Absolute Google Webmaster Tools Guide That Will Clear All Doubts!!

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Google Webmaster

Are you confused about what Google webmaster tools all about? Do you want to know why it used or how to use it and other importance of it? Whether you are a beginner or have some knowledge about this tool, here all your doubts would be clear. If you don’t understand it fully, then this read surely going to worth it for you. Here you would get the essential details about these amazing tools. So, why to wait, just dig deep to know about it!

Let’s first know what Google Webmaster Tools are? 

Google webmaster tools are now called the Google search console. Webmaster tool provides free services to the owners of the website and aids them to maintain as well as evaluate their websites’ performance in search results. This tool does not help in ranking but it is essential and great for providing valuable information. Information given by this tool can make your marketing efforts easy. It is a great tool for checking index status and optimizing the visibility of the sites.

Verify And Add Websites In Google Webmaster Tools

There are the four most famous and important options via which you can verify your websites in the easiest way. Let’s have a look at these wonderful site verification options-

1. Domain Name Provider

Domain name provider is the company that hosts your website. You can use a domain name provider for verifying your website. It is one of the best options because this aids to prove that you owned the main domain. In addition, these options also provide that you have owned the subdirectories and subdomains associated with the main domain.

For performing this step, you have to first go to the search console dashboard. There you will get the option of “verify this site”. If it is not there, then you can go to the “alternate method” tab. When you choose the option “Domain name provider”, then you will be asked for selecting the domain name provider.

If your domain name provider is not available in the list, then go for the “other”. When you choose the other option, then you have to create a DNS TXT record for the provider. It may be a case that doesn’t work for your hosting company. In that case, you have another option to create a CNAME record instead.

2. Add HTML Tag

If you are a website owner and have a better understanding of HTML code, then without a doubt adding the HTML tag verification method is just the best one. For verification of your website via this method, you need to visit the Manage Property in the search console dashboard. After that, you have to click on the “verify this property” option. There you would see the “HTML Tag” option. If it is not there, then click on the “Alternate methods” tab and, then choose “HTML tag”.

You have to copy the code from your website’s homepage and have to paste that within the <Head> section of HTML code. If your website does not have the head section, then you need to create one for verifying your website. When the code is added to your website’s homepage, then go back & click on Verify. After that, Google will check the code for the verification code. After that, if your code is found, then on your screen a message i.e. site has been verified will reflect.

Don’t remove the code after the verification of your website. If the code is removed, then it will make your website unverified.

3. Use Google Tag Manager

You can also verify your website with the help of the Google Tag Manager. It might be the simplest method for verifying your website. For this verification method, you need to have ‘manage, edit and view’ permissions enabled for the Google Tag Manager. For it, make sure that whether your GTM code is put immediately after the <body> tag of your website. If not, then put it in the right place.

In case, when you don’t see this option in the search console dashboard, then follow the same thing which you choose in the upper methods i.e. go for the alternate method option. When Google tag manager code is found by Google when you click on the verify option, then your website will v=erify. Note: Don’t remove the GTM code from your website once it verified because it will become your website unverified.

4. Google Analytics Code

Are you using Google Analytics for monitoring the website’s traffic? If yes, then it is another great option that would help you to verify your website. For the verification of your website, you need to keep HTML code in the head section of your website’s homepage’s code. Once your website is verified, then don’t eliminate the Google analytics code from your website. Don’t remove code because it may become your website unverified.

Monitor The website’s Performance Via Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tool is ideal for monitoring your website’s performance. The prime purpose of this tool is just to verify that search engine Google can access the content on your site. This tool is also helpful and makes it possible for submitting new posts and pages for a search engine to crawl and eliminate content that you don’t wish your users discover on your website.

In addition to this, the best part of using this tool is that maintaining your website without any disturbance to its presence in search results easy via it. Also, it aids in eliminating and discovering the spam problems on the website. Delivering and evaluating content surely be helpful via this tool and it aids to provide users with the more visual experience.

Google Search Console: Helpful Tool To Recognize How Google Search Views Site

Google webmaster tool is the perfect tool when it’s about to tell website owners which one is the most popular queries causing their website to visible in search results. This tool is helpful in analyzing which queries drive the most traffic on your website. In addition to this, you can also able to evaluate how well a site is performing on mobiles and desktops. If you want to check the linking of other websites to your website, you can easily see that also with the aid of this tool.

Once you are done with the verification of your website, you are able to get the notification from Google, submit the site maps and able to view the queries. All this information that you would get with the help of Google webmaster tools would surely you able to make the best marketing decision. So, use it and rock your online business. Use it and don’t ignore the importance of the SEO services for your website if you want to take your online business to the next height.