Developing the finest quality content is a powerful method to build a loyal as well as engaged audience that can facilitate you to attain your objectives, such as assisting to surge your business & brand, hovering awareness to a cause, or supporting folks.

The finest content comes in several shapes & forms like an exciting blog post, informative guide or an enjoyable questionnaire, and creating it takes determination, commitment, and being very much observant to what your audiences appreciate.

To give you a better and clear comprehending of which content of yours reverberates with your audiences, Google introduced Search Console Insights, which is formerly called as Google Webmaster Tool. This tool was launched in the year 2006 with an objective to facilitate so many website owners in designing and developing SEO-friendly websites.

It is an absolutely free service that is massively used by owners all across the globe to comprehend in attaining maximum search results and supervise various significant functions for your website.

Still, confused? Don’t worry, we are here to help you! Keep reading this blog post to understand how you can utilize the search console insights tool effectively and take full advantage of it.


How You Can Use Search Console Insights Tool Effectively

There are so many methods to access the Search Console Insights tool:

Search Console Insights

  • First, you need to choose ‘Search Console Insights’ from the top of Search Console’s Overview page.
  • Use this link to access it straight and save a bookmark immediately


How Can Search Console Insights Help You?

Google Search Console Insights tool can facilitate internet site owners, web bloggers, and other content creators to clearly comprehend their content’s performance. For example, it can give the answers to the below-stated queries:

  •  What are your viral pieces of content?
  • Which particular write-up refers users to your online site as well as content?
  • How do folks usually find your unique content across the web?
  • How are your fresh content write-ups performing?
  • What folks search for on Google before they find your write-up or web page content?


Advantages Of Search Console Insights Tool


Google Search Rankings

Absolutely Yes! This is what the console insights tool is mainly made for. It fundamentally tells you about the web page title, meta title, meta description, site links, site search option, URL, and other related things.

  • Enormously Appropriate Data Collection – This tool is specifically developed to gather and save important information & data about the internet site – nearly 10,000 pages in this section of Search Console. Right from having comprehensive graphs about the number of structured data elements found on the internet site to any following markup mistakes. Also, you can effortlessly download the error reports (in doc, excel, etc formats) for sharing or offline review.
  • HTML Improvisations – Through the Search Console Insights tool, you can easily access the complete data of how many of your landing pages display 404 errors. Because this tool gathers reports on errors revealed during its regular crawls of the internet site. Whereas general mistakes like missing title tags, identical titles are recognized and flagged, other errors are taken unadorned steps against.
  • Search Analytics – One of the most significant roles of the Search Console Insights tool is to deliver insights to perform excellently in the rankings as well as receive more organic traffic from the same. With improved CTRs (click-through rate), most linked domains, anchor texts, this console typically takes care of all-around search analytics in a single place.


Mobile Usability

In the year 2015 and the date 21st April, the most popular search engine Google avowed that mobile-friendly internet sites would be more chosen over non-mobile-friendly sites and also will be taken as an indication as a Google Search Ranking results. The several problems that could be recognized via the Search Console Insights tool are:

  • Small Font
  • Tap Targets too Close
  • Flash content
  • Content not Sized to Viewport
  • Viewport Not Font Configured
  • Fixed-Width Viewport


Google Index

From presenting exact insights about how many web/landing pages are comprised in the Google Indexing results as well as eliminating any unwanted URLs.

A butter-smooth and rapid look at it presents you an almost clear idea of the surge or decline in the indexed pages and facilitates you to comprehend precisely which chunk of the online site needs work.


Crawl And Fetch As Google

Search Console Insights tool is extremely helpful in searching errors during the crawling like 404, 500, etc., that are kept in distinct sections for the ease of troubleshooting them.

In addition to this, if you’re switching between so many interfaces like mobile cHTML, desktop, mobile XHTML, and mobile smartphone to have a crystal-clear idea about the look and feel of the same on several devices, this tool presents you previews of almost everything all at once.


Sitemaps And Site Messages

Sitemaps are accurately as they sound – maps to your internet site, supervising the Google bots throughout the same. Here and now, Google bots know the precise location of all the web/ landing pages. Here you can go through how many pages have been succumbed and how many pages are truly indexed.

Search Console Insights tool also alarms you of many vital messages such as crawling errors, security problems, etc., in terms of notifications.


The Final Words

In total, the Google Search Console Insights tool facilitates in stalking every little detail of your online site that can prove to be immensely vital for attaining the highest and excellent Google search rankings.