Plumbers Marketing | Strategies To Grow Plumbing Business


The expansion of the coronavirus outbreak’s so-called exponential curve has put a stop to almost every business’ growth. Luckily, the plumbing business has witnessed phenomenal growth due to the increase in home improvement projects. People who were avoiding plumbing maintenance at home now don’t have an option to run away to the office. Also, the usage of plumbing services at home has been increased as people are isolating and staying at home due to lockdown in major parts of the USA. Therefore, this time brings many opportunities for plumbers to grow their business.

Here in this article, we will list out some of the all-time favorite plumber marketing strategies and latest trends that plumbers must practice to drive their business.


Traditional Plumber Marketing Strategies That Always Work:


Traditional Plumber Marketing Strategies That Always Work


  1. Billboard Ads
  2. Business Cards
  3. Newspaper advertisement
  4. Radio advertisements

Let’s checkout each of the given approaches one-by-one to analyze them better.


1. Billboard Ads


It is the most efficient tried and tested technique that is working for the plumbing profession for a long time now. With this traditional form of advertising, plumbers can reach a wider audience and make their first impression via billboard advertising on roads and city areas at a minimal cost of 300 USD (starting price depending on the size of the billboard). This form of advertising is cheap but doesn’t guarantee more clients as it is difficult for people to remember a business which they saw while driving or while walking on the street. Even if they remember your advertisement, the chances for capturing your contact details are quite less.


2. Business Cards




In the age of mobile devices, business cards might seem like an odd option to share your professional information but trust us. This method leaves an impression more than in other ways. It shows your professionalism and that your business is open to having new clients. Your potential customers will keep your cards at home and use them whenever they require your services. A business card is a cost-effective method of brand visibility if used correctly. Share your business cards only with the people who can be your future clients. Get customizable business cards for your plumbing business today.


3.  Newspaper Advertisements


To advertise the availability of your plumbing business locally, you can use colorful paper inserts and spread them with the newspapers. You can share all the relevant information of your business, your services and contact details so that each person living nearby your society can know about your business. This method of marketing is cost-effective, and also guarantees the popularity of your business in that limited area.


4.  Radio Advertisements


Old but effective. Radio advertisement is basically a 30 sec commercial that communicates the facilities your plumbing business provides to the customers, making a one-on-one relationship with them leaving an impression on their mind.

Now. that we have understood how the traditional ways can get more plumbing work, let’s check out how advancements in technology and the latest trends can benefit your plumbing business with online marketing.


Modern Plumber Marketing Strategies: Must For Plumbers



  1. SEO for Plumbers
  2. Increase referrals and reviews
  3. Optimize website
  4. Master local SEO
  5. Google Local Services ads
  6. Invest in a smart email marketing strategy
  7. Informative Blogs about plumbing
  8. Social Media Marketing

Below, we have explained these strategies one-by-one so you can implement them and reap their benefits in your plumbing business.


 1.  SEO for Plumbers


In the United States, whenever people need a plumber, 97 percent people search for plumber services online whereas the rest of the 3 percent find them in yellow pages or believe in offline referral. Plumbers can easily attract that 97% of the audience by strengthening their online presence with SEO Services.

The parameters you must take into consideration while working on Search Engine Optimization for your website are-

  • Secured and Responsive Websites
  • Schema markup
  • Webpage content quality
  • Page speed
  • Social signals
  • Quality backlinks
  • Optimized images


 2.  Increase referrals and reviews


Referrals are an amazing way to build trust among your customers and the credibility of your website. It is equally efficient as word-of-mouth. Luckily, today we have various online platforms to get referrals like Google reviews, Facebook, Yelp, and Nextdoor. These websites help you build a strong relationship with your customers.

According to a source, Around 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and 90 percent of consumers say that their purchases are influenced by online reviews.

If you want to get reviews for your service, be open for feedback. Send a feedback link of Google reviews via email or SMS once your service has been served.


 3. Optimize website


Users visit a website for a few reasons; either they want some information or they want to avail of your services. Get a website structure that entices your users with frictionless navigation. It must be responsive with a fast loading speed. After having a strong SEO for plumbers, you must look at the technical factors that affect the performance of your website and look at the website from a buyer’s perspective.

A fully-functional website must have an impressive call to action buttons and forms where your prospective customers can drop their queries and get in touch with you.


 4.  Master local SEO


Local SEO for plumbers helps in promoting your business within your area locally. So, the audience that stays in your area are familiar with your work and can connect with you instantly.

NAP citations – This is to make sure that your Name, Address and Phone number is EXACTLY the same across all the online platforms that you are using to promote your business including your website, social channels, and Google My Business listing etc.

Local directory listings – Local directories like Yelp, Superpages, Foursquare, Yellowpages, etc. are a great place to get new customers on your website.

Localized website content – Add specific pages related to areas nearby your location where you can provide your services and add geo-locations to optimize your website to attract local traffic.

Schema markup – Another technical concept is schema markup. Ask your web designer to add it to your website to give exact information of your location to Google.


 5.  Google Local Services ads


You must have seen these types of ads in your browser. Ever wondered how they come on top of the search results?

These are local paid ads which work on a different mechanism. Unlike Google SERPs, these are paid ads which are reflected on the basis of the search, nearby location etc.


 6.  Invest in a smart email marketing strategy


Retain your customers by maintaining a strong relationship with them. Share timely emails to your prospective clients and bring them down the sales funnel.


 7.  Informative Blogs about plumbing


Share your knowledge with your audience. This way you will get their trust and also search engines will be able to analyze your grasp of the subject. Blogs are the best way to work on keywords that belong to you, your services and help you rank higher in the searches. A plumber’s work revolves around a few basic issues like Dripping faucets, Slow draining sink, clogged drain, clogged toilet, low water pressure, etc., so you can help your audience with the necessary direction they must consider to deal with these situations. You can also write blogs on topics which are asked most by your customers.


 8.  Social Media Marketing


If sufficient time and resources are invested, social media can be a great source to get more leads and drive business. Social media allows you to interact with your customers, showcase your services, and share the essential contact information with your potential clients absolutely free. If you want to target the audience of a particular geographic location, you can even run paid campaigns specific to that audience.

In the Nutshell:

A combination of both the traditional as well as modern techniques like SEO for plumbers as mentioned above will help plumbers to stand out in this competitive business. These foolproof marketing strategies will revolutionize your business and take it to new prospects.