Guest Post Services: To Drive Quality Traffic On Your Website

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Guest Post Service

Do you know what a guest post is? Do you avail of guest post services? Do you excel at it?  If the answer to any of the questions listed above is NO, you must read this blog to understand what are guest post services and what you are missing in inbound marketing.


What is a guest post?

The name says it all. The guest post a.k.a guest blogging refers to posting a piece of content (article/ blog) on a third party website to get traffic on your website

Guest posting is mutually beneficial for both the parties; the guest blogger and the guest post hosting website. The blogger will get a quality backlink and a certain amount of referral traffic by posting a guest post. Whereas, the guest post website host gets fresh and relevant content for the website which engages the audience.


Why you should be doing guest posting?

The popularity of guest post service is increasing exponentially every year. It is practised by inbound marketers to achieve various goals. Some of the major benefits of guest post services are-

  • Generates referral traffic from high-authority domains
  • Get content published on a relevant website to boost your SEO services
  • Boosts the domain authority of the website 
  • Adds credibility to the website
  • Quality backlinks for the website


How to find guest blogging websites?

Now that you are totally fascinated by guest post services, we will help you out to take the step forward. This section will help you to find some good guest post websites that can back you to accomplish your online marketing goals.


Check online directories

Make a quick search on Google for websites that accept guest posts and more than 10 search results will come up on your screen at once. Check the links to find a consolidated list of websites. 

Make sure you visit the website to ensure they are still accepting the entries as many of them are old websites that are no longer open to posting new guest posts.

You can also search as “list of – your keyword – blogs that accept guest posts” to get guest posting websites that are relevant for you and your business.

Note: These lists will only give you the name of the guest posting websites. You have to do further research yourself such as checking the domain authority (DA) of the guest posting website, organic traffic it is getting, categories of blogs they have, etc.


Google specific search terms

Try to use as many permutations and combinations, and synonyms of keywords while searching for guest posting websites. 

For instance, if you are searching for SEO services related guest posting sites, search for terms like online marketing guest posting, digital marketing guest blogs etc.

Here’s a trick to it. You can use the below-mentioned search term format to make the search for guest posting websites effective.

  • Keyword + “guest blog”/”guest post”
  • Keyword + “write for us”
  • Keyword + “submit an article”/”submit a guest post”
  • Keyword + “contribute guest post”
  • Keyword + “contribute to our blog”
  • Keyword + “become a guest blogger”
  • Keyword + “guest blogging guidelines”
  • Keyword + “guest post by”
  • Keyword + “guest blogging opportunities”

Hope this trick works for you too.


Find guest posting opportunities using tools

Leverage online tools to find the best guest posting websites related to your business. The Content research tools that might be useful are-

  • Social listening tools like BuzzSumo
  • Audience overlap tools.


How to pitch for guest posting?

A perfect pitch is a must if you want to post as a guest blogger on a high domain authority website. A few things you should focus on-

Start with the Guidelines

Every guest posting website is different and has different criteria. Follow the guidelines they have pre-defined for the guest bloggers. Check how they work. 

  • Do they expect full written content from you or just an idea?
  • Do they expect anything in return for the guest posting? 
  • How do they decide if the content is worth posting?
  • Do they want you to register on the website or simply share the content and they will post it?

It is better if you go through their guideline beforehand pitching them directly.


Personalize Your Email

Do not follow the boring greeting format. Try to draft a personalized email by addressing the owner of the guest posting website by name or surname.

Search on the website a try to find the name and contact info of the owner.


Who Are You?

Introduce yourself carefully. If you are pitching a good guest blogging site, you must analyze who are the web bloggers associated with them. If they are bloggers, introduce yourself as an experienced blogger.


Why You Should Be a Guest Blogger on their website?

Share some of your previously published web blogs on other websites. Make sure those blogs are getting good traffic. So they, realise that your blogs on their website is valuable and will be appreciated by the readers


What to include in a Great Guest Post?

  1. A guest post is not a medium for advertisement. Showcase your knowledge of the domain/ expertise so that the readers get attracted to your website, increasing your website traffic. Therefore, the content must be informational and engaging.
  2. The guest must follow the same format given on the guest posting website. If it varies, there are chances the guest posting website owner will not approve or publish your guest post. So, always follow the guidelines and format structure.
  3. Include Internal links to suffice the need for guest posting. Adding links also authenticate your content adding credibility to it.
  4. Try to initiate a conversation. This can be done by incorporating a Call-to-action in the post or replying to comments from the readers.

Make sure you add an impressive author’s bio at the end of every guest post and share it on the guest posting website. This will help the readers to know more about you, your expertise, and will help them to interact with you easily.

Note: Never miss sharing any of your published guest posts on social media channels. This might give you a competitive edge over others and a chance to reach a wider audience.



If guest post services seem complex to you, do not fear reaching out to the experts. Guest posting has transformed many startups. It has changed over time but is still considered one of the best ways to drive good quality traffic on the website and increase its credibility. 

If you are an experienced blogger and wish to share your thoughts on guest blogging, feel free to write to us.