The digital world has made people and things advanced than ever. Time has gone when people just visit the services providers or buy products from their local market without even knowing too much about it. But now the time is completely changed. People now do well-researched online before buying products/services. Not only that, they check in detail whether the company is trustworthy or not to avail of the services from it. Not only customers but also the digital marketers need to have an eye on the websites where it is performing according to the customers’ expectations or not. For checking the trustworthiness of the website, nothing is best than measuring the website spam score(wss).

Let’s first have a look at what is the spam score?

The spam score indicates the reliability and quality of a website. For measuring the WSS, one needs to check his/her site as per the points of spam flags. Spam flags of the website live between zero to seventeen. A website with high spam flags is not trustworthy and penalized by Google itself.

The fewer spam flags, the more reliable a website it. This is the factor that is almost checked by the content creators, website owners, digital markets and others.

Why Website Spam Score Increase?

There are numerous factors that can be the reason of the high spam score of your website. Let’s have the major elements that enhance the spam score of your website.

Keyword Stuffing website spam score

Unnecessary keyword stuffing aids in increasing the spam score of your website. If you are seeing a drastic decrease in your website rank, then you need to check whether your website spam is increasing or not. If the spam score is increasing in your website, then you should check out keyword stuffing in your web page content. Although there may be the other factors that are boosting your spam scores Keyword stuffing can be the one.

Fake Testimonials

Fake testimonials are another reason which can increase the spam score of a website. Fake testimonials can be detected by both search engines and customers. So, just to gain the ranking in the search engine result, don’t use this method. It can’t be beneficial for the long term. Also, it will boost your spam score and your website will be penalized by the search engine.

Signs of Spammy Backlink Building

When spammy and bad links in your website increase, then it will automatically down your ranking in the search engine result. Also, when it will be recognized by Google, then it will penalize your website. This is the great reason for the spam score increases. If you are facing the problem that your spam score is going high, then have a close look at your backlink building process. And, eliminate all bad and spammy links from your website.

Lack Of Contact Information

There is some website who doesn’t mention the proper address, phone number, and other details. Those websites are mainly fake ones. That’s why their spam scores increases. If you have missed mentioning these details on your website, then check it and mentioned your proper contact information.

Excessively Long Domain Names

Don’t use the excessively long domain names for your website; it also elevates the chance of the high score of your website spam.

Poor And Copied Content

Content is king because it plays a significant role while getting a website a high position in the search result. If your content is not good enough or copier, then it enhances your spam score. In addition, it may be a chance that your website penalized by Google.

Let’s move on to the next part and understand how to reduce spam score-

There are a few essential points are mentioned that would help you to decrease your spam score and prevent it from the penalized by Google.

Use Short Image Name

If you want to reduce the spam score of your website, then you have to be a little careful while saving the image name of your website. Your web page image should have a short image name. In addition, also the size of the image should be normal and it should not be too large.

Eliminate Unneeded HTML

For keeping your spam score lower, you need to remove the unnecessary HTML. A website with a clean and error-free HTML code has a lower spam score.

Remove Spam Sensitive Phrases & Words

Removing spam sensitive words and phrases from your website would be another nice option that aids to lower down spam scores. Unneeded and spam sensitive phrases and words should be neglected because they can’t provide a long-term benefit to a website.

Proper And Correctly Written Form Address

Your form address should be perfectly written. The proper way of writing the form address is that it should not be start and end with the digits.

create high quality backlinks

Great Quality Backlinks

Great quality backlinks are essential if you want to reduce your spam score. Great quality links are helpful for improving the ranking of your website and reducing its spam score. Low quality links aid to elevate your spam score.

High Quality Content

High-Quality Content

High-quality content is very important for the websites because if the quality of the content is thin, it would not be helpful for your business. Thin content website is penalized by Google because a website with thin content has a high spam score.

After reading the above-given information, you get to know how important it is to lower down your spam score. If you are facing any issue related to your spam score, then you should use work on it. And, hope all the above information would help you.