Absolute Guide to SEO in 2020

SEO in 2020: Comprehensive Guide On It That Aids To Wing Your Business

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We are going to dig into 2020 which means New Year, new challenges and, of course, new opportunities. Now you are thinking that 2020 is a month away, why we are preparing for SEO in 2020 from now. Let’s see there is no doubt that competition in the field of digital marketing is increasing with each passing day and thousands of websites are launching every day. You have to be prepared for anticipating challenges that come in your way and hamper your website rank.

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Wait! The real purpose of search engine optimization is not going to change. It is still the same just to make the website appealing to search engines. What is going to change in 2020, the way you need to tackle high competition and bring your website on top position in search engine result pages! Now you would get the details of expected SEO trends for 2020.

If you don’t want to miss the boat, then be prepared to match the upcoming SEO trends in 2020. There are approximately more than thousands of changes that are made by a search engine like Google every year. Adjusting and adapting those changes to your website is not easy at all. Firstly, you want to be up-to-date on what the recent changes are made by the search engines and also be flexible to adapt to those changes.

To match the pace of upcoming competition in digital marketing, here are some expected SEO trends for 2020 that would help your website to get high rank and grow your overall business. Let’s dig into those trends and know-how would they help to uplift your business in 2020.

Secure Website Is Essential for SEO In 2020

For an online business, a website is much important. A website is a fundamental component that represents your online presence. It is the place where all the magic happens. It is the medium between you and your customers. If you want to rock your online business, then you can’t afford to compromise with your website. A website plays a vital role in the search ranking as well. The search engine gives preference to the websites that are secure, well-structured and build with the latest technology. The most important factor of a website is that your website should be secure.

Website Security

Yes, in 2020, much attention would be paid to the secure website and also the preference of search engines would be given to this kind of website. It is a very crucial factor of a website that would help a business to thrive. Now, users are smarter than ever. They only log in to the website that is secure. In 2020, this trend is going to increase. So, be prepared for this change and do all the possible efforts to make your website safe and secure.

Let’s See What Website Security Features Are: –

  • File change monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Malware and hack removal
  • Malware scan
  • Site seal
  • Content delivery network

Why Website Security Is Must For SEO in 2020?

When customers visit a website, then their various personal and secret data is shared with the website such as bank credentials, credit card details, social security passwords, and other security numbers. All the sensitive data is captured by the website. That’s why the chance of secure websites getting top ranking is higher.

install SSL certificate

In addition, users and search engines would give preferences to those websites only. If your website is not secure, then let’s do all the necessary changes before 2020 on your website to make it secure. A secure website would generate high business for you because it has a greater chance to come on high rank in the search engine result page and driving huge traffic.

Tips To Guard Your Websites : –

Doesn’t have any idea how to secure your website? In yes is your answer, then know the essential steps you need to perform to make your website secure. These tips would be helpful for those also who have a secure website because when you are doing good, some people would try to degrade you. It might be a chance that some hackers target your website to slow down your business or reducing your web ranking.

It is estimated that more than 150,000 small business websites are not secure and infected with malware. Let’s have the look at the tips that would aid to protect the website from infectious files, hackers and other malware.

Install SSL To Your Website for Better SEO in 2020: –

SSL stands for secure socket layer. It is highly important for a website for security reasons. It is a vital factor that helps a website to get a high rank. When SSL is installed on your site, then a green padlock would be shown in the URL of your website. It aids to keep sensitive information secure while sending over the information over the internet. In this, encryption technique is used and data is encrypted due to security purposes.

SSL certificate

If a website has a small green padlock icon on the left of its URL, then it means this site creates a secure connection between the user’s web Brower & web server. It is ideal for transferring personal and secret information such as transactions and credit card details, personal information & others. It provides the surety to the customers to visit the website and stay for long without any fear of hacking their personal details.

A Regular Software Update Is Essential for Incredible SEO In 2020: –

The regular software update is a must for your website if you want to always to the top player of your game. Software update leaves the less chance for the hackers to hack your website. Hackers search for the website that has some lapse in their software. If they would some gap in your website, then the chance of hacking your website would be more. So, for security reasons as well as the smooth functioning of your website, the update is essential. It is another important factor that contributes to making your website secure.

Take Backup On The Regular Interval: –

Always have another way to keep you safe at the time of trouble. Taking backup on a regular basis is very essential for any website. In case of any kind of mishappening, if you would have a backup, then you would be secure. If your website is hacked and nothing is working to prevent your website from the hacking, then the most recent backup taken by you would help only. That’s why it is a very significant step that is essential for all the websites’ owners.

