Know how to get clients for your plumbing business!

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Know how to get clients for your plumbing business

You can be the best plumber in the area but you still might be having a hard time getting clients. There is nothing wrong with your way of working but you might need to inculcate some marketing techniques to get more clients.

If you are highly efficient at what you do but lack at expressing it or getting the word out there then my friend, that is what the problem is.

Top 10 Ways to Get More Leads for Plumbers

If you finding Ways to Get More Leads for Plumbers or struggling to get leads then this is exactly what you need to increase your clientele. Follow these tips and thank us later!


Pay attention to Google my Business listing


Pay attention to Google my Business listing


You might not realize the importance of Google my business listing at first but once you use it, you will understand how it is a blessing when it comes to getting clients. The best part is, not everyone is aware of this hidden gem and the ways to use it.

It is very easy to set up or claim your GMB listing. You can set it with the help of the steps listed below:

  • Create a Gmail account and go to and click on ‘Manage now’
  • Fill in the details like business’s name, address and if you don’t have an address then select ‘I deliver services and goods’ and click on ‘next’
  • Mention the category and the areas that you cater to in the next screen
  • Enter your contact details like your phone number and your website link. If you don’t have a website, then you can choose ‘Get a free website based on your info’ and you will have it easily. It also has an added advantage when it comes to SEO Services.

Once you are through with the setup, edit it as per your choice like add the description, images and make changes accordingly.


Use social media to your advantage


Use social media to your advantage


Social media is a great tool to get the word out there. You can start by creating a Facebook page and post regularly. Tell the audience about the services that you offer, areas that you serve and why should you be their choice.

Apart from this, you can use social media to upload some DIY videos and the situations that they can handle on their own. They might be able to fix the problem with the help of your video but when they will have an uncontrollable situation, they will connect with you.

You can offer followers only deals and coupons on your page which will definitely get you more likes and shares and ask for their email ID in return.


Create a website


Create a website


Having a website works like a charm because it introduces you to the customers. People often relate credibility to a website and if you have one, you will surely come across as a service provider who can be trusted.

When it comes to the design of the website, you need to be really careful while creating a plan as it should appeal to the targeted customers.

Make it a point to double-check the contact information provided on the website like your email ID and phone number. You might get lots of leads but if the number is incorrect then it will mean nothing.

You can get in touch with us to have a website that offers a clean design and an amazing user experience.


Invest in Paid marketing


Invest in Paid marketing


If you have enough funds then you can try out paid marketing and see the results for yourself. Paid marketing or pay per click marketing helps you to run ads on the search engines in exchange for some amount when a prospect clicks on it and visits your website.

Paid marketing is known to drive traffic and increase exposure as well. The best part is the money from your ads account will only be deducted when a user clicks on the ad.

You can have your ad account, specify the target keywords, set a budget, and have them displayed. It does require a lot of research but in the end, it is all worth it.

Your ad can be highly customized and you can choose when, where, and to whom you want to display the ads and segment it as per your target audience. You can also measure the results instantly by keeping a close eye on cost, views, clicks, and other parameters.


Don’t forget to ask for reviews and ratings


Word of mouth can work in miraculous ways. When you provide services to someone, make sure to take feedback. If it is positive then there is no harm in asking them to review you online. It might surprise you but ratings and reviews do hold a great deal of importance, even the anonymous ones. Even if people don’t know the reviewer, they are going to consider it and it will affect their decision as well.



Try to use call-only ads

When someone is looking for plumbing services at that very moment, they won’t have the time to read your landing page and fill in their details. Therefore, it is best to have ads with only your contact number so that it gets easier for the clients to connect with you.


Befriend Content marketing

Content marketing will help you out in unexpected ways because when you provide information on your website, it might help people to cater to the problem on their own but when they need an expert, you are definitely going to be their first choice. That is because you are the source of information and they will think of you if you have been beneficial to them. That is where blogging comes into play as descriptive blogs help in getting social shares and backlinks which will surely help you with a better ranking and organic traffic.


Use Email marketing


Use Email marketing


Email marketing helps in creating brand awareness and lets people know that they can connect with you when they need a plumber. You have to be really careful with email marketing.

Don’t go overboard and spam your mailing list but don’t be irregular too that they are unable to recall you when they need you. You need to strategize the email marketing campaign properly so that if works in your favor and helps you to get leads as well.

Don’t blast your entire contact list with loads of info. Send messages in smaller batches with targeted, automated campaigns to specific customer groups.

You can provide engaging and educational content with links to your blog, or YouTube channel videos. Keep it in mind to send follow up emails to people who haven’t opened the first email.

Clean up your lists on regular basis by eliminating inactive and unengaged email contacts and you should keep your subject lines free of spam triggers as well.


Attend local events to network


Attend local events to network


Online marketing is great but then offline ways have their own impact. Make it a point to keep a tab on events happening near you and show up. Interact with as many people as you can and let them know what you do.

You can also ask them to like/follow your social media page/account for more updates and offers. You might not get a client on the spot but this will widen the pool of future prospects.

It is very important to let people know what you do so that they know when to contact you and socializing will surely help you out in getting the word out there.


Collaborate with useful people

Lastly, collaboration can help you increase the reach as with its help, you get access to the other person’s clientele and tap into a different customer base altogether. Let’s say you know the local builder, you can ask them to refer you to their customers, and whenever something will go wrong, and they can connect with you. Work on the terms and conditions beforehand and get more leads for your plumbing business.

These are just some of the ways through which you can expand your customer base as a plumber. If you want to have your own website and seek great results then do get in touch with us and get Seo services for Plumbers to multiply your clients!