Know The Best Ecommerce SEO Tips To Improve Organic Performance

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know the best ecommerce seo tips

If you are into the e-commerce business then I am sure of one thing that you must be aware of the importance of SEO. It can help you to get your business into the limelight and achieve the desired goals. Everything gets better with a little guidance and that is exactly why we are here. We will be sharing a number of the best eCommerce SEO tips with you that you can use to make your e-commerce business flourish.


5 Best Ecommerce SEO Tips For You!


Include Important Keywords


You should make your product info look pleasant to both shoppers and search engines. Therefore, make sure your sizes, sizes, colors, prices, and other details can be easily found, read, and understood.

If you have website visitors from numerous regions then think whether or not you should embrace measurements in standard or metric. Make it a point to double-check the images match the exact product or not. Some retailers keep their product prices from showing until a user adds it to their cart. This can be because the retail is trying to get around a manufacturer’s least advertised pricing policy.


best ecommerce seo tips


Although keeping the prices confidential may not have a direct effect on SEO, if a shopper does not see the pricing information on a product page, they are expected to leave right away. This can cause a higher bounce rate which will prove to be negative.

You should also keep the information updated and make any changes as soon as you bring them into action for a better understanding. It can also help you to get more keywords and then enhance your ranking ultimately.


Think About Your Audience


Your product page design should be made in such a way that your audience’s experience gets enhanced. You might have the best product out there with the coolest features ever. However, if the consumer is not able to reach it then it is of no use.


best ecommerce seo tips


Design plays a crucial role when it comes to SEO and if you don’t think about your audience then they are not going to stay. This will result in a higher bounce rate and a dip in your rankings. When a website is well designed, it keeps the audience interested in it. They are likely to spend more time and then eventually end up making a purchase.

Your website must be easy to explore along with relevant menus and options that tell the visitor where will they end up when they click a specific link. You should also pay attention to the images that you use because if they take ages to load then it will frustrate the visitors and they will leave right away.

Take down whatever has the potential to slow down your website, because it is also a major ranking factor that you can’t overlook at any cost.


Avoid Complicated URLs


You will agree with the fact that a URL plays a very important role. If you come across a complicated URL, you might end up thinking that it will lead to a distrustful page. It can contain a number of things like names, file type, or even an action command.

best ecommerce seo tips

As per the SEO standards, the URL must be as clear as possible and must have relevant keywords too. In this way, the user gets an idea that what will they see when they click on it.


Use ALT text


This is one of the best eCommerce SEO tips that you must follow. If you have ever added an image to a website, whether through a CMS or manually in HTML then this is not a foreign concept to you. Alt-text is a line of ‘alternate’ text that is used in a number of ways. It can be shown in lieu of an image. In some browsers- it might be exposed when the user’s cursor drifts over the image.


best ecommerce seo tips


This is another way to get the relevant keywords on the website. The bots don’t see the image like a normal visitor so they won’t know what it is about. That is where alt text comes to your rescue as it tells them what the image is about.

Avoid cases where alt text may not be presented, such as presenting a product image in Flash. Alt text helps give search engines context to the images on the page. It can also help get them involved in image searches for those specific keywords. It is also important for people who can’t see as the alt tag will tell them what the image is about.


Avoid duplicate content


If you are a retailer and not a manufacturer, and you sell products created by other companies online then you probably get product descriptions straight from the manufacturer. It is always a better idea to share as much information as you can about your product. However, you should avoid replicating any product descriptions or copy that has been shared with you.


best ecommerce seo tips

Due to a change in the algorithms of the search engine, there has been an increase in the number of websites that have been slapped with a penalty for using a duplicated product copy.

If you don’t want your rankings to fall then you can do one thing. You can come up with new and unique descriptions for every item you have. This might be time taking but it will surely give you an edge over the competitors!

Avoid copying blog posts or other original content from manufacturers as well. Apart from being a bad idea, it is also looked down upon by the company. Many distributors and manufacturers have content marketing plans! If you see something on a manufacturer’s website that you would like to use then you can ask them properly by sending out an email.



We hope that these tips will be able to help you to come up with a better strategy for your eCommerce website. If there is something else that you require assistance with then feel free to connect with us.