Backup Restore

One more important thing is that you should take both on-site & off-site backup. It helps even in the worse kind of attack. You would have the chance to properly recover if you would have both kinds of backup.

Web Application Firewall Is Must: –

It is a very crucial factor that helps a lot in the security reason. The web application firewall is used to monitor and filter Http traffic. It works to filter the traffic between the internet and web application. it is mainly used for providing the web application from cross-site-scripting, SQL injection, cross-site forgery, file inclusion and other harmful things that question the security of a web application.

Functionality Of The Web Application Firewall: –

This works by analyzing the Http requests of your website. It aids in filtering out the illegitimate traffic from legitimate visitors. WAF is used for inspecting both POST & GET requests.

Voice Search Going To Trend SEO In 2020: –

optimize content for Voice search

Another SEO trend in 2020 is surely going to the voice search. It is still in use but the chance of it to be used in 2020 is much higher. Most of the websites already prepared themselves to switch to the voice search. It is shown by the study that the website with a voice search facility gets the preference in the search engine result page. If you would include the voice search on your website, then the chance of your website to be on the top page would be high. It is one of the big things that is going to change the digital marketing pattern in 2020. Instead of typing the whole query in the Brower, people love to do use voice search.

Let’s see some examples that would make you understand how voice search would help in getting rank and how it would be more effective for SEO in 2020.

When you would search, “how a rocket launcher works”, then you would get results on the search engine page. If your website would have the answer to this question and another website has answered in the text form, then the search engine would bring your website on top position. It would give preference to the website that contains a voice search.

Voice Search Result Trends in 2020

Videos Would Still Be Impactful for SEO In 2020: –

For delivering the result and giving your digital marketing a perfect share, video content would play an effective role in the year 2020. Still is the powerful tool for digital marketing but in the year 2020, the scope of videos for an online business is expected to increase. For B2B or B2C, video content is ideal and it is hoped that it would be one of the most effective digital marketing trends in 2020.

Why Videos Are So Impactful Digital Marketing Strategies?

It is ideal because, in one video, there are several questions of the viewers’ answers. People prefer seeing videos because in less time they get more information about the product/services they are going to avail.

Videos are far more interesting than reading long content. Videos have the ability to grab the attention of the viewers and present your products/services in a fascinating manner.

The information that you get while spending your 8-10 mins in reading the text that you would get in hardly 2-3 mins in a video.

Digital Marketing Strategy

In addition, a businessman can make the customers see how his/her products look and how he/she render the service to the customer. Videos are more engaging than explaining your services and products in the text.

This is the best for attracting the customers and upsurge their interest in the products/services that businessmen offer.

It is the major reason that people love to see videos and they are adopting this trend. In the digital marketing field, it is a highly useful strategy if apply rightly would surely take the business to the next level. It helps in increasing the traffic on your website and converts that traffic into conversion.

Platforms Where One Can Upload The Video For Driving Traffic On The Website: –

There are lots of platforms you can use for uploading your videos. Let’s have a glance at the most effective platform that would really help to uplift your website ranking and elevate your business.

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Vimeo
  • Tik-Tok
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Personal website & others

Videos are the best that presents the content in a more entertaining, interactive and visual manner.

Interesting & Fabulous Facts Of Video Digital Marketing: –

It is estimated that approximately 7 or 8 billion videos are seen on Facebook every day that means a huge opportunity for your business to grow.

Another fact is that it is proofed via research that Instagram stories and video ads leave a great impact on the business. The sale of any business increases with videos. In addition, it impacts CTR and purchases. Videos ads on Instagram bring huge traffic on the website and help in improving the sale.

It is estimated that sponsored Instagram videos generate approximately three times more comments.

Out of the 10 videos, 9 videos are successful and effective work. This is a wonderful and effective digital marketing procedure.

Video marketing influences the customer buying decision, increasing the engagement of the consumers and overall enhance the overall sale. That means it serves the ultimate purpose of digital marketing i.e the sale. And, grows your business.

Ultimate Video Marketing Trends SEO In 2020 For Digital Advertisement: –

  1. Live Streaming

Live streaming is one of the most impactful ways of videos advertisement. It makes the viewers feel the real-time experience. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked-In and others support live video streaming. It is an ideal way to grow any business and make the customers feel more real experience. For a business or company, live videos are the best way to interact with their customers and promote products and services. In addition, this medium can be used for making announcements of the newly launched products/services, interviews, webinars, events, and others.

