PPC Keyword Research: All That You Should Know

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ppc keyword research

As they say – “It’s all about winning a game”. And that sounds so true when it comes to search engine optimization, where winning a game is attracting traffic through reliable SEO services, generating leads, and increasing conversions – either through a solid PPC campaign or waiting for organic results. you need to know how can we search best PPC keyword research for our business.

In the end, what matters is, leads-sales-conversions, it doesn’t matter whether you have garnered the results from pay-per-click (PPC) ads or through organic rankings.

Here comes a shocking revelation that changes the game altogether. Do you know that almost 50% of the clicks fall on the top three search results, precisely the pay-per-click (PPC) ads, after whom comes the organic search results. The question arises if PPC campaigns are so effective then why to sit-back-relax and wait for showing up organically! Silly isn’t it? Well, that is not a cakewalk, rather, you need to strategize the right PPC keyword research to design the right PPC campaign. How! Let’s dig it down.


Tips To Find Best Keywords For PPC

Now you know that PPC campaigns are an excellent way to grab traffic, what comes next is having a complete understanding of keyword research to run successful PPC campaigns.



Leverage The Long-Tail Keywords

The long-tail keywords are the ones with 3 to 4 or more words in a phrase. If you have been working on your website for quite some time then you might be knowing the importance of long-tail keywords. It comes with several advantages like it focuses on the user search intent and helps in driving the relevant traffic.


Leverage The Long-Tail Keywords


Also, the long-tail keywords are less competitive as it doesn’t focus on broad search results, instead, they are more specific, hence comparatively fewer websites bet on them.

For example, a vast number of websites could be associated with the keyword SEO services. But, in comparison, the SEO services in the USA will have less competition which further narrows down for the keyword best SEO services agency in California, because it focuses on a specific group of users in a particular area in the USA.



Never Forget Targeting The Branded Keywords And Variations


Targeting the branded keywords (that includes your brand name) and their valuations is another proven strategy for PPC keyword research. However, that’s still one of the most ignored parts to find the best PPC keyword.

Even if you are ranking first for a specific keyword then also you should create a strategy to prevent the competition from claiming the first spot with their ads. You should never let your branded keyword be claimed by someone else and you must show up for that particular keyword for even the misspellings.

Having your keyword throughout the site and in your domain name as well, creates relevance and boost the website performance. Even the users who have mistakenly entered a misspelled keyword will most likely fall on your website if you have optimized your website for that keyword.



Watch Your Competitor’s Keyword Move


If your competitor is ranking well for a particular set of keywords, then it won’t be bad to watch out for those keywords and use them in your content. You can also use some automated tools like SpyFu to look for the keywords that your competitors are ranking for.

Watch Your Competitor’s Keyword Move

Once you learn that secret, get the content drafted around that particular keyword and make sure your copy delivers the best value to users as compared to the competitors.



Get Your Website Optimized For Voice Search


Voice Search is one of the most popular ways to search for a popular topic and people use this new technique on their laptop or mobile, both. All it requires is saying a word louder, instead of putting an effort to type and that’s it, you get what you have been looking for on the web.

Get Your Website Optimized For Voice Search

Additionally, Voice Search also facilitates the users to say a complete sentence rather than search for a particular one or two-word keyword. Now they can simply say – Where can I find a local SEO services agency around me, and whoosh they get a list of nearby local SEO services provides. Isn’t it a badass feature? Indeed it. Leverage it for your PPC campaigns and keyword research.



Strike A Right Balance Between Competition vs Search Volume


While researching for the right PPC keywords, a situation may arise where you need to choose between high search volume keywords and low competitive keywords. Both the scenarios have certain advantages and disadvantages. As the high search volume keywords allow you to reach more people, but at the same time, those keywords are highly competitive. Whereas the less competitive or intent-specific keywords are easy to rank, but it’s limited to specific groups of peoples.

The high search volume keywords are often shorter ones and they are harder to bid for a business. Some of the top websites are already commanding that particular keyword.

While the low search volume keywords are the long-tail keywords, which revolves around some specific search queries. That’s why they do not tend to drive huge traffic.

To conclude you must strike the right balance between both the keyword types considering the time factor and the ROI.



PPC Keyword Isn’t Working? Don’t Give Up


You might be trying to get the leads but failing and thinking that a particular PPC keyword isn’t working. But is something you shouldn’t worry about. There can be several reasons that make a particular keyword non-profitable. There might be some technical reasons due to which your website is not getting the clicks it deserves. Those reasons could be:

  • The budget constraint or it might be too low that’s impacting the reach.
  • There might be some frequency capping.
  • The search terms you are trying to rank for do not get enough traffic, in general.


If that’s the case with you as well then you must consider contacting the SEO services agency. You can get Our expert advice on using the right PPC strategy for successful PPC campaigns.



Get Help From Top SEO Services Agency To Maximize Your PPC Results

So, those were the six golden secrets that which we have been implementing to deliver award-winning results to our clients. If you have been struggling for a long time to get results, then you may also take our SEO services. So, take the services and achieve successful results like many others. We have top of the line SEO experts who will work with you to meet your expectations.