Top 8 Strategies on SEO for Doctors to Double the Traffic

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Health care is one of the world’s most significant industry, serving millions and billions of patients worldwide. What do you do to get those patients to your hospital or clinic? Are you still stuck with the old-school strategy of referrals from ex-patients?


Well, referrals alone won’t solve the purpose; you will need to launch your practice on the internet and get the proper SEO done. Wait for a second! But what’s the – S E O. Indeed, you might be thinking the same way, or you would have heard about it from some digital marketer. It’s a key a get found on the internet by the patients who genuinely need your help to get cured. For more clarity, go through this blog and learn the most effective ways of SEO.


What is SEO?


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process to show up your website on the search engine results when someone looks for the focus keywords. For instance, to attract the US audiences, you need to take SEO services USA to rank your website for the relevant keywords on the SERP like Google so that your patients can find you easily. Similarly, you can attract your target audiences worldwide through well-planned SEO strategies.


SEO is an ongoing strategy you need to regularly measure and update to get the unpaid and organic traffic. You can devise the SEO strategy, such as technical on-page and off-page SEO, to reach the target audience in several aspects. Several factors influence the website’s SEO, like choosing the right keywords, catchy heading, using keywords in subheadings, backlinks (with reputed sites), site structure, web content, total words etc.


Why you should get the SEO for your medical practice


If you are running a medical practice or a full-fledge hospital, the SEO is important both ways. Well-managed SEO of your website will fruit the following results.


  • It drives new patients to your clinic.
  • It helps you grow your clinic beyond your expectations.
  • You get more consultations and appointments every day.
  • It helps increase your revenue and expand your clinic in a new direction.
  • Your practice grows to new levels.


To-Do Checklist on SEO for Doctors


 1. Create a mobile-friendly practice website



The first step should be marking a robust online presence with your mobile-friendly practice website and launching it on the internet. That’s the beginning to laid down the strong foundation for website SEO.

You need to include different pages on your website like contact us page, about us, CTA buttons (call to action) and some relevant articles. Your website should have full information like name, address and phone number (NAP) along with reviews of satisfied customers to bring authenticity to the site.

Most importantly, you should include your contact details in the website’s universal footer as this is the first place that Google or other search engine crawls for site reference.


 2. Create your Google My Business (GMB) Profile



Another critical factor that tops our list on SEO for doctors is creating a Google My Business (GMB) profile. For physicians, it’s as essential as creating a website or opening up the practice.

Moreover, Google also prefers to rank these profiles on top of search engines. It has complete details about your practice like clinic name, Google reviews, location, address, operating hours and website details. You should check and verify all the information before launching it on the GMB profile. Of course, you would never want patients to land on an incorrect address.

It’s also great to be on GMB because your medical practice name will be flashing on the maps as a suggestion nearby. That’s another surprising factor you observe once you take the well-optimized SEO services for doctors.


 3. Genuine online reviews double your traffic


Trust SEO firms with a plethora of reviews & testimonials


Reviews build trust amongst your patients and enhance your clinic’s portfolio. While strategizing the SEO for a medical website, you must consider this point as a topmost priority. You can add reviews from previous patients and testimonies to build your strong online presence and enhance the credibility.

While indexing Google strongly recommends the websites with reviews on their websites. You would never want your website to be laid behind just because of the review factor.


 4. Create your social media profile


Social Media Goals


Not taking social media seriously will debar you from millions of potential web traffic. Create your Facebook and add your website name, which will help you explore a new world of traffic.

You might have observed several times while searching for a name; the relevant Facebook profile page appears on the top of the search result. That’s the magic of Facebook; it has an ultimate hold on search ranking. Ignoring it might become a reason for losing traffic.


 5. Keyword research is the backbone of SEO for doctors


Why Keyword Research Is Important In SEO


Keyword optimization on your website and blogs brings you most of the organic traffic. You should research the keywords relevant to your practice to get the top ranking on the search engine.

You can use several paid or free tools to research the keywords. One of the most effective ways to do this is Google keyword suggestions – type the focus keyword you want to search for and get the related keywords at the bottom of the Google search results.

Another essential factor to consider in SEO for physicians’ websites is using the LSI keyword (Latent Symantec Indexing). Various online tools offer their services to get the LSI keyword for the focus topic. These are the keyword that people search for surrounding the topic.


For example, for a focus keyword butt lift, the LSI keywords can be “lower buttock lift surgery,” “cheap buttock lift surgery,” etc. Also, for a focus keyword doctor, the LSI keywords can be “eye doctor near me,” “doctors near me,” “orthopedic doctor near me,” “ENT doctor near me,” etc.


 6. Include videos, photos, and Infographics in your website


When you land on any website and see relevant videos, photos and infographics, how do you feel? Great indeed! That’s the experience you should offer to your audiences. After all, impressing visitors means impressing Google crawler.

Adding videos has another essential role; it engages audiences, increases the on-page time, which is a critical ranking factor for Google. The leading SEO services USA considers videos and infographics as a great way to rank your website and increase the traffic to multiple folds.


 7. Keep posting rich and informative content



There is no alternative to the content, and it will always dominate search engine marketing. This statement also holds true on SEO for doctors to bring patients to the medical website. But why a patient in pain will look Google. Indeed, to get the answers to the problems he is facing.

Google and other search engines are encyclopediae to get the knowledge you want. Use this great feature to get the traffic to your website. You should keep posting content to your website and keep it fresh as per the search engine standards. The information you are providing through blogs and articles must add value to people’s life.


While creating content, follow the below aspects.

  • Add focus keyword in meta title, H1 and meta description. These are the lines that your visitors will first look at before clicking your content.
  • Your meta title should be 60-65 characters long, and meta description length should be 100-150 characters.
  • End the content with a strong call to action to convince the patient to take your services.
  • Add backlinks to the authority sites.
  • Have a FAQ section below the content to clarify most doubts of the visitors.
  • Keep adding fresh content with trending topics for audience engagement.


 8. Verify the impact of SEO through Google Analytics


Results verification is also essential to measure your SEO for doctors strategy. For that, you can install Google Analytics, which informs that your medical SEO campaign is performing well. Here are the results that you can map through Google Analytics:


  • The total number of visitors on your website.
  • Source of website visitors. Whether it’s organic, came from paid campaigning or social media campaigns.
  • The pages that are performing well on the search engine.
  • The pages with the highest drop-out rate.
  • And much more.


Hire the SEO specialists to rank your practice website


These are the golden steps and to-do checklist for your medical SEO search result success. Optimizing the website is an ongoing journey and requires patience to see some practical results. The process might take six months to one year to bring returns on your investment. Hiring the local SEO services USA might be a perfect answer to your search results need. The experts in SEO firm USA will take care of all the processes, allowing you to focus on curing your patients.