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SEO VS PPC: Battle of Organic & Paid Marketing for Online Business


When you are launching a new website or a campaign, you make sure that you can obtain the traffic and generate measurable conversions. To get more leads and traffic: SEO vs PPC which one must you select? If you’re doing business in your local area, you should choose local SEO services to do a good business attractively.


SEO Returns: While Applying Latest SEO Techniques, What Will You Get In The Returns?

PPC Returns: Getting Quality Leads, While Using The PPC Methods



Pros of SEO : What Benefits Can You Obtain For Your Business?


Cons of SEO: What things you should avoid, while doing SEO?

Pros of PPC: PPC Is The Fastest Way To Generate Quality Leads

PPC is really a quite different thing from SEO. Its main advantage is guaranteed traffic. Most users will eager to click on the ads because they tend to purchase a service or product. If you use a right keyword in your advertisement, you can expect a good gain margin fairly. PPC gives immediate results.


Cons of PPC: What Things Should Ignore, While Running PPC Campaigns?



Which Battle Must You Fight?

This battle is between time vs. money. If you have the capital and don’t want to invest the time, PPC is the right option if you have the time and small budget of capital, SEO can work well. If you want sustainability and passive income, you should start fight with SEO. Apart from this, if you own a local business, you should choose the method as per your needs and time. In addition, you can take help from SEO professionals to do the right things for the business.



You can choose both PPC and SEO with different objectives. SEO needs time, promotion, and persistence, on other hand PPC needs a good budget strategy and greater open rates. You can become more successful overnight with PPC,  as long as the money continues to invest. You cannot do anything wrong with PPC or SEO, what you select mainly depends on your requirements and available resources. Any method does not work 100% of the time.

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