Digital Marketing is always one-step ahead that helps in growing business online with new tactics and tools. If you are in plumber business and finding trouble to generate traffic for your service then you can shift from your tactics to the new ones.

Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization) is used to target internet users in a specific geographical area who merely depends on the service online. One such service i.e. SEO for plumbers is used as a technique to reach the top rank in search engines so that customers can easily find plumbing service online.

Look At The Ways To Make Your Plumbing Business SEO Friendly In USA

homepage for plumber SEO

1.  Create Your Homepage For SEO For Plumber

The most tool for reaching a wide number of customers is by working on the homepage.  Here are some points on which you can work with.

  • Write blogs and articles for the website as much as you with keywords attached to it.
  • Make different pages for different services and make sure that all those pages are optimized.
  • Use your primary keyword in H1 i.e. your title of the homepage and other related keywords in H2 and H3. That is how Google will know about your page and services.
  • Add extra information related to your plumbing service in the footer.
  • A Meta description is one such technique to attract and sell your services.
  • Make sure you update your page regularly with fresh and informative content.

mobile friendly page

2.  Go Mobile Friendly Pages

As research has shown nowadays everyone doing their searching through mobile phones. That’s why your web pages must be mobile-friendly so you should find best SEO services in USA.

  • All smartphones are taking big screens down as the viewer finds it convenient to quickly search for things on mobile phones. Therefore make your plumbing service mobile-friendly and to check if your website is optimized for mobiles then you can check on Google Mobile Test.
  • According to various researches, 61% are likely to contact you if you have your business on the mobile phone.

Link The Internal Pages

3.  Link The Internal Pages

Link your internal website pages with the main navigation page. This gives surety that the main page is interlinked with secondary pages. To add more always include the location tab on your main page. The interlinking is important to ensure that the website SEO is working at a good level. This helps in keyword spread all over the website without mixing. Not to forget always take care that no keywords are used multiple times as it can lead to spam signals.

Keyword research

4.  Keyword Research Is The Key In The USA

With proper keyword research, any SEO campaign becomes effective. To start with, one can use Google keyword planner as a tool to see what are the best plumbing service related keywords. Another keyword finder can be which helps to generate more ideas and helps in acquiring monthly keyword volumes related to a specific keyword.

google my business page

5.  Google My Business For Local SEO

If you are offering services like plumbing and especially for a particular area or a city then it is important to have local SEO services. For example, one may search for “plumbers near me”, “plumbers phone number”, “plumbing services in USA”, etc. To come in search engines for these kinds of services then always have services in location (SiL).

Here is how you can set up your Google My Business account:

  • Go to Google My Business account and if you already have an account then claim existing business and if not then create a new business.
  • Click on the box “I deliver goods and services to my customers” if you offer your plumbing services at the customer’s home.
  • Choose the exact location on Google maps with the pin.
  • Choose a business category.
  • Fill other options such as your phone number, website, verify your listing, add photos, add a small description, etc.

6. Tools to optimize plumbing business

Making a website and not optimizing it is a mistake itself. To make sure your plumbing service is reaching everywhere then make your plumbing website feature on the top of the search engines with the help of SEM or SEO.

Here are some of the tools that can be used to optimize your website for a rank position.

  • MozbarSEO toolbar
  • Varvy’s SEO tool
  • Screaming frog
  • SEO report card
  • Keywords everywhere
  • Brightlocal’s search results checker, etc.

7. Scaling Activity and Reviews

It is important to clear your customer’s doubts and respect their reviews by answering all of them. Affordable SEO services will you build a optimizes website. Make sure you have page speed as this is where customers will choose to visit you. If you have weak loading then it is likely customers will go somewhere else. Some of the hindrances such as-  there should not be large files, non-optimized CSS, slow hosting, or Java Script. You have to focus on that to avoid such barriers.

Bonus tip – Push your Google reviews before any third-part apps indulge. Customers are more likely to see that page before any other page.