How To Monetize Your Blog Quickly

Monetize your blog

It is famous saying that when your passion becomes your job, then your productivity gets doubled and the result is always overwhelming. Blogging is one of the best jobs for those who have a passion for something such as food, travel and other things. If you are also a blogger but now want to turn your passion into a business job to earn money through it, then this read would help you to know some incredible tips on how to monetize your blog.

The very first thing that you have to keep in mind is that true success doesn’t come overnight. It is a process that needs time and efforts of an individual. If you want to earn money through your blog, then below are some wonderful tips are mentioned. If you would follow these tips, then surely the chance of earning money would increase. Have the look at the magnificent tips to monetize the blog: –

how affiliate marketing works1. Affiliate Marketing – A Good Way to Monetize Your Blog

For a blogger, affiliate marketing is a powerful yet easiest way to monetize a blog. Now you are thinking that what is affiliate marketing or linking, then know it first. Affiliate links or marketing is an ideal process to promote the products/services of other people. When you promote any retail products, then you would get a commission in exchange for the promotion. You would get the commission only when a reader from your blog would click on the link that you have mentioned on your website to promote other people’s products.

When your reader makes a purchase from that particular businessman, then you get the decided commission. Your commission can be from 5 to 65% of the price of the product that you are affiliating. It is a wonderful way of monetizing your blog.

Important Points Keep In Mind While Doing Affiliate Marketing: –

  • Firstly, think about how you are going to do affiliate marketing.
  • What would be the products you would promote and would they be beneficial for your audience?
  • Only recommend the products to your readers if you have used those products and trust them.
  • The quality of the products should be up to the mark so that it would be beneficial for your readers.
  • Don’t promote the products on which you are ashamed of.
  • Check whether the products that you are thinking to promote would be affordable for your audiences or not.
  • Try to promote the products that match your blog niche and would be interested enough to attract your audience.

Take your blog not as a hobby but as a business if you want to earn money from that. You have to be very serious about your job and promote the products of the others in the best possible manner to earn the maximum commission.

Earn Money With Google Adsense2. Google Adsense

There are several bloggers who start monetizing money via their blogs with the use of Google Adsense. It is one of the popular methods nowadays for making more money from blogs. This is the most amazing way for monetizing your blog but remember that it doesn’t work for every blogger. Do you know why it doesn’t be an effective way to earn money for everybody? The reason is simply that some bloggers don’t understand the exact and right strategy and tactics to apply this method.

  • If you want to avail the most benefits from the Google Adsense and earn more money, then you need to focus on some important points in your mind to apply Google Adsense.
  • Put the targeted keywords on your blog to get more traffic on your website.
  • Place a 300*250 Adsense box in the upper left corner of your webpage. When you put the Adsense box in the right place, then it is a higher chance to get more clicks on that.
  • Adsense should be put on the webpage where you get the huge traffic from Google.
  • Google traffic or other search engine traffic is the best and easiest traffic to earn the money from your blog.

It is an amazing and simplest way that makes any blogger monetize their blogs. For doing so, what a blogger needs to do is just, sign up, place the right code on-site and enjoy the money that rolls in your blog.

3. Paid Post & Sponsored Reviews

Do you want to monetize your blog, then you can get the money from the advertisers. What you can post the sponsored reviews and paid posts on your blog page. It is an attractive way to earn money. Recommend the products and services of the advertisers to your reads and get the commission from them. But if you want to earn the money from this way for a longer time, then you have to win the trust of your readers. And, when you can win the trust of readers? Only recommend the products/services for readers that are of premium quality.

4. Significant Points To Remember Related To This Approach

  • Only the advertiser would approach you when you would get the huge traffic on your blog posts.
  • For earning money from the blogs, you first need to make yourself established as the renowned blogger in the market.
  • When you become famous and your blog posts get huge traffic, then advertisers would approach you to promote their products.
  • That’s why it is said that earning money from blogging is not a one day magic. You need time and a specific approach to become a famous name in the market and earn the money by it.

5. Sell Your Blog

Though you have not heard about this approach too much before it can prove the effective way to monetize your blog. This approach would only work when you would be able to generate attractive and SEO friendly content. Yes, once you are able to generate the best content that can attract a large audience, then most of the people would approach you. They would buy your blogs and revamp their websites.

Hope these above-told tactics and tips would help you to become the best blogger that can earn money from the blog posts. So, just work hard with dedication & passion and become a prominent name in the field of blogging. Once you become the known blogger among the large audience, then without a doubt you would earn more money than you ever think of. Just take your passion and work as a business and monetize your blogs.