Image Optimization : Ultimate Guide To Optimizing Images

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Image Optimization

Image Optimization plays important role in SEO. It is crucial in this highly competitive digital world to have an optimized website for SEO. But some digital marketers don’t get the desired results even after availing the SEO services from the experienced company for their website.

Do you know the reason why even after putting in the best efforts and optimized websites for search engines don’t drive the favorable result? Some digital marketers underestimate image optimization and only focus on the other part of the website. Image SEO is an extremely important ranking factor that you can’t afford to ignore. For winning the race of the top position holder in the search engine result pages, you have to optimize images for SEO.

For image optimization for your website, you should have a good understanding of alt text(alternative text). It is used for describing an image on the website. In this guide let’s know why alt text is so important and how it helps to improve SEO for image and provide good customers-experience on the website? Let’s move further and break down it and also know how optimizing images improves ranking.


Reasons That Proof Alt Text Is Important For

  1. Boost accessibility
  2. Aid to rank you in Google images
  3. For image links, Alt text serves as anchor text
  4. Increase topical relevance


01. Boost Accessibility

The ones who read online images may create problems. It would not be accessible on different screens. But alt text helps improve accessibility and provides a better experience to the users on your website. This is one of the vital reasons alt text is used for the images on the website.


02. Aid To Rank You In Google Images

It has been made an official announcement from the Google officials that Alt text is incredibly helpful for the Google images. And, Alt text helps in receiving several clicks on your website because it is grateful to rank high in Google images and other search engines. Your website would grab the attention of the people via Google images. It is a ranking factor and a good image optimization 2020 tool.


03. For Image Links, Alt Text Serves As Anchor Text

Anchor text is known for linking one webpage to another which is the clickable word. Alt text also serves as the anchor text because you can use an image as a link by filling out its alt text. Alt-text is one of the great image tags for SEO that works extremely well in image optimization.


04. Increase Topical Relevance

Sometimes it is hard for Google also to understand what an image all about is and how it is related to your website page. But with the help of alt text, it is easy for the search engines to understand the images. And, an image can help the search engine to understand better what your website page is all about. By using the alt text for an image, you increase the chances of your webpage ranking high.


How To Optimize Image For SEO

Let’s dive deep and know image SEO and how to optimize the image for SEO on your website.


01. Always Add Images

Images are great to leave a wonderfully positive impact on the reader or visitor of your website if used properly. Also, these are good to make the visitors of your website to understand better and fast what your web page is all about. There is a famous saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Image Search

In this digital time, it’s good for the online business to show the data, facts, or other important factors in the form of an image that can be data flow diagram, chart, graph, or other. It is a more fascinating and helpful way to attract the customers towards your website. It is advised to add relevant images to every web page, blogs, and articles.


02. Include Unique Images

Another tip of SEO image optimization is to include unique images on your website. Try to include unique images on the website because it is the human tendency to attract a unique thing. An eye-catchy image helps to increase the number of visitors on your website and leave a long-lasting impression on your website. It is one of a great way to optimize your image for SEO.


03. Best And High-Quality Format

High-resolution images along with great quality content will be liked by both search engines and website visitors. Let’s give your website a boost by adding top-quality images. The quality of the image is impacted by the format you would choose for it. Here are tips that you should keep in your mind about choosing the best format-

  • JPEGs format is best if your website is an eCommerce website.
  • PNGs can be a good alternative for both GIFs and JPEGs.
  • Try to avoid the GIfs for large product images.


04. Eye Catchy And Concise Caption

Eye-catchy and concise captions will be outstanding for attracting more customers. For image optimization, you should include the keyword in your caption. It will help your website to list in the search engine result pages and improve your ranking. This kind of caption for the image is crawled by the search engines soon and helps to boost the ranking of the website and drive huge traffic on it.


05. Use Image Compression To Decrease Image Size

For increasing the loading speed of the web page, you have to reduce the size of the image on your website. It is good practice to use small size image files because it would not only improve the loading speed but also well for full access to your website on the mobile screens.

Webpages that take much time to open face the high bounce rate that is not a good sign for ranking your website. A trusted and best SEO image optimization tool does it for your website if you are not able to do so. This is a great way of image optimization


06. Wonderful Arrangement Of Different Images

One of the amazing ways to optimize your images for SEO is to arrange several images into a wonderful arrangement. Make an impressive collage or arrange uniquely all the images that give the appealing look to your website. It is the best way that will help in image optimization and boost the ranking of your website.


Tips To Write Good Alt Text?

Writing the alt text for your image is not that difficult. For writing the effective alt text, here are some tips. If you would follow these tips “how to write good alt text”, then you will definitely generate an awesome result.

image alt tags

  • Avoid keyword stuffing
  • It is good to be as concise as possible
  • Be accurate
  • Don’t repeat already told information that means avoid redundancy

Apart from this, you can have a glance at the good and bad alt text examples over the internet and use the alt text on your website according to the good alt text examples.


Steps To Resolve Issues Related To Alt Attributes

Various popular website audit tools help to find out missing alt attributes. Remember not all images need alt text. In such a condition, you may face the issue with the alt attributes. So, here is the stepwise guide on how to fix issues with alt text-

Auditing the website to find out every missing alt attributes or those having issues may take a long time. So, in this case, it is better to audit and optimize alt tags for pages that are having high traffic.


01. Find Your Web Page That Has High Traffic From Organic Search

You can use the audit tools such as Google search console, check Google analytics, top pages, and others, and know the website pages which have huge organic traffic. Ahref’s site explorer is also a great option.


02. Check Out Or Audit Your Alt Attributes

The second step ahead to fix the issues with the alt text is the audit your alt attributes with the via Alt text tester chrome extension.


03. Do This Process For Every Web Page

Repeat this process until all alt text related issues fixed in the major pages of your website


How Optimizing Images Improve Ranking?

For improving the ranking of a website, businessmen take help from a popular SEO agency. And, experienced SEO company works to optimize images on your website by doing the right SEO because they understand it well that image optimization, it helps to drive the huge customers on the website that automatically improve the ranking of the website.

Hope you enjoy the guide and will try all the tips to boost your website ranking. All the very best!