ sites for finding the top-ranked keywords for video. If your video will have the right and particular keyword which the user is putting in the browser, then it would surely crawl by the google bots and will bring your video on the top. So, video keyword research is another important way to improve the overall ranking of your videos.

3. Effective Video Description 

To attract the potential audience, it is very important to have an effective and detail video description. Your video description should be smartly written so that it explains in a few words what your video is all about. So, upload your videos with a smart description and it would definitely bring more organic traffic to your video and elevate the ranking in the search result page.

4. Eye-catchy Video Title With A Prime Keyword

If your video title will be impressed that even with the prime keyword in it, then the chance of increasing the position of search engine result automatically increases. So, make the eye-catchy and informational title for your video which will surely a good way to attract the audience. If your title will be catchy, then more people will watch your video and know about your brand, product/service or whatever you want to convey the message via your video. Let’s try this effective video SEO method and reach out to your specific audience.

5. Attention To The Thumbnail Picture

The thumbnail picture is the one which is shown in the search result when you search for any particular video. This is the first thing the user sees when he/she will see your video. So, a thumbnail image should be informational and attractive. It plays an important role in bringing the organic traffic to your site and lift up the ranking. So, choose and pay attention to this SEO optimization technique for video carefully and increase your chance to come first on the search engine result page.

6. Required And Proper Tags

Proper tagging also plays a significant role in getting ranking. If your video is properly tagged, then it enhances the overall chance of getting a higher rank. If your videos are not coming on the top search, then checked out your tag. It may be possible that your video is not tagged correctly. This is another video SEO optimization way that affects ranking. So, always use the necessary and proper tags for your video.

7. Page Is Relevant To The Video 

If you upload a video on your webpage, then make sure that the rest of the page should be related to the video. It should not be out of context. If your page will not be relevant to video, it will surely affect the ranking of your webpage. So, always put the video which is relevant to the webpage on which it is uploaded.

These are some very important and effective methods that will surely enhance the growth of your business by doing the optimization of video SEO. Your video will impact the overall ranking of your site.