Covid-19 has obstructed the continuous flow of business operations that were taking place in BC (Before Corona) times. Businesses are retreating back where they should be taking a leap forward, effectuating strong SEO services to grow in a currently “less” competitive market and attract a wider audience online.

Undeniably, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of an individual or a company in ways more than one. This is the first time in history when people are forced to restrict themselves from any unnecessary human interaction and the only option given to them is to engage with the digital content, explore what’s best for them via online search and then take the necessary actions.

Doesn’t that sound like an opportunity for a small business to enhance their online visibility? Doesn’t this statement indicate the rising need of SEO Services for Small businesses?


According to Skyword, Despite the global pandemic, Q1 search traffic per article remains higher (+41 percent) year over year across business segments. However, B2C brands (+48 percent) experienced a more notable surge in page views than B2B brands (+27 percent).


Facts to depict the rising demand of SEO Services during Covid-19 


According to a reliable source, consumers have increased their interaction on online search engines during the COVID outbreak, but, unfortunately, businesses have taken a step back and only a few businesses continue to invest in online marketing.


Why do SEO services matter during COVID-19?


Despite a stagnant growth in search traffic, many facts stand up to indicate the importance of quality SEO services for small businesses during this time.


Fact #1:  COVID-19 Trend Is Just A Phase


It may feel like it’s been forever, and yes, coronavirus may have long-term repercussions, but the fact remains, it’s not gonna stay forever; neither in our lives nor in Google searches.

With each passing day, netizens are starting to get back to their normal lives. Of course, there are difficulties for everyone to get back on track but everyone is putting an effort. Customers have started searching their evergreen questions.


Since the digital marketing industry is all about numbers, it’s important to note that ‘Coronavirus’ dropped down to the 12th position overall in Google searchings and films, weather, news, and entertainment comes on the forefront again, depicting ‘This time will also pass’.


Fact #2: Customers Want To Hear From You


Facebook Points


This time is upsetting for businesses and more for customers who rely on those businesses. It will give them the courage to hear motivational words from their favorite brands, get a sneak peek of something more cherishing, and hear about happy things happening around them. Brands can also utilize their time in interacting with their customers and potential customers and build marketing strategies for the future.


Fact #3: Evergreen content is still the key


Evergreen Content Skills


You must write about trending topics related to your business to appear on Google. But, generally, it happens that leading brands or high authority websites dominate your rankings by posting on the trending topic. Whereas, when you write evergreen content it stays beneficial for your business and drives results longer than you can imagine.


Fact #4: SEO services during this time, assures quality leads


SEO services that drive bad traffic to your website don’t favor your business in increasing sales. During this time, with effective SEO campaigns, you will get qualified leads only from the potential customers who need your product or services. Now is the right time to practice SEO, get a higher ranking, more potential customers, and less competition to compete with.


Fact #5: Gains from SEO services are long-term


Strong SEO services don’t show results overnight. It happens gradually and gives results in the long-term. Some SEO techniques might boost your presence instantly but that comes down eventually and doesn’t reap many benefits. This is the best time to strengthen your website visibility and rank higher in SERPs by investing proper time in analyzing your audience’s needs and implementing a good SEO strategy for your business.


Fact #6:  Search is going to become more tricky


Many websites are getting low search traffic, but the overall search traffic to the search engines continues to increase. People are not searching for different things via different search platforms. The increasing deviation towards AR/VR platforms has skyrocketed during COVID times. So, now we have to try something completely different and highly competitive to stand higher on the searchings of the customers.


SEO Services for Small Business During COVID-19


By this time, you must have clearly understood the need to continue SEO practices and to give a kick start to new strategies to prepare for the surge back. Here are a few SEO techniques you might want to consider during these times.


  1. Create and stockpile high-quality, evergreen blog posts
  2. Update already-published content
  3. Target both coronavirus-related search terms and unrelated search terms
  4. Expand your reach with Local listings
  5. Create or update your Google My Business listing.
  6. Get featured in a local media article with a backlink to your site


Now, let’s check out each technique one-by-one to get a better understanding.


1. Create and stockpile high-quality, evergreen blog posts


Create rich content for your website that’s informative and engaging and keep a stock of such evergreen blog posts for the future. This stock of content will act on the front when the search related to your business area will increase on Google.


2. Update already-published content


It’s now or never. Earlier, when things were moving continuously, we didn’t get enough time to analyze the performance of what’s already being published on the website. We prioritize publishing new content daily. However, we know that old content impacts the performance of your website. Investigate which content is performing well and which is not. You can choose to remove the content which is not performing for quite some time or you can republish it with modifications.


3. Target both coronavirus-related search terms and unrelated search terms


As already said earlier, it is important to write on trending topics to get higher rankings but trendy topics don’t work for you in the long run. Utilize this time in writing about every topic around your niche which can be useful for your potential customers. It can be coronavirus-related search terms or just about your niche, both of them play a different role in content marketing.


4. Expand your reach with Local listings


If you wish to get more customers locally, strengthen your presence online with local listings by best SEO agency. Create a structured business listing for your company in online directories so that the potential customers near your area can easily reach you.


5. Create or update your Google My Business listing



Create a Google My Business Listing account if you haven’t created it yet. With Google My Business Listing profile your potential customers can see your engaging business profile on top whenever they search you. They can even get every necessary information like Name, Address, Phone number, Opening Hours, etc., in a single place. Your customers can also provide feedback and reviews for your services which will add more credibility to your business.


6. Get featured in a local media article with a backlink to your site


Generate quality backlinks for your website by getting featured in an article published on a website with greater domain authority and page authority. This will help you to attract more traffic on your website.




The facts stated above bring to the much-needed conclusion that whatever the situation is, the digital era continues to grow during the time of coronavirus. If you want your business to survive the wave of bad times, it’s better to stay competitive with strong SEO services and reach your customers by multiplying your efforts a thousand folds.