Top 20 Important SEO Glossary Terms & Definitions You Need to Know

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SEO Glossary

Search engine optimization is the most effective technique to increase the rankings and traffic to the website. It has a complete and unique set of definitions, terminology, and abbreviations.  We have a complete list of definitions, terminology, and abbreviations. Plus, you can understand the importance of affordable SEO services in the growing business. So let us discuss twenty SEO glossary terms and definitions.

Top 20 Important SEO Glossary Terms & Definitions-

1. Alt Attribute

The HTML code that offers formation used by the search engines to understand the content of an image. It calls as Alt Text.

2. Analytics

The procedure of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data to take future action depending upon what has worked factually.

3. Anchor Text

It is the words of a link. This text plans to offer contextual information to individuals and search engines about the web pages.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) works like as a digital brain

Artificial Intelligence can make and carry out decisions without human interference. AI computer system can work fast rather than a normal computer system. AI works just like as a digital brain.

5. Authority

The blend of indications search engines used to assess webpages. And websites for the purposes of ranking.

6. Black Hat

Risky Strategies that go against Google’s webmaster guidelines.

7. Blog

The content showing personal or corporate interests of an individual or a group recognizes blog. It gives the up to date news about a particular topic.

8. Branded Keyword

When a user’s query or search includes. Some targeting keywords, a specific company or brand name.

9. Broken Link

A link that goes to a 404 not found error. Normally, a link becomes broken when-A website goes offline. A web page disconnects without employing a redirect. The destination URL is different without instigating a redirect.

10. Cache

A technology that stores web content provisionally like images to decrease future page loading times.

11. Cached Page

A picture of a web page as it displayed when a search engine crawled it finally.

12. Content is King

Sometimes, a phrase by writers and speakers on search engine optimization publications. In this perspective, “content is king”. Generally means that the content is compulsory for you to have any search engine optimization, digital marketing or business success. Images, words, and videos or sounds that convey the information that will have distributed to an audience.

13. Crawl Error

URLs that a search engine bot is incapable to crawl. URLs that come back a status code error.

14. Crawler

A program that search engines use to crawl the website. Bots visit web pages to gather the info and add or update a search engine’s index.

15. Directory

A list of the websites, normally separated by associated categories and maintained by human editors. Depending upon the directory, inclusion could be free or paid.

16. Do-Follow-

A link that does not use the “No Follow” attribute.

17. Domain

A website address, usually ending in an extension like .com, .org, or .net.

18. Domain authority

A domain authority ranges between 1 to 100, SEO software company MOZ uses to predict the capability of a website to rank in the search results. It is a part of SEO glossary.

19. Duplicate content

When an important amount of content contained on a webpage or is unbelievably similar to, content that exists somewhere else on a similar website or a totally different website.

20. Guest Blogging

A famous link building method that includes developing the content for other websites in exchange for a backlink indicating on your own pages. Apart from all these SEO glossary, you can learn more about SEO services. Professionals can help you in understanding every aspect of search engine optimization.

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