6 Crucial Rank Tracking Mistakes & How To Resolve Them

Published by Sofia ,

Rank Tracking

Rank tracking is one of the most important tasks for every SEO expert. It becomes in the light; everyone is doing the rank tracking in the right way. Are you tracking your organic rankings correctly for desktop and mobile? Or could you be creating a critical mistake that is affecting your SEO services usa performance and rankings?

Let Us See Common Rank Tracking Mistakes And How To Fix Them.

1-Making Another Project To Monitor Competitor’s Positions-


You can track up nearly 300 competitors in the Serpstat’s rank tracker for similar phrases without spending extra limits on it. The mistake is that professionals do not use this function, but make a fresh project for every new competitor. Thereby, they spend limits and budget for every keyword on the project.


Making a project and exploring the capabilities of the tool. You can add the competitors when you set up your project firstly if it already exists, you can update it in the settings.

2- Not Tracking The Results Of Experiments And Changes On A Website-


This is a big mistake not to estimate the quality of your SEO efforts as it might be expensive but do not bring any consequences. With the tags in Rank tracking, you will be able to evaluate how have you done some changes on a website. It will be simple to discover whether traffic increased for your targeting keywords.


Allot tags for each change that you create on your site to monitor your results. You can perform it in the project’s settings.

3-Not Allocating Categories To Keywords On Rank Tracking


A small portion of Serpstat users monitor all keywords and it provides a little picture of website optimization. It means that they are not completely aware of how each category, product or service page is managing.


Never put the whole list of the keywords on the tracking, so choose the most interesting factors which will be important to track.

4-Not Tracking The Market Share For A Particular Keyword Category


Few SEO experts do not see the traffic share on the market among competitors in the certain categories.  They only observe average. Because of this, they attempt to complete on different keywords and lose a lot of time and money on it.


Make a separate tag for every category and discover the traffic share for one and all. Identifying this detail, you can create the correct optimization plan. Also, this graph can disclose which competitor is observing the success in this location, therefore you can study their strategy.

5- Not Configuring Landing Pages


In various projects, we observed that nearly 20% of landing pages appear misconfigured. We never think that it is because SEO professionals are untrained.


To check the landing pages for each keyword, you can track in SERPSTAT, after that you go to the landing pages’ feature. You will see the URL of the landing page that ranks for your target keyword. You can follow the link and better explore the page and searching for new ways to improve it.

6- Not Tracking the Phrase Storm-


Depending upon the internal data, few users do not know how to use this function and do not attempt to understand. They spend extra limits, money and time to observe the changes in the ranking with the help of history and competitor’s reports.


Use phrase storm in the SERPSTAT positions report and observe how the positions of the top-100 Google domains were varying for the chosen keyword. Ahref keyword research tool is also very helpful to find out the rankings of a particular keyword.