  1. Video Vlogging

Video Vlogging is the most famous video trend on YouTube especially. It is the ideal opportunity for businessmen or companies for bringing views to introduce their brand or closer the brand. It is the best approach to know the customers behind scenes of your team efforts, routines, and values.

On Vlogging, it outstanding approaches to showcase how you prepare for an event and how your team takes initiative and other details. It helps to connect the viewers and know the professional approach of a particular company. It helps in increasing the sale of a company.

  1. 360 Degree Videos

This kind of videos is highly helpful for the companies dealing in travel and event brands sectors. 360-degree videos are interactive, innovative and immersive. It is an incredible video marketing strategy that is beneficial for the business. It is expected that this trend would continue to grow in the year 2020 as well.

  1. Podcasts Of Videos

It is a radio program that is recorded on videos so that viewers can enjoy the view of the studio. This is a special video trend that is surely going to increase in 2020 as well. In addition, video podcasts are a wonderful way to connect with the audience and know them about your products/services more closely.

  1. Argument Reality Enhancement

Augment reality concept has been around for many years. This is a possibility that in the year 2020, it is going to enhance. It is a wonderful way to be included in video campaigns. It makes video campaigns more interactive and impressive.

Video Marketing

This is the information regarding how Videos would impact digital marketing in 2020. And, how videos would be an unavoidable part of search engine optimization and what is the chance of video marketing in the year 2020. So, after reading all the above information it can be said that video marketing would be an effective aspect in the coming year and it would surely be going to one of the high trends in the year 2020.

In addition, if video strategy applied correctly in the upcoming year and used well for the promotion of the business, then it would definitely take the business to the new heights. So, do the proper research on video marketing and be ready to be in the race of top digital marketers.

Emergence Of Artificial Intelligence: –

Like the other sectors, search engine optimization is not left with the influence of artificial intelligence. Additionally, it is considered that the future of SEO is determined by artificial intelligence. In the upcoming year, the impact can be seen. Let’s have the look at how improvement in artificial intelligence would impact the SEO. It is expected that with the natural language processing & deep leaning concept, artificial intelligence makes the search engines smarter. Also, AI helps to make the search engine more human-friendly.

AI would change the ranking factor as well by understanding the way users click on a particular query. It would consider all the factors such as favourite websites, location, search history, and others. It also changes the way a search engine gives ranking to any website. Now let’s see what needs to be done so that AI helps to enhance the rank of any website in search engine result page and give the wing to online digital marketing.

Optimization Of Visual Content For SEO In 2020 : –

In the upcoming time, video content should need to be organized and optimized in a very careful manner. From the content to the title to description to tags, length and other things in the video need to be put very carefully. Artificial intelligence emergence would surely be going to upgrade the level of digital marketing. So, now it has become extremely important to pay attention and optimizing your visual content because, with the help of AI, the search engine is going to be very good to analyze what a video is about.

Relevancy And Quality Content-Ranking Factor: –

With the aid of Artificial intelligence, it is now easy for Google to understand the context of website content in a better way. A new technology called AI would make the search engines smarter than ever. It would be easy for the search engines to estimate that if there any quality and relevant content on a website. Search engines like Google would give high rank to the websites that would be relevant to the customers. Artificial intelligence is going to be very helpful for the search engines and aids them to provide the relevant results to the users’ queries.

Now Careful With Link Binding: –

Artificial intelligence aids to help the search engines that the back-links on your website are relevant or not. It makes the search engines understand whether people are really clicking the links and read them. Before search engines are not that much upgraded and people for the promotion of their websites used the irrelevance link sometime. But now it’s time to change and you can’t continue with those old and irrelevant links if you want to be on the top of SERPs.

For every digital marketer, it is essential to have the attention of back-links. In the upcoming years, back-linking would be one of the most effective factors to get a high rank in search engine optimization. So, let’s have a close look at this part and be ready to thrive in your business in 2020. This is going to one of the most effective SEO strategies for your business in the year 2020 that would aid you to get the first position in SERPs.

SEO in 2020: Quality Of Content Matter More Than Ever: –

Have you planned anything for content marketing in 2020? If no is your answer, then let’s be very attentive. Content marketing is going to be a huge trend in 2020. If you are a digital marketer, then you would surely focus on the content of your website. It is really going to aid you and make your website on the top position on the search engine result page.

