What Is An SEO audit and How to Find SEO Mistakes?

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SEO audit

Performing a search engine optimization audit of your website is extremely important for countless reasons. Primarily, you can recognize problem areas that need enhancement and create an action strategy to correct them and secondly, a good SEO audit will keep your website up to date with the recent changes in the search marketing and on top of the competition. For this purpose, A SEO agency helps you a lot to complete the audit procedure. It also makes you more comfortable to understand it very well.

What Do You Understand By An SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a best and effective procedure for evaluating the search engine friendliness of a website in many areas. There are many tools that you can use to audit a website accurately, the best technique is to either perform the audit by following tips and tricks or hire an auditor to do the work for you. The auditor will review the site manually and come up with strong recommendations of what things will resolve and change so that the performance of the website in the search engines can upgrade.

Why It is Very Important For SEO To Audit Your Website On A Regular Basis?

Things change very hastily in the SEO industry and what is working today cannot work in the six months from now. Google, a leading search engine apparently makes hundreds of updates to their regular updates or changes or ranking algorithm per year and an optimization audit will assist you to stay in synch. It is extremely compulsory to perform regular SEO audits to ensure that your site is up to date with the latest updates.

How To Perform An SEO Audit Of Your Website?

Conducting a complete audit can be a difficult job, depending upon the size of the website. Here, we are going to share a few important steps with you.

Crawl Your Website-

Before auditing a new website, you need to start with a complete website crawl is an important step in understanding how search engines crawl your website. Basically, search engines will crawl your site to find out your website’s content. It involves guessing your internal linking networks and other components in your crawl framework. You can use free crawlers like screaming frog for small websites. A screaming frog will be capable to pull out key optimization features such as-

  • Internal links
  • Duplication
  • HTTP status codes
  • HTTPS vs. HTTP
  • Site errors

Check Google Search Console-

If you don’t GSC for your site, you must verify it. GSC is Google’s webmaster tools and an important place for you to communicate with Google. In GSC, you will be capable to monitor your website crawl errors, search traffic, and indexation status. Performing a complete review of GSC can assist to recognize any search engine optimization probabilities like-

  • Fixing crawl errors
  • Indexation and traffic trends
  • Trends in click-through-rates and keyword ranking
  • Mobile usability improvements
  • Site crawl rates
  • Duplicate content via HTML suggestions
  • Structured data Errors
  • Top external links to your website

Check Your Website’s Indexation

This is a very important step to review your website’s optimization procedure and performing an optimization audit. Understanding very well what pages of your website indexed are a basic part of the whole optimization process. Without indexing the correct pages, how can you rank for the right terms?

Check Your Page Speed

 Page speed is an important ranking factor for both desktop and mobile search. Page speed also gives heavily to user experience and conversion rates, therefore it is very important to pay attention too much. By the recent updates of Google, it has been found that the pages should load under three seconds for desktop and under one second for mobile.

 Review Your Website’s Backlinks

 Reviewing your website’s backlinks is an essential step in the complete audit process and can assist to identify the error links before they become an error. You will want to confirm you keep a clean and healthy backlink profile to ignore any opposing algorithmic or manual movements by search engines.  It may be more or less of a concern of your site depending on your optimization strategy and backlink strategies.

  • You can review backlinks in Different Ways-
  • Check exactly your website’s spam score in Moz’s link explorer
  • Review the links in the “websites linking to you” report in Google Search Console
  • Use SEMrush or ahref to do a backlink audit and classify any toxic backlinks

 Above all these steps are enough to perform the complete audit process for your website. Still, if you are troubling hardly regarding this term, First Rank SEO Services is a leading SEO company that helps you a lot to get complete guidance. SEO professionals are very knowledgeable to guide you properly for any inconvenience.