SEO For Dentist The Ultimate Guide To Dental SEO

SEO For Dentist : The Ultimate Guide To Dental SEO

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Gone are those days when we used to find the dentist’s contact number on Yellow Pages. Instead, now we Google it and boom, we get the multiple suggestions for the dentists around us.


If you are a dentist, it’s a need of an hour to have your dental service’s website. Get the best and affordable SEO services for Dentist for your dental clinic to optimize it for first-page visibility. And be ready to receive enormous organic traffic and leads. It’s that simple.


SEO might sound an alien word for those who were never introduced to digital marketing. Is SEO a new topic for you as well? Don’t worry. This ultimate guide covers all the insights about SEO services, how to rank your dental service’s website on search engines like Google, trending strategies to get more traffic, and so on. Now let’s dive into the facts.



What is SEO?


What is SEO


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is an ongoing process to improve your website’s ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. SEO services involve practicing the techniques to gain the top spot on search results to increase the visitors to your dental website.


Google is dominating the search engines. Most of the traffic, almost 75%, comes from Google’s organic search results. Google also offers you an option for paid search advertising. After availing these paid services, Google prefers your dental website on the top spot with “Ad” written in the bold. Besides, if you build trust with Google and visitors, gets successful in ranking your website within the search results, you will be attracting the high-quality & authenticated traffic, that too free of cost.


In simple words, to establish a successful dental office, you will need visitors. Availing the services from experienced SEO agency USA will ensure pre-qualified and high-quality visitors. That’s why the SEO strategy is known as the best way of promotion after word-of-mouth.


Moreover, your customers or prospects can see a clear picture of your clinic, like, opening hours, dental services you offer, costs, etc. Imagine these pieces of information about your dental clinic flashing on the first page, the first result, whenever someone enters “dentist near me.” That’s what SEO does.



SEO Ranking factors for Dental Website


SEO ranking factors for dental website


In order to rank high on Google or other search engine result page, you cannot ignore the SEO ranking factors. The SEO expert USA implement these factors to increase the website traffic to multiple folds. It also helps you in reaching the target customers who genuinely need your dental services. Here are they:



Informative, Fresh, and User-focused Content


Content undoubtedly is and will remain the king for SEO to bring serious traffic. To create a content strategy, you should know your customers and create customized content for them. Furthermore, merely creating content won’t solve the purpose; you should update it at regular intervals. Believe it or not, but Google loves fresh content, and it will reward you with first-page visibility if you do it regularly.



Website Load Time


Neither Google nor people like a slow-moving website. Instead, it should open in a second. While choosing for the SEO services, you must ask for a fast loading website. The sluggish website is the reason that most people quit the page without waiting for it to load. After all, visitors expect instant results, and that’s not bad at all.



Backlink Profile


Backlinks are the links that, once clicked, navigates the users to your websites. Most importantly, along with numbers, quality backlinks are essential to creating a trustworthy image in front of Google. If Google learns about your good backlink profile, it recommends your website to the users.



Mobile-friendly Navigation


With billions of mobile users worldwide, it becomes highly crucial to optimize your website for mobile. Not only mobile but tablet as well. Google loves such websites which work well on all types of devices.


You should keep these factors in your mind while choosing an SEO firm for your dental website. These points will help you get more leads by reaching out to authenticated users. Simply put, you will reach your target audiences, which are in genuine needs of dental services.



How to Strategize the SEO for a Dental Website?


SEO is not just a one-time strategy. It needs to be practiced regularly by implementing the latest techniques. We have mentioned a few of the tips below that most SEO expert USA applies to attract potential clients for your dental clinic.



1. Keyword Research


Keyword Research


Keyword research is a vital aspect to look for what people search for on Google. There is a particular set of phrases commonly typed by the people to look for dental services like  dental clinic, dental clinic near me, best dental clinic, etc.


Don’t worry! It’s not a wild guess game. Instead, you can use some handy keyword research tools widely used by SEO firm and agencies.


  • Google Ads Keyword Planner


It’s entirely free of charge keyword research tool. Google uses its algorithm to collect what users search to get their desired results. The keyword planner is Google’s product, which makes it trusted amongst the SEO agency USA.


  • Google Search Suggestions


The search suggestions of Google are the most underused yet powerful tool to get the keywords. Whenever you type a relevant word, Google slides down the keywords that people are searching for on the search engine.


  • Competitor Analysis


Competitor’s websites that are already ranking on search engine provides you an insight into the keywords generating the most traffic. You can analyze their website through the SEMRush tool, which also gives you other SEO data. You can subscribe to it at $99 per month.



2. On-Page SEO


On-Page SEO


On-page SEO for dentist is most important for dental SEO strategy. Search engines thoroughly analyze your webpages, and an on-page SEO leaves a remarkable impact to rank your website. You need to focus on these elements for a well-planned on-page SEO.


  • Keywords.
  • Unique and fresh content.
  • Title tags.
  • Site architecture & URL structure.
  • Meta descriptions.
  • Header tags.
  • Alt text or image descriptions.
  • Outbound or inbound links.


Besides, it would help if you implemented the following suggestions on your website so that Google gets to know the worth of your page, acknowledging it with preferred ranking.


  • Always include the supporting keywords into a single webpage to form a tight group of keywords. You can get supporting keywords at the bottom of the Google search results for a particular main keyword.
  • You must include the main keyword in the Meta Title (a blue link that you click on Google search). It adds relevance to your article. Make sure to make it attractive.
  • You must add the keyword in the page URL.
  • Every content has a target keyword; add it in the first 100 words of the article.



3. Off-Page SEO


Off-Page SEO


Off-page SEO considers the factors that are not within the approach of your website. Some off-page SEO strategies include backlink profile, social media dental SEO strategy, local business listing, infographics, etc.


To talk about backlinks, they are just like hyperlinks on other websites, which routes the users to your dental website. However, a mere number of backlinks doesn’t matter, but the quality of links, where they are coming from matter the most. In all, it tells Google about the authority of your dental website.


Being active on social media like Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, Yahoo! Local gives you an edge over the competitors. The focus should be to ensure that your dental office’s address, contact number, and other details should be consistent across all the social media handles.



What are the latest trends in SEO for dentist website?


In the current year, 2020 and beyond, you will see many developments in the SEO strategies. So, if you are running a dental clinic, you must implement these strategies into your website.



1. Mobile-first indexing


Mobile-first indexing


If your dental website is hard to navigate on a mobile phone, it could probably become a reason for your website to rank low. Google has officially announced to make mobile-first indexing a default for websites from September 2020. So, don’t lack behind, hire an SEO expert USA and get it done.



2. Voice search


Voice search


Voice search gives easy access to the search results. Users need not type the words, because now by speaking instructions, they get what they want from Google. iPhone’s Siri, Google’s voice command, and Amazon’s Alexa are some popular mediums to get the voice search. Due to the comfort, ease of use, it is emerging as an upcoming hot in the SEO services list of 2020.



The bottom Line


SEO demands patience, and it needs consistent effort to reach the desired goals. To expect the great results, you will have to use the tips and strategies as per this ultimate guide to dental SEO. However, you can take our affordable local SEO services to escape the time-consuming process to reach the goals faster. If you have any doubts or queries, please reach out to us and talk to our SEO experts.