What Are Reciprocal Links? Do They Good Or Bad For Website?


Great Search engine optimization of your website depends upon so many factors. It is not that easy to be visible on high rank in SERP. One of the factors that also related to your website SEO is Reciprocal linking. Do you know what are reciprocal links? If not, let’s have the detail of this important factor. Know do reciprocal links help or hurt your website search engine optimization?

What Are The Reciprocal Links?

When two websites provide complimentary products/services or a cover related topic, then they created a link with each other. They provide a reference to each other on their websites to provide additional benefits to their users. In this case, users have the chance to see the other website or know about more services/products. This type of linking is called reciprocal linking.

Let’s understand it with an example- When a site X has a link to site B and vice-versa, then these sites links are called reciprocal linked. Reciprocal linking is also called link swapping.

Sometimes two websites that don’t deal in the same field also reciprocal linked. Now you are thinking about how it would be beneficial for those sites? Let’s understand it with an example.

A company sells gifts linked to other company that sells chocolates. In this case, it may be a chance that a customer who is buying gifts for his/her loved ones can send chocolates along with gifts. He/she feels that chocolate would make his/her gift more exciting for the recipient. Also, the case can be vice versa when a customer of a chocolate selling company visits a gift company. That means reciprocal linking would be helpful for the companies. That’s why it is used even by those companies that don’t share a common field.

Reciprocal-Link Building

Do Reciprocal Links Help SEO? 

It is always good to play the same especially in the case of the business. If you want to generate more traffic and leads to your websites, then try to approach directly. That means, just create good quality & well-formatted content along with the relevant keywords and phrases. This kind of approach is liked by both visitors to your website and search engine. It is an ideal and direct way to provide your website recognition and good traffic.

Also, when you get more traffic into your site, it is a higher chance of a conversion. In case, you are thinking about reciprocal or backlinks to bring your website on top of the search result page. That is not a bad idea but it is an indirect way. It can be an aid to bring your website on the top of SERP when applied with other effective SEO factors.

Reciprocal links are not bad for any site only if they are linked with the authenticated website. Your website should be liked only to that site that provides your users with a good experience. These links are good when linked with appropriate and relevant websites. They indirectly help to optimize the SEO Services.

When Reciprocal Links Hurt SEO?

Reciprocal links are helpful only when linked to the site that has competent authority and ranking. Be careful, it may also hurt your website. When a site full of irrelevant links and also connects to the low-quality site, then it can reduce the ranking of your website as well. Your website authority can be down by exchanging linked with the poor-quality websites.

If you want reciprocal links with another website, then do the SEO-related research on that particular website. If that site has a good image in the market and authenticated, then establish the reciprocal linking with that.

Why reciprocal links are indirect SEO?

Let’s first think, why the SEO of any website is done? The answer is obvious, just to increase the sale of your products/services. And, earn the profit and grow the business. When the reciprocal link is used by two sites, then the main motive is to increase the sale. By reciprocal links, they get more sales. That’s why reciprocal links are indirect SEO. It helps to enhance the business.

What Does Google Say About these Links?

In modern times, Google said,” reciprocal links don’t matter anymore”. Also, most of the search engine optimizer doesn’t follow the reciprocal approach. They believe in the direct search engine optimization for getting high rank in SERP.

Important Points To Consider Before Link Exchanging?

Well, if you are thinking to exchange the links, then there are some very important points you need to rethink about them.

  1. Would this site be relevant for your users?
  2. Whether the site is secure & trusted one or not?
  3. How it would be beneficial for your customers?
  4. Could the external site increase traffic on your website?
  5. Is the external site share information that would be helpful for your particular niche?
  6. Check whether this website has a good ranking in the search engine result page or not?
  7. Would it offer the same products/service like yours or the complementary ones?

Conclusion: –

You can’t say completely that reciprocal links help your SEO or hurt. It is the fix of both of the factors. If linking is done rightly with full SEO-based research on the other organization, then it would be helpful. It would aid to enhance the ranking of your website on the search engine result page. And, it would also provider satisfactory reader experience on your website.

If reciprocal linking is not done correctly, then it would surely hurt the SEO of your website. It would bring you down in the ranking of SERP. So, the advice is for you that just do some deep research before the reciprocal linking of your website. So, don’t waste your efforts of bringing your website on high rank by taking a simply wrong decision. Be very careful while thinking about the reciprocal links.