Mobile SEO Optimization Tips: Boost Your Business with High Mobile Search Rank

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On business websites, more than half of the traffic comes from mobile users. Mobile Internet usage exceeds desktop and it is the reason, Mobile-friendly websites have become the priority of Google and other search engines.

People use their smartphones to search or purchase any product/services from any website. That’s the reason Google is giving much attention to making the websites’ mobile-friendly so that users get satisfying results even on smartphones. From professional SEO services, digital marketers to others who deal on the internet are trying their hard to make their websites mobile-friendly.

A mobile-friendly site gets priority even in the ranking in the search engine result pages. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then without a doubt, you are in loss because big organic traffic on a website comes via mobile searches. Don’t worry; it is better late than never. Here are some incredible guides regarding mobile SEO optimization is mentioned. Read it carefully and optimize your website and enjoy the success of your business.

What Are Mobile SEO And Its Importance?

Mobile SEO is a practice or process to optimize a site for smartphone and tablet users. Also, mobile search engine optimization helps access a whole site by search engine spiders.

Now you are thinking about why mobile SEO important- The reason is obvious that the number of mobile phones and tablets have increased quickly in the last few years. Even it is observed in several reports that approximately 58% of all searches in Google are done by a mobile device. And, it is expected that it will increase in the upcoming years. So, mobile is the future of search and that’s the reason Google is making changes in its entire algorithm to make searches mobile friendly.

What is Google’s Mobile-First Index?

Mobile-first indexing means Google uses the mobile version of content to index and rank. A few years back, the desktop version of content is used to evaluate the relevance of a page to the customer’s query.

How to Check whether your website is mobile-SEO or not?

  • Loads resources across all devices
  • Fast loading
  • Improve the user experience that’s optimized for any device
  • Have internal links and redirects
  • Don’t hide the content of the site on mobile versions
  • Other features

4 Steps to Optimize The Website for Mobile SEO

  1. Update for local search
  2. For mobile SEO-right mobile configuration required
  3. Things that you must-do
  4. Optimize mobile UX

Step 1 – Update for Local Search

The first step of mobile-SEO optimization emphasizes that every site must be prepared for welcoming mobile visitors. Also, it should be found in mobile search easily. Search engines want to present results located near the mobile searcher.

So, it is must that a website should be optimized for local search, and it, you have to properly mentioned Name, Address, and Phone Number in the metadata of your website.

Also, ensure that your online business should be verified with Bing places for business as well as Google My Business.

Step 2 – For Mobile SEO Right Mobile Configuration is Required

A website that is rightly configured offers the best user-experience on it. Also, several websites which are misconfigured for mobile search are loosening heavy smartphones traffic. Here are three options for the configuration of the mobile. Let’s have a look at those-

  1. Responsive Design
  2. Dynamic Serving
  3. Separate Mobile Site
Responsive Design:

In this kind of website set up, content and URLs are the same across all the devices such as desktop, laptops, smartphones, and others. But you have to alter the formatting’s and layout so that your website easily fit the window size of the users. Google gives the preference to the mobile configuration that’s why it is important to configure a website. The best part of this kind of website configuration is that it doesn’t take much time.

Apart from this, for implementing this kind of website, you require HTML templates so that it automatically fits the user’s device using CSS rules.

Dynamic Serving:

In dynamic serving website configuration, URLs of pages are the same but content is different. It works great when desktop and mobile users have a different purpose. In dynamic serving, HTTP “very responsive” header is needed. This is required so that search engines don’t think that a website owner is trying to hide content.

Separate Mobile Site:

In this type of website configuration, two separate websites are mentioned with different HTML content and URLs on each. It is great in the case when the needs of desktop and mobile users are unlike.

Step 3 – Things That You Must Do

The next step to must-do technical tasks regardless of the configuration you choose. Let’s have a glance at the most important mobile SEO checklist-

  1. Be mobile-friendly
  2. Good user-experience for smartphones users
  3. Keep web page assets crawlable
Be Mobile-Friendly:

For boosting the rank a website in SERP, most of the professional SEO services providers and others give more attention to make a site mobile-friendly. Your website SEO improves if your website passes the Mobile-friendly test of Google. So, make the necessary changes and fix the issues if any occur during the test and get the green light of the “Mobile-friendly” page by Google. This is the factor that you can’t ignore.

Good User-Experience for Smartphones Users:

Make sure even with the small bandwidth and screen size, your website mobile visitors get a good user-experience. Avoid the common mistakes by learning from Google and expert SEO services agency and apply the right SEO practice so that mobile users satisfy with your website and enjoy their time on it. This is an unavoidable factor if you want a successful mobile-SEO site.

Keep Web Page Assets Crawlable:

It is the rule that you can’t hide CSS files, JavaScript files, image files, and other related resources from any search engine. So, permit Googlebot, Bingbot, and others to freely crawl your page resources. It is a must and you can’t violate this rule.

Step 4 – Optimize Mobile UX

The first very important thing for the mobile SEO strategy is needless to user-experience. Several factors contribute to offering the best UX on a website such as quick loading of the site, attractive design, smooth navigation, page speed and others. If you optimize mobile user-experience, then you will make users happy along with Google.

Here are few tips are mentioned that will help you to optimize mobile user experience-

  • Use accelerated mobile pages and progressive web apps
  • Improve the speed of the website’s loading
  • Work to make your site navigation smooth
  • Keep your mobile website simple yet effective

These are few steps if you would follow sincerely would drive the wonderful results and your business will start getting huge traffic from the mobile. So, improve your business by optimizing your mobile-SEO and provide the best experience to the visitors so that they love to visit your website again. This way your overall business boost and your dream to become a successful businessman come true.

Besides, if you are not able to do it yourself, then taking the aid from a professional SEO Services Company would be a perfect choice.