How to Obtain Top Ranking on Google? Do you want to know the secret formula to improve your website ranking in 2020? So, how will you achieve it? Every user works hard to rank their website on the top ten pages of Google SERP. Have you thought anytime? Why do some of them work hard and the rest of them become failed? Most of them do not obtain the fruits of their hard work. The easy logic behind this challenging job is that only a successful person knows what exactly they need to do and where they to put their efforts.

Most Effective & Successful Techniques To Boost Google Rankings of Your Website in 2020

Top-Quality Content- Quality Content to Rank Higher On Google: –

Everyone works hard to beat their competitors. They perform proper competitor analysis, do SEO appropriately, use powerful tools such as Google Analytics, search console, Yoast SEO, and keyword planner. But yet now, they fail to rank their site on the top ten pages of Google. Why does this happen, because they don’t post fresh and valuable content? They do not attempt to solve their audience question. They do not use powerful tools such as Quora .com, and, etc to know their audience difficulty.

Original, unique high-quality and updated content is the key factor to accomplish top ranking in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. During the beginning days of the Internet, website owners were unable to obtain top rankings because the competition very low and less content was available on the Internet. As a result, the user did not obtain a satisfactory answer to their query.

But in 2020, competition is very high. Over Four million blog posts are posted on the Internet regularly. Over 500 million tweets are done daily. Over 5 billion Google searches are conducted daily. So, Google is updating its algorithm constantly. Google rank any site based on different factors. Finally, content is a key factor to obtain ranking in Google.

Write SEO-Friendly Title – Increase CTR: –

The title of your document is normally the first introduce readers have to your posted task. So, you should choose a title that draws the attention, suitably describes the contents of your document and make users want to read further.

No Matter how high-quality content is, if you are not selecting a suitable title, your site will not rank well on the top of Google or any search engine.

Write SEO Friendly Meta Description To Improve CTR: –

A meta description is a summary of up to 155-160 characters in the length that depicts the content of a web page. When any user searches any keywords, the first and important thing they observe the title and Meta description of any web pages. If it is not attention-grabbing, they will move away to other web pages.

Internal Linking In SEO: –

Internal linking is an outstanding way to rank higher on Google. Internal links help to connect the content and give an idea to Google to structure aka interlinking within the main body text of pages. They can set up a hierarchy on your website, permitting you to provide the most important pages and posts. Hence using the correct internal linking strategy can improve your SEO.

Outbound Linking In SEO: –

Outbound linking helps to obtain ranking on Google, helps search engines to understand your niche and it can increase faith in your site and so your website ranking increases.

Ensure Your Website Can Load Fast: –

Website speed is a key factor for the usability of a site and search engine optimization. If your website does not load quickly, the user will leave your website. All of us know that nobody waits for a long time to see the web pages to load. So, Google values website speed as a ranking factor for its search rankings. As a consequence, Google will decrease your website ranking.

Mobile-Friendly Website To Lessen Bounce Rate: –

No Matter how unique, quality or valuable your content is, if your website is not mobile-friendly, it will not rank well on the top ten pages of Google.

Blogging Helps To Improve Google Ranking: –

Microblogging is the best platform for posting blogs regularly. It is a free domain and hosting, so every user can post on it. It is the second popular blogging platform after By adding high-quality content, it can solve your audience’s query.  You can link your website to the target keywords. Thus, you can build top quality backlinks for your website.

AMP Improves Google Rankings Quickly: –

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) will assist you to rank well in Google, and it boosts the user experience for mobile users on the slow internet connections. So, AMP plays a big role in boosting Google ranking quickly.

 Conclusion: – All the above-explained ideas are the most researched, practical and strongly suggested by our experts. They will help you to get higher rankings on Google in 2020.