Keyword Golden Ratio: Pragmatic Approach To Rank In Top 50 Searches

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Keyword Golden Ratio

Do you want to rank your keyword in Google under the top 50 in a few days? Keyword Golden Ratio is your answer. Because certain business-related keywords are difficult to rank on, we have come up with another amazing special keyword research method used by businesses to rank on Google. In this article, you will learn what is the amazing KGR technique and how it can help you in accomplishing your business goal online.  


What Is The Keyword Golden Ratio?

The Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) a.k.a KGR Technique is a data-driven process to identify the keywords which can help you rank on Google because they have little competition and much relevance to your business. The formula for finding these under-used, low competition keywords was discovered by Doug Cunnington

The rudimentary idea behind KGR is to find the different phrases people use to search for the same thing. As you know that longer and more specific keywords are more likely to rank higher and KGR can help. 

It is a lifeline for a new website owner they don’t have the domain authority to compete for high-competition keywords. The KGR is the best way to boost organic traffic to your site.

KGR Formula is “number of ‘allintitle’ search results” divided by “monthly search volume” (MSV) where MSV is less than 250 :

If the result is:

  • < 0.25 -then it is a KGR keyword and you’re good to go
  • 0.25 to 1.00 -you can try targeting this keyword, for a short period of time it is still likely to rank in the top 250 search results.
  • > 1.00 -the keyword is highly competitive. While it is true the Keyword Golden Ratio is recognized as one of the most efficient strategies for increasing traffic and ranking your niche site.


Heard The Word ‘allintitle’ For The First Time?

Many of you might not be too familiar with the “allintitle” search operator. It’s an advanced Google search operator that you can use in your Google search query that specifies that all the words must be in the meta title of the web page.


Why Use KGR Keywords?

For the keyword search structured and rule-based strategy, the KGR proves helpful in a number of respects.

  1. As we know that successful SEO doesn’t happen overnight. Ranking will take time and great effort, especially for brand-new websites. The KGR reduces your effort by providing you with much-needed small wins. These small wins will become big wins, building your confidence with positive results.
  2. You can easily arrange which content you need to publish on your blog and which not. It will reduce the confusion of searching for more keywords.
  3. In your pursuit of ranking glory, the KGR provides you with data-driven and realistic SEO expectations.
  4. Calculating KGR is a manual process, your competitors won’t bother. In a couple of minutes, you’ll have access to rich data they can’t simply pull up on a free web tool.


How To Find KGR Keywords?

There are many free tools available online such as Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, KWFinder, etc. available online to find KGR keywords. However, each of these tools involves different techniques. The process might be a little time-consuming but believe us, it’s worth it for your business success.

Things To Remember

  1. KGR Technique will not work if you use keywords with a monthly search volume greater than 250 as it is the upper limit.
  2. Make your keyword phrase long tail and use keyword modifiers like 5 W’s, List, Best ways, etc.
  3. Make sure you include the KGR word naturally once in the title and the body section of the writeup.



Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) might prove a great deal for you if your website is new and does not have quality backlinks or Domain Authority (DA). On identifying all the keywords that can work for you, you will be working in a different direction which will be fruitful for your business. This will surely attract new visitors to the website and increase your ranking.