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Rebranding Google My Business As Google Business Profile (Latest Update)

Google Business Profile

Is changing the name of a business becoming a trend? After Facebook, Google is also on the way to rebranding Google My business lately. 

Google is aware of the need and presence of online platforms and their utility for businesses. Most of the businesses interact with customers through Google search and Google maps. Therefore, if you are a business owner who owns a profile on GMB, this update is essential for you.


What is Google Business Profile?

Aforementioned, the search giant will soon rebrand Google My Business as Google Business Profile. In the same order, “Google My business web” will also be called as “Business Profile Manager.” 

Google Business Profile aims to allow businesses to manage their presence online across the Google platform. It creates a business listing based on the profile created by business owners. As you start a business profile on Google, you can access and edit all the information that appears on the listing. 


How Does Google Business Profile Work?

On Google Business, you can create a profile listed on google business list that interacts with Google search and googles maps online. 

To manage the listing, you only need to type your business name into a google search. As you enter, you will shift to the control panel to manage and edit the business profile. 

Here you can add photos and present a unique profile to customers. For better and accessible connectivity, you can add the address, direction, calling number, message facility, and website link to enhance the user reachability


Why Did Google Change Its Mind To Rebrand As Google Business Profile? 

The change of mind, as explained by Google, is to “keep things simple.”

Further, Matt Madrigal, VP/GM Merchant Shopping, said that the GMB app will retire entirely by 2022 so that users can experience and interact with the upgraded version of it. in the official announcement.

Not alone, the announcement comes with added features in the business profile. 

New features:


What Does It Bring For Local Seo?

As a local SEO, you have to learn more than just claiming your business profile. If you keep your profile updated, you can get more clicks, attract more local locations and lead to more purchases. 

Nonetheless, it is not all flexible as to outshine your google’s business profile, a set of guidelines has to be followed. Otherwise, your business profile may get suspended. 

We hope this update has helped you learn about the latest changes taking place in the global arena. For more, you can connect with us on our website. 

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