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Writing content that is user friendly, appealing and yet optimized for search engines is one of the biggest challenges for any content writer.  To write content that fulfills both requirements simultaneously, you have to be smarter, and you have to write your content smartly. You can call this technique SEO Copywriting. 

If you are looking for a solution then there are lots of companies that are providing SEO copywriting services, and you can choose the best one for you. 

So, let’s find out some more interesting ways to improve SEO copywriting


What is SEO Copywriting?

To understand SEO copywriting, first of all, you should understand what SEO is? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is a method of optimizing the effectiveness of your content for the search engines. It helps you to rank higher in the search engine than other sites that target the same search terms.

Nowadays, Google started rolling out their updates very frequently, and it completely changed SEO copywriting.

If you want to create content that ranks on the search engine and is reader-friendly too, then you should be aware of Google’s Ranking Algorithm and its components.


Key Factor For the SEO Copywriting

If you are looking for SEO copywriting services then you should be aware of these key factors for SEO copywriting. 


Keyword Research

A process that we use to do the search popular search terms into search engines is known as Keyword Research. For SEO copywriting, Keyword Research is essential. 

In other words, we can say that SEO completely depends upon keyword research. Basically, Google associates certain keywords and phrases with your website.

So, it’s become important to find the list of keywords that are relevant to your site and create content structured accordingly. The traffic on your website depends upon the keyword, the relatable keyword increases the traffic.


Appropriate Way to Finds the Keywords

Next comes how to find the keywords that are related to you. Google Search Console can be a good choice for you. To explore it, you have to create an account, enter your website URL, and it will provide you with a complete list of keywords relevant to your site. 

Apart from the Google search console, there are multiple websites that you can use to do keyword research. 

If you will hire an SEO Copywriting Service, then they will do complete research for you and will provide you with a list of your business keywords.


Follow the User’s Search Intent

Nowadays, people use search engines to ask their queries. They enter their queries in the form of questions in the search engine, there are 4 types of search intent that can be used.

  • Informational intent: Such intent is useful when users want to find information for a specific topic. This information can be of anything like weather, educating children, etc.
  • Navigational intent: Such intent is useful when users want to find a specific website, and they enter the related term in a search engine.
  • Commercial intent:  User searches for something with the intent of buying something.
  • Transnational intent: This is the final


Write Content by Using Keywords

After getting a thorough list of keywords to incorporate into content, it’s time to research what you have to write.

Start with reading your competitors’ content. Enter your keyword into Google and see what comes up, and what they cover on any particular subject.

As an SEO copywriter, always remember to find out the unique way, your piece of content should always be better to your competitor in terms of information, presentation, personal experience or research. And yes, of course! You have to follow a different approach.


Prepare Landing Pages for Users

This is the final phase of keyword research, here you will create a landing page for your website. Your content should be written in a way that grabs the users attention who came to your page after searching a specific keyword. 


The navigation should be very clear, which allows the users to move frequently from one page to another. While doing the keyword research you will get the idea that what topic and the sub-topics you need to cover.


Content Research

At this point in time, you know what you are going to write and you have to do the search for the actual content or information. Do the complete research for the topic and find information, statistics, facts and other interesting facts that makes your content interesting and different from others. If you hire a good SEO copywriting service company then they will do complete research.


Format For SEO Content Writing

The writing process starts from here, and the thumb rule for the same is-

    • It should contain at least 500 words.
    • Break your content into small paragraphs with headings and subheadings. 
    • H1 Tag: Your titles should be H1 and they should contain the keywords.
    • Introduction: After the H1 tag you have to write an introduction, it must contain your keyword. It can be as long as multiple paragraphs and short as few lines.
  • Use of H2 & H3 Tags: Our whole content should be broken into H2 and the H3 tags, if necessary you can use H4 tags as well. 
  • Paragraph Length: The length of the paragraph should not be exceeded that 2.5 lines.
  • Call-to-Action: Conclude your content with an appropriate call-to-action. You can ask your readers to buy any product, service or facility you are providing on your website.
  • Keyword Density: The keyword density in the content should be 1% to 1.5%. It should not be less or more than that.


Use Images Vigorously

Do you feel that any article or blog without an image should be eye-catchy?  Probably not. Definitely, it should not be what you want to read with fun, is it?

Images play a drastic role to improve the readability of your blog and make it interesting. There are multiple websites that you can use and take images from them for free. You can use images in the middle of your content related to content.


Optimize and Publish your Content

The golden rule to writing the best content is to read it and edit it. It should be free from grammatical errors, structured correctly, and optimized for SEO. Now your content is ready to upload! 

Here are some points that you should consider before uploading your content:

  • Add the keyword in the image’s Alt Text. It helps to rank the image on a particular keyword. 
  • Add a Meta Description. This should be between 130 to 150 characters in length, eye-catching, interesting, and with a call to action..
  • Meta Title: If your title isn’t too long, the URL can be the title. But if your title contains more characters then you can make it a shorter form of your title.
  • Last but not least check all the details carefully and then upload.


A Good SEO copywriting service does things in a very professional manner and there are very few chances for errors, due to multiple cross-checks.


Summing Up:

Here we have discussed all SEO copywriting. It’s all about the research and making it different and more informative than the others. SEO copywriting service will do all the research for you according to your business and competitors.  If you are looking for the best SEO copywriting service company then you can connect with us. We are one of the best service providers that can help you with a complete solution to all your digital requirements.