Instagram SEO: Best Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Discoverability And Reach On The Platform.

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Instagram SEO - Tips & Tricks

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best way to give more visibility to a website and upsurge organic traffic. It is quite a long-term game, never a quick fix, but the collective effects of months of work will have such a massive snowball effect that you will not regret having spent so much quality time on it. Instagram SEO is also a thing and you need to know about it.

While you use SEO to benefit your website get more organic traffic, Instagram SEO can facilitate you to grow your profile organically, boost your reach and enhance discover-ability. In the end, it is all about ensuring people you want to search for you, actually do find you. It is therefore significant that you optimize your Instagram profile page to make it more discoverable.

It is the right time to start seeing Instagram as a search engine and thus employ SEO best practices to push your profile and ensure your content is seen by the right people.

This guide shows you some of the easy and best methods to optimize for Instagram search and why you should care more about Instagram optimization in the first place. Let’s jump right in.



What Is Instagram SEO?

Spelled out, it’s Instagram SEO (Search Engine Optimization). That little magnifying glass shows the powerful search engine that permits users to truly seek out specific posts that they are seeking for. That search engine uses data as well as algorithms to show the users’ posts they are probably to be interested in.

Optimization is the pilot of your success with a complete search. By optimizing your Instagram profiles, you are seeking to make sure that you have comprised the words, idioms, hashtags, and so on that will feed into that particular algorithm and display your unique content to interested searchers.

Simply, it’s about doing what you can to get to the highest of those searches and be seen by the utmost number of people.



How Does Instagram SEO Work?

The Instagram SEO function works a quite similar like Google in that it delivers the most appropriate profiles completely based on your hunt term. According to Instagram application, the search results purely depend on various factors comprising the accounts you follow and are linked to.



How Instagram SEO Can Be Beneficial To Online Businesses?

This is best news for your online business if you are using Instagram SEO (search engine optimization) to get the word out in the online market about your brand. Here are merely a few reasons you must be happy for the feature:

  • A much wider and larger audience is going to be able to search your unique content, simply by searching.
  • Potential customers, who are aggressively looking for what you endorse, are going to be able to search you faster.
  • You don’t need to feel restricted by finding all the relevant and appropriate hashtags every time or copying what your rivalry is doing, permitting you to be more creative as well as on-brand in your content.
  • You can do competitive research more proficiently, learning more about what others in your space are doing on Instagram profiles, and setting yourself apart.
  • You can also build a good community especially with those in your space, by searching and connecting with other brands and other audiences who share your passion as well as outlook.


Why Are Social Media Profiles Important For Online Business?

If you’re doing online business on Instagram application then a strong and powerful Instagram business profile is a must because it facilitates you build a good brand online and appear professional. With a business profile, you have complete access to insights and analytics of the page that also help you make data-driven decisions.



Optimize Your Instagram Profile For Search

If you want people to find your profile easily, the very first thing you need to know is to ensure it is public. Otherwise, your original content will not show in hashtags as well as on the explore page.

You want your Instagram profile to show on the Explore page and also in the search suggestions. Both are the best ways to get visibility. Suggestions on both will depend on who you are already following as well as relevant keywords. If you tap the search icon on the app, you will see a search bar. You can then find accounts, hashtags, places, etc.

Optimize Your Instagram Profile For Search

Thus, when people type in a search query that is pertinent to your niche, you want to show up foremost or at least in the first few top results. Since Instagram will filter through the thousands of accounts on the app, you need to support it to find you. So, you need to ensure you use keywords exactly related to your niche on your profile as well as in your bio.

If you are thinking to rank high for a particular keyword, it is an excellent idea to include it in your username as well as in your name. Certainly, both are searchable on Instagram. You can also add clickable hashtags in your bio. It will increase your chances of coming into court both in search results as well as hashtags.


Hashtags Are Keywords

The Instagram app permits users to add up to 30 hashtags to a single post. Thus, you must use them all. If used correctly, they can help you to increase your page’s reach as well as discover ability. To ensure your content is discovered by new and original audiences and gets a lot of engagement, your hashtags should be relevant to your content.

Use Hash Tags - Instagram SEO


Write Keyword Rich Captions

Instagram SEO is undeniably a thing and applying SEO best tactics beyond your bio and hashtags are the best way to improve your discover-ability. Did you know? Descriptive, long, keyword-rich captions are also easily searchable on Instagram and can facilitate you land on the Explore page!

Add Caption Alt Text

Being on the Explore page is what you actually want. And the correct keyword may get you on the explore page of your perfect audience. How does that work? Well, the algorithm is not all that different from your feed. It is continuously learning from your previous behavior to determine what content you will relish most. For instance, if you liked a lot of travel pictures recently, your explore page will show you more travel pictures.

Fundamentally, Instagram looks at those specific keywords used on profiles to identify how appropriate they are to one another. Some of those specific keywords come from an account’s name, username, and bio. They also come from the good captions you write. When you write powerful captions that are absolutely descriptive of your specific industry or business, then Instagram application will easily take up on that and lump you in with topically the same accounts.


Add Alt-Text To Your Photos

When you add any photograph to a blog post, you will add an alt-text unfolding what the photo is all about, or what the blog post is all about. The two are very often related. Optimizing images for SEO will facilitate enhancing the chances of said images showing in the Google Images search. Then, people may easily search for your blog post thanks to your images.

This is why you must write your own Alt-Text on a single of your posts. The alt-text will give extra information to Instagram and the algorithm about your post and what it is about. It will confirm what Instagram will have predicted and will benefit to have your post showing on the Explore page for the same images.


Link Your Other Social Media

Instagram gives you the best opportunity to connect your other social media profiles so that when you post on the app, your link (Twitter) or image (Facebook), will be easily shared elsewhere. This will also facilitate you to enhance visibility as users of other social platforms will have access to your Instagram via the share.

Link Insta profile with Facebook and twitter

Be sure to add a caption as well as hashtags. Certainly, those will also be shared and on Twitter, which search is typically based on the hashtags, they will increase reach as well as discover-ability. Along with this, you can share every single post on Pinterest as well.

It often happens that your Twitter followers or Facebook followers are not following you on Instagram yet. Consequently, sharing your Instagram posts there will give them the nice opportunity to see what fresh content you post and follow you there.


Get Your Content Shared

Tags and mentions are other important factors that can easily influence your discover-ability. Just because they act as a vote of confidence to Instagram that your content is unique, valuable, and that people like it. The algorithm will then predict that more people could benefit from it and will display your content to more people, via the Explore page.

Tags and mentions are quite similar to the backlinks of the web to Instagram. When someone shares your post to their story and just tags you, they expose their audience to your unique content. Therefore, this upsurges visibility and reach for you. If users like what they see, they will surely click on the image and land on your Instagram profile page.

Having people share your post content on your stories will benefit to boost your profile visit. More people on your account page will send a sign to Instagram that again, your content is fresh and valuable and people want to see it. After that, you will also quite probably see a rise in your follower count, which means that your future Instagram posts will be exposed to more and more people.



It might seem quite complex to go around the Instagram application algorithm and at the same time grow on the app. But, if you use Instagram SEO as a slice of your strategy, you improve discoverability. Thus, you upsurge your chances that your valuable content is seen by more people. Revealing your content to more users means a good increase in follower count, which would also mean a huge increase in revenue.