Power-Packed SEO Tips for Plastic Surgeons: Increase Traffic 4X with Plastic Surgery SEO

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Plastic surgery is a big industry attracting scores of potential patients every year and increasing by 10% YOY. To get this big chunk of industry share, you have to do something unique on search engines (Google) so that you can attract most of them to your plastic surgery clinic. And that’s known as the SEO for plastic surgeons, which enhances your visibility in organic search results, drives more traffic by 4X, and increases the conversion rate.


Well-managed SEO services for plastic surgeons will help you get found easily on the search engine result page. Moreover, you don’t have to put in too much effort to get the potential patients once you take the affordable local SEO services that best fit your needs. To help you kick start your journey to serve patients, this blog suggests some pro-tips for SEO of your plastic surgery clinic. Let’s first begin with the basics.


What is SEO for Plastic Surgeons?


SEO is a short form for Search Engine Optimization, a digital marketing strategy to optimize your website so that it ranks higher on search engines resulting in high visibility. SEO directly impacts and boosts traffic to your website as high visibility – higher clicks – higher footfall, and increased revenues.


SEO focuses on the target audience for a particular industry. When you are doing it to attract patients for plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, you call this strategy as SEO for plastic surgeons or any other relevant name.


Now, every SEO strategy is incomplete without relevant high volume keywords, and that’s absolutely true while optimizing the plastic surgery website. For instance, people looking for your services will search for “plastic surgeons near me”, “plastic surgeons in Florida”, “best facial plastic surgeon near me”, “best facelift surgeon in California,” etc. You can’t get into the search results if you haven’t optimized your website as per the relevant keywords.


Affordable Local SEO Services: Why Plastic Surgeons Should Never Ignore it?


Before moving forward towards telling you the SEO tips, firstly, you must know the top reasons for never ignoring it.


 1. No more Big & Bulky Yellow Pages


What you do when you want to search for the best coffee house in a non-native? You Google it. That’s what patients do to look out for the best plastic surgeon. There was a time when patients used to pick up the Yellow Pages and head-hunt to look for doctors or surgeons. But now it’s pretty simple, type the relevant keywords, and boom, you get the best search results. More than 90% of people use different search engines to grab relevant information.


2. Free Traffic from all over the world



Let’s face it; you never wanted to spend money on advertising your plastic surgery. That not bad indeed. The local SEO services offer you to enjoy lifetime free traffic by paying a few pennies (much less than advertising). However, SEO is an ongoing process, and it keeps changing with new trends. Hiring SEO experts will take care of changing trends and keep your website optimized as per the latest needs.


3. Quick results for plastic surgeons


Big companies might have to wait for six months to one year to get the desired results due to heavy competition. However, plastic surgeons have an advantage because of comparatively less competition in the local market. You have to target the local audiences until you have not opened up another clinic in another city. And probably, you might be the only one trying to get the SEO services for your website. Using the useful tips from this blog, you can reach a remarkable ranking on search engines and start attracting good traffic.


Best Approach for Plastic Surgery SEO Services – Tips & Tricks


1. Research for KEYWORDS relevant to your business



The first step in Search Engine Optimization is research for a keyword-relevant to the field of plastic surgery. Start preparing a list by brainstorming or surf the internet (use Google suggestions) or take the help of SEO experts. The keywords could be cosmetic surgery, facelift, Brow lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, etc. These are the keywords that your potential customers could search on the internet while searching for your services.


Besides, you can also create an account with Google AdWords. No!no! You don’t have to begin campaigning or posting an ad. Instead, once you access your newly created account, it gives you access to the keyword planner tool. You just need to enter a particular word; you get different suggestions (keywords) that gets good traffic. You can use them on your website and get it optimized for better search engine results. You can also hire affordable local SEO servicesto get rid of all these hassles. Instead, you start focusing on your plastic surgery practice.


2. Keyword OPTIMIZATION on Google My Business profile


After sufficient head-hunting for relevant keywords, now it’s time to optimize them on your website and Google My Business profile (create the one if you are not in GMB).  Let’s first focus on the GMB profile as one of the most underrated SEO strategies.


Google My Business is just like your mini-website or a virtual office, which appears under the Map section of your Google listing. Being a Google product, Google loves the websites on the GMB platform and prefers them to rank on its search engine. Make sure the following profile elements are accurate and complete.


  • Ensure that your profile is verified in the Google verification process. The tick mark in front of your plastic surgery office name approves that your profile is verified.
  • You must provide complete and accurate information regarding your business, like name, address, and phone number. Incomplete details negatively impact your overall credibility.
  • You must mention additional services that you provide besides plastic surgery like laser hair removal service, facelift services, etc. It will also assist you in SEO for plastic surgeons to rank for a vast range of services.
  • Add good quality office images, working hours, reviews of satisfied patients in your Google My Business profile. It dramatically enhances patient engagement and boosts your credibility.


3. Keywords Optimization on your plastic surgery website



Another impactful strategy that an affordable local SEO services expert uses – website keyword optimization. Your website represents your way of working, and hence it should be optimized in an excellent way, that it should rank up in the search results. Follow the action stated below to get a fully optimized website.


  • Add core pages on your website. These pages work as homepage and service support. You need to make sure to optimize them for the buying intent keywords.
  • The next step is to create the main content page, blog posts, and FAQs. These are optimized for research intent keywords.
  • While creating content on your website, ensure the headline (50-65 characters) should be catchy and appealing.
  • Add meta description (100-150 characters) listing your core services and ending with a call to action.
  • Most importantly, create a well crafted and descriptive content, providing information about your plastic surgery practice, key service you offer, and a strong call to action.


Eliminate the Hassle, Call the SEO Experts for Affordable Local SEO Services


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