A Google penalty is an undesirable impact on your website’s search engine rankings depending upon on the updates to Google’s search algorithm.  Google is constantly purifying its algorithm to deliver better and relevant results. It’s predicted that Google changes its algorithm from time to time with a concentration on presenting top quality search results.  If your site is performing questionable SEO tactics, it is possible that you will be hit by a penalty. There are still few websites that are not able to stand against the latest updates and stay to lose the profits with their credibility. So, how do you recognize a Google Penalty? Does a Google Penalty hit you? If so, a professional SEO services agency recommend you the following tricks and tips to Google penalty recovery.


How To Recognize Google Penalty Difficulties?


Before you start to remove links or submit a disavow invitation in a furious state of panic, it is unbelievably important to understand the causes behind your loss of traffic. If you see huge traffic drops, you need to read Google algorithm updates post for a better understanding of what may have caused it. Obtaining hit by a Google penalty is really a serious matter as it stops you from converting more clients online.


What Are The Main Types Of Google Penalty?


At the core of search engine optimization, there are 2 types of Google penalties a website could be facing. Manual & algorithmic penalties. Manual penalties displayed when a Google employee makes a manual crawl of your site and discovers problems that conflict with Google’s best tactics. A particular indication that alerts Google triggers algorithmic penalties. Deciding which of these penalties is troubling your site to lose out in the keen search for online success is the first and important step to recovery.


Manual Penalty-


The best way to check if you have got a manual penalty is to open the search console. You will notice that you have got a manual penalty from a Google employee. From there it will be clear that why you obtained the penalty. And you will get essential steps on how to recover. Once you recognize the problems, it is very necessary that you take instructions to recover from the penalty, be it bad linking, spamming content or even a website back.


Algorithm Penalty: –


Sometimes, it is the case that you have no warning messages in your Google webmaster tools, but still, your traffic and rankings fell. The first and important thing to do is to check if any important algorithm updates occurred. For this purpose, you can use Mozcast or Algoroo. There are two main updates Google has completed in a few days ago-

Panda – Targeting websites with duplicate and low-quality content.

Penguin – Targeting websites with over-optimization of anchor texts.


How To Recover Your Website from Google Penalties?


When you have decided why a penalty has hit your website, the next step is to clean up your site. This procedure must not rush. So, you should take sufficient time to recognize fixes that follow Google’s best approaches.


Link Building-


If you experience that your site has obtained bad links either via unnatural linking or negative search engine optimization, you should perform a link clean up. We strongly suggest using websites such as Ahrefs, Majestic SEO and Search Console to amass a list of backlinks.




Obtained a list of backlinks you want to eliminate? Excellent, it is the right time to move on to the disallow procedure. You need to upload a disallow.txt file to search console, and you are informing Google that you do not want to crawl these links. When Google revisits your site and crawls your content, you will begin to observe a huge benefit from this activity. So, eliminating this link manually permits you to withdraw yourself with any spammy links.


Content Creation-


If you see a drop in the number of website visitors succeeding a content update or strategy change, you must estimate all on website content. The possibilities are that you have this material, over optimization content or probably duplicate content which is stopping you from ranking for particular keywords. Top quality, unique and error free is the best way to go continue.


Google Analytics Tracking: –


Google is rolling out latest updates, therefore failing to prepare fully could land you in the troubles. If you see a link on your website that is clear spammy and eliminates it.