Social Media Sharing

People & search engines are smarter than ever. So, you need to take care of the quality of the content and need to avoid some serious mistakes in your content if you want to create some engaging and SEO friendly content. Here are some common mistakes mentions that are usually done by the people and result in the lower ranking of their website. Let’s be prepared for the year 2020 and have a look at mistakes and try to avoid all these mistakes in your content. It is sure that after avoiding these mistakes, your content looks interesting and engaging for the visitors that surely liked by search engines. Also, it would provide your website a high rank. For SEO in 2020, quality content is the most powerful & impactful factor.

Don’t Understand The Targeted Audience: –

Just think if you jump to a webpage that is not of your interest but written in the high language. Would you read that? Of course, not! No one has extra time to read the things that lie out of their area of interest. This is the common mistake done by most of the digital marketers. Just keep in mind that you have to compete with uncountable websites. So, you have to create relevant and specific content according to the demand of your audience and for that, you need to know what your targeted audience is.

Knowing the targeted audience first is essential before getting into content marketing. So, try to avoid this mistake if you want to rank high in the search engine result pages in 2020.

Not Leveraging Social Media: –

Most of the digital marketers underestimate social media and don’t take its benefit for their business. It is a great mistake for them in today’s time. So, use the social media platform in 2020 for uplifting your website’s reputation and popularity. So, don’t repeat this mistake again in 2020 and leverage social media and get more traffic on your website.

You can post the blogs, articles and others on social media to make the audience aware of what products/services you are offering and what’s new in your store. You need to post regularly on the social platform to be in touch with your audience. This is a simple yet very effective content marketing strategy that is very helpful but most people take it light that results in them in a low ranking.

Forget To Check Marketing Performance: –

Only posting the content on your website or social media is not enough. You need to check constantly that whether your content marketing is performing well or not. If not, then you have to check where you are getting wrong. This is another common mistake that people mostly do. If you want to be on the top of the game in 2020, then you don’t forget to recheck your performance.

Don’t Focus On The Quality Of The Content: –

The first and foremost thing to thrive in your business in 2020 is you have to post high-quality content on your website. No matter whether you have used the best SEO strategy and techniques you have used to bring your website on the top in 2020 until there is quality content. Search engines and visitors both require quality content. You can’t grow your online business without quality content. So, focus the most on it and be the king of digital marketing in 2020.

Lack Of Evergreen Content: –

The other common mistake made by people who run an online business is that they don’t create evergreen content. Evergreen content is the content that you put once in your website and relevant for the upcoming 4-5 years to the readers to read. So, Evergreen content is going to get a high preference in SEO in 2020.

Don’t Create Mobile-Friendly Content: –

There are so many websites which contents are accessible only on the desktops not on the mobile. So, don’t repeat this common mistake people do on your website if you want to win the race in your respective field in 2020. SEO in 2020 needs mobile-friendly content to get more visitors to your website. So, don’t ignore this effective strategy.

Lack Of Proper Keyword Research: –

Keyword Research

What people do mostly in content marketing is that they don’t put the right and relevant keyword s in their content. This factor reduces the ranking of their website in the search engine result pages. So, do a proper search and put the best & desirable keywords in your content.

Mobile Search for SEO In 2020: –

Mobile SEO

SEO in 2020 would be different than ever. It is expected that people would prefer mobile for search purposes. Almost everybody has mobile phones. So, be ready to make your website mobile-friendly. Check all the web pages and content on them are accessible for the users even on their mobile phones. If it is not there, then you are surely going to miss the huge traffic on your website. Just make all the possible changes in your website that are required for making it the best website that smoothly accessible on both desktop and mobile.

SEO in 2020: Automation Management Would Be On-Peak: –

Automation management is going to play a big role in SEO in 2020. It is another factor of importance. So, focus on this point as well if you want to get the first position in the SERPs.

Visual Search

Visual search is a technique that represents the image as an answer to the text-based query. It gives a clear understanding to users to their typed queries. SEO in 2020 is huge going to impact by this technique. Visual search is one of the latest techniques that is going to rock in 2020 and helps to provide the ranking to a website. So, take this factor also into consideration and be ready to thrive in the field of digital marketing in 2020.


All the above-suggested SEO in 2020 trends properly followed by you, then no one is going to stop you to succeed in your domain. Hope you enjoyed the read and would apply on your website too just to optimize the SEO of your website.