Top 5 Most Common SEO Errors To Avoid Them

Published by Aliza Decruz ,

How to fix Common Errors of SEO

For any SEO strategy to be effective, it is very important to have a website, which has technically equipped to match the guidelines of search engines’ complex algorithms and the spiders. It will crawl your website on a regular basis and hoping that they have enough success.

Technical weakness on a site can obstruct its possible chances of ranking highly in the SERPs. Everything from missing title tags to slow loading time can have an effect, on the whole, on your search engine optimization campaign.

We are going to introduce some common SEO errors and solutions for them. In addition, taking the proper guidance from a professional local SEO company, you can sort out your common SEO errors simply.

Some SEO Common Errors and How to Fix Them?

01. Sitemap-Not Found

A sitemap is the best way for a webmaster to supply the required data. For search engines and pass on information about your necessary pages. It helps search engines to crawl your website smartly.

A missing sitemap is a big mistake, so it is very important to fix it. Make sure that you have submitted or resubmitted your website to search engines. Both Google and Bing create it comparatively simple to submit a new sitemap. And permitting them to do a fresh crawl of your website.

02. Canonical Domain Checking Failure

When you face technical difficulty for a canonical domain check, it shows that your homepage is accessible through more than one URL, without having the right technical steps in the location.

SEO tool conducts canonical checks on particular pages and will assist you to recognize some of the common duplications, which can take place. With the help of functioning URLs shown with similar content, and the effectiveness of inbound link equity can lessen the SEO potential of your website.

03. Page Loading Time-

Although connection speeds are normally improving, a slow loading website is still a big issue for several users. Google announced that loading time is the top-ranking factor. Users can use Google’s Page Speed Insights tool to identify the actual reasons for a website running slow and provide the right solutions to resolve them. Some changes are necessary like optimizing images, minimizing JavaScript, and enabling compression.

04. Header Tag Analysis-

Header tags (< h1 > < h2 > < h3 >) are very significant for communication and content hierarchy along with the search engines on which headings you wish them to give the first and top priority. Wrong use of tags can create a confusing content structure.

To ignore it, check that every page has correctly nested and unique < h1 > tag, and that goes for any subheadings use < h2 >and < h3 > tags, whenever it is suitable.

05. ALT Attribute is Not Available in X% Images

Search engines like Google do not read images, therefore it is very important that you tag them with text.  Images alt tag must be descriptive and relevant when your web pages and blogs apply for optimization for searches. Apart from all these factors, if you want to know more, you can discuss with a professional local SEO company to get more ideas.


While applying SEO techniques, you may face such kinds of common SEO errors. How to resolve them? Here above the errors have been explained with the solutions. These solutions are very effective and accurate to resolve these errors easily.