In today’s technical advanced epoch, you might have overheard about PBNs or private blog networks but you definitely might not be so sure about what they actually are or why they are so used. So, keep reading this blog post to find the answers to these questions.


What Is A Private Blog Network?

A PBN is a broad network of websites that are generally used to build links to a single online site for the objective of manipulating (or in simple words cheating) search engine rankings. This scheme is quite the same as a link wheel or link pyramid, as it includes numerous different internet sites all connecting to one another or to one dominant internet site.

Several years back, these kinds of schemes were generally used but in today’s time, PBNs are now considering an absolute black hat method and must be evaded at any cost, as they can direct to a huge loss in search rankings or even a manual forfeit. Private Blog Networks generally give diminutive to no long-lasting value to the internet sites they are connecting to.


What Do Private Blog Networks Mean for SEO?

A private blog network (PBN) uses a broad network of internet sites to build links to and make a fool the authority of a specific or dominant website. The links generated via this extraordinary moving exchange increase the dominant online site’s authority, enhancing the internet site’s ranking which is until they are seized by well-known search engine Google and punished for wrong methods, and all those search engine rankings.


How To Recognize And Find Private Blog Networks?

As search engines constantly making a more effective and detailed method to spot fake SEO (search engine optimization) practices, black hat SEO tacticians become more multiskilled, erudite, and futuristic.

It is very essential to do your coursework when interacting with other online sites and getting and giving backlinks. Use these below-mentioned guidelines just to consider if a website is a slice of a PBN:

  • Link Profile: In simple words, you can say that a link profile is the complete greasepaint of links directing to an online site or a page. An online site, or sites, with a similar backlink profile is a red flag.
  • Hosting: Internet sites, which all come from similar IP (Internet Protocol) might be cause for concern.
  • Internet Site Design: Upkeeping manifold internet sites is a whole heap of work, so internet sites, which do not show diversity or exceptional qualities might be copying the design, navigation, or color scheme.
  • No Fresh Stuff: No fresh external links, no fresh content, or merely a slight number of third-party links might show that the internet site is not reliable and is merely being used for fake or links. One more adverse symbol would be copied or cast-off content from blogs, articles, pictures, or even video cassettes.
  • Online Site Ownership: Closely see the WHOIS lookup tools as well as the database for contact data and ownership of the online sites to thoroughly check if the info is hidden or if all of the articles are linked.


It is extremely significant to make a good note that those who handle or run manifold internet sites and share links or content are not essentially joining in a PBN scheme. If any single online site is running self-regulating with decent reliable content, and shares links that give value as well as assistance— as they are envisioned to do — these practices must not be measured as injurious or destructive.

It is usually when links to inner pages are frequent in an inorganic fashion, or there are manifold links present in the footers, that the search engine optimization practices may be questionable.


How Can You Protect Your Site From Private Blog Networks?

In today’s time, no experienced SEO specialist will suggest private blog networks for building links or growing internet site traffic. Inappropriately, your internet site might be engaged in a PBN without your even knowing it, particularly if you are contracting out your link-building activities to a third party.

Purchasing links on online sites via other services might land your site in serious danger. And if anyone attempts to influence you to take part in a link exchange, then running away from there is the best option.

Protect Site From Private Blog Networks

Sturdy oversight of link-building methods is key. So, try to teach yourself on which best practices Google think and get a load off to be link schemes, and make sure that anyone accountable for building links to your online site is severely following these guidelines; any trustworthy link builder must agree to be clear as crystal about the links they are doing for you.

This will surely need some extra effort on your part, but always remember that just because you aren’t much alert of what actually goes on behind the door doesn’t mean you won’t be held accountable for the penalties.



Sometimes, you may feel very upset by rivals who pop up to be using spammy link-building methods like PBNs. In that case, you can report them via a web spam complaint without a second thought in your mind. But if you do not do this, always think that their black hat techniques will sooner or later catch up to them.

Even though your rival is depending on a Private Blog Network Service to acquire links, your organization can easily create highly vigorous link-building campaigns absolutely based on excellent and unmatched practices that have more staying power and also aren’t scowled much upon by search engines. Then, when your rival gets smashed and is lowered, deindexed, or otherwise punished, your online site will have the benefit.

At last but not least, private blog networks are a completely hazardous as well as offensive link-building tactic. A link must only be provided when it absolutely gives value to the user — anything to the conflicting might get the result in a smaller amount of visibility within SERPs (search engine result pages), or even a manual forfeit.

So, save yourself and your organization the pain of lost precious money, good resources, and valuable time, and try to emphasize outstanding link-building techniques that will surely get you results without the